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What I Can Give: Tales (preferably epistolary) or a faux "minimalist" movie poster of a tale/scp! I can also do some beginner-level music.

What I Am Looking For: Fanart/tales - or anything, to be fair - of something from either the tales or skips tab of my authorpage (except Last of LARPA, which is in rewrite). Have fun with it! Don't feel like you need to do something really specific.

It's definitely an improvement over the draft. I'm still iffy on JGT articles because of any (and probably all) future discord it will cause, but for what it stands, this tale does act as a nice addition to the controversial series without causing any ruckus itself.

by N_Aepic_FaelN_Aepic_Fael, 15 Nov 2019 22:49

Wow. The more you know. But in this instance, there is DNA present in the gold filaments.

by DyslexionDyslexion, 15 Nov 2019 22:34

SCP-4943 is a small metallic box resembling an electronic safe. Alongside its door is a numeric keypad and a display. On the reverse side of SCP-4943 is a sticker with the following text:


Joe's Security Systems Inc. is not liable in the case of spacetime ruptures caused by use of Joe's Temporally-Bidirectional Miniature Storage Unit™.

Do not attempt to disrupt any causal loop created as a result of Joe's Temporally-Bidirectional Miniature Storage Unit™ usage.

If you suspect a spacetime rupture may occur, immediately contact your local Causality Administrator at [REDACTED].

Deleted at -14 and three votes.

SCP-4583 is a black leather sofa of unknown design. There are no recognizable brands or manufacturers marks. SCP-4583 is immune to defacing or damage of any type, with any graffiti disappearing over a short time, although tests of the leather that covers the chair identify it as regular treated leather.

Deleted at -14 and three votes.

DrLevyDrLevy 15 Nov 2019 22:28
in discussion Per Page Discussions / Per page discussions » SCP-4793

DNA within these cells is only 95% similar to humans and composes approximately 32.3% of the red blood cells present in SCP-4793's body.

Red blood cells don't have DNA.

by DrLevyDrLevy, 15 Nov 2019 22:28

Hello, I hope you like this concept, I've planning him for almost 4 months, so here it goes. (Sorry for any grammatical errors)

This SCP, as described on the Summary, is an old pair of drumsticks made with Jatoba's log and involved with black painting. They were found on Nirvana's worst show of all time, on Hollywood Brazil festival, after Dave Grohl tossed them next to a now former scientist from a random Site. All test subjects who used it, had to play various drums solos from infinite songs by infinite bands. The drumsticks makes the person plays this drums solos as a test, which who survives become the new owner of it, causing the chosen person starts to act as famous drummers.

For a particular reason, this SCP only stops at 3AM (A reference to Matchbox Twenty's song), making everyone who passed the test and were now owners of it started to have a mental breakdown and went to psychological analysis. All of them (except one for further examination) were killed, making this lonely survivor part of the entretainment of MTFs and scientists of the Site ██, until a Christmas show which didn't finished good (That's is for a another tale… if it passes). Now, this SCP is now located inside of a improvised music studio next to a ██████ Maple Black Custom Black Sparkle and SCP-A is inside of a replica of the room 1015 from Andaz West Hollywood (A reference to Keith Richards).

That's it! Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for the feedback/review!

Drumsticks by FalaBigAquiFalaBigAqui, 15 Nov 2019 22:25

What I Can Give: Digital art, especially humanoids, and maybe a short animated gif if I'm feeling snazzy.

What I Am Looking For: Even though I'm kind of going through a rough patch, I understand that there's other people who are going through even harder times right now.

So, I'd like you to pass on the Secret Santa. Do something kind or give a present to someone who seems like they need it, and tell me about it. You could do multiple if you're feeling extra Christmas-y.

I'm willing to be a Pinch Hitter as well.

Okay, thanks for the feedback. I didn’t originally conceive of this as an SCP and I see that it probably wouldn’t work very well as one.

Re: Living Hell by CyborgOctopusCyborgOctopus, 15 Nov 2019 21:53

As a submissive researcher he would follow the "containment procedures" he sets out. These would probably include basic human containment, with self served food (as he's alone) etc etc. He wouldn't kill himself though, as the whole point of the foundation is to contain, not kill.

He would live out the rest of his days in total isolation. The only thing he will know for the rest of his life would be the foundation's walls.

What would be kept secret is mainly the actual perspective. It will never be specifically stated that its written by the researcher until near the end. Even then I want to keep it kinda vague.

Re: Isolation by ZaneisZaneZaneisZane, 15 Nov 2019 21:51

What I Can Give: Writing, of any kind. Not much else I can do but I can write stuff.

What I Am Looking For: Art or a tale of/about anything I've written (except the Neon God, for those who know what that is, as I got a very good tale about that last time :p and also the Scarlet King or Syncope, as those aren't really mine).

I am also willing to be a Pinch Hitter, as I'll have a lot of free time on the 23rd/24th.

In 1970, a deceased whale washed up on oregon's shore. Not knowing what to do, the UIU detonated it, as seen in this video.

UIU File: 1970-034

What I Can Give: Tales, mostly, like this gift from the 2017 exchange, or this gift from the 2016 exchange.

What I Am Looking For: I would really love art of characters from Under Control and Comedown Machine, especially of Adam and Casey together.

Alternately, I like tales, SCP articles, or other writing! Especially if they involve Laika's Sweetheart Space-Beacon, The Friendly Vacuum, The Internet of Things That Are Wolves, Mr. Hot, or Mr. Money.

I will also accept art of the climactic battle from Clash of the Cosmic Comedians, but if you send me just art of Tim Allen alone I will come to your house and yell at you.

Necropost, sorry, but I'm down.

by Not a FurryNot a Furry, 15 Nov 2019 21:46

aww, what a cute wind tunnel!

Wait, what

by Not a FurryNot a Furry, 15 Nov 2019 21:46

What appeared to be a juvenile golden retriever (Canis lupus familiaris) in a hummingbird costume made of construction paper.

And upvoted.

by Not a FurryNot a Furry, 15 Nov 2019 21:42

This specimen is a large creature which requires over a kilometer3of space to dwell in where it will dig. It forms tunnels and those tunnels form sinkholes. The specimen has many teeth and can digest soil. It has made many sinkholes and was recently contained by the foundation. This is my second ever concept and I need 2 green lights to create a draft, as you may know.

The tunnel monster by Dr G J TaltwayDr G J Taltway, 15 Nov 2019 21:41

Hi Everyone,

I am super excited to be here. I originally learned about this place from Markiplier but did not know about how deep the website went until this October. For Halloween I decided to try and find some creepy things to watch in my spare time and stumbled across TheVolgun. Long story short the stories inspired me so much I wanted to write some of my own.

Anyway my favorite comfort food is pizza for sure.

This isn't bad at all. Slightly plain, maybe even clichéd, but could work as a mainlist article. I especially love the oft-overlooked depiction of cows as affectionate and intelligent.

Here are the suggestions for improvements that I found:

I don't think there are any problems with referring SCP-XXXX-3 as individuals or as a group. Just double check that individuals are always referred to as SCP-XXXX-3 instances.

Besides that, I recommend re-reading the article fully after making making the changes that you find necessary. I might've missed a thing or two.

You've got a pretty decent article in the works, keep it up!

Re: The Cow of Your Dreams by H0dariH0dari, 15 Nov 2019 21:26

Beginning deletion vote at -15.

If you are not the author and you want to rewrite this article, you may reply to this post asking for the opportunity to do so. Please obtain permission from the author (or the Rewrite Team if this article is older than 6 months) and make sure you copy the page source to your sandbox. Please do not reply to this post for any other reason unless you are staff.

I suppose the big 2 things I want to answer is why the house stays in the park and I kinda wanted to make it ambiguous as to whether or not the house is concious. One idea I did have was that it would follow one kid around whenever they visited the park. But otherwise there wouldn't be any pattern as to where it went. Would making it concious make it too much like the house with the foggy windows?

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