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Going by your own logic, getting kicked out of the competition would also be unlucky, so that wouldn't happen either.

Re: Idea: A lucky rock by GuillimanGuilliman, 01 Feb 2015 18:06

You know what? it's okay if this article gets deleted, it was my first scp publicly posted and there was going to be a few hitches. it'll make room for those who also want to write one.

by glatoiyarglatoiyar, 01 Feb 2015 18:05

There's already an anomalous disguised Bengal tiger

Re: SCP idea by GuillimanGuilliman, 01 Feb 2015 18:05

Yeah, if I have the time.

Although not every SCP is listed here, only the ones where I could find or get a reasonable estimate for the location (a lot of them have no locations, too heavily redacted locations, are non-local, or aren't on Earth at all).

i have a pretty interesting backstory, on how it was found in this old guy's house once he died, and this old man happened to be the founder/owner not sure which one yet

How is this interesting, though? I personally would need more detail than this before I'd say the idea is even remotely compelling. What about this old guy would make a reader care about him as a character?

Re: Death Camera by ZynZyn, 01 Feb 2015 17:56

maybe there was a guy who won the world series in poker like 5 times in a row, and he always wore this necklace. Just a thought.

This wouldn't really be a cool backstory… it'd be an overly convenient and excessively contrived one. Given that people can look up information on the winner of world series competitions and someone who won so often in a game of luck would probably get kicked out (just like in Vegas), the story would make the reader more suspicious than interesting.

Also, if the rock itself was so lucky for the original owner, how would the Foundation have managed to get it away from them? Losing your lucky object would likely be unlucky, so how would the thing end up in containment anyway?

Re: Idea: A lucky rock by ZynZyn, 01 Feb 2015 17:53

I'd be interested in doing a re-write if the author doesn't mind.

dankaardankaar 01 Feb 2015 17:51
in discussion Per Page Discussions / Per page discussions » SCP-2618

SCP-2618 is to be contained in a Vehicle Storage Warehouse in Armed Containment Area-25.

Not too bad.

SCP-2618 is a roughly cylindrical spacecraft, of an approximate length of 10 km and an average radius of 240 m.

Jesus Christ!1 That is bigger than any human-made structure by a significant margin! Well, except for supercolliders and bridges. There's no way in hell we have something big enough just sitting around for us to stick it in. It needs a purpose-built site if we're keeping it on Earth.

by dankaardankaar, 01 Feb 2015 17:51

The ship is 10km long? How can they fit it in any warehouse? How could it crash without creating an extinction-level event?

by GuillimanGuilliman, 01 Feb 2015 17:50

I would seriously consider upvoting an article that ended with #3, provided it was written well and there was more to the conflict than "war because reasons". Bonus points if the prince is still an inbred moron.

by Scorpion451Scorpion451, 01 Feb 2015 17:49

That's extremely impressive that you've got more than a third of the way done in three days. Are you planning to do Series 2 and 3? If so, are you planning to update the map as more Series 3 articles are added?

Enjoyed the SCP overall, a small edit I believe should be made the use of the word "union" is better suited than the word "unison" in the phrase "Gamma, beta, and theta waves begin emanating from SCP-068 after this unison." This describes all 102 figures coming together into their single, larger form, not their cooperation, hence not "In unison."

A small edit? by The Constant ChangerThe Constant Changer, 01 Feb 2015 17:46

Series 1 is completed

Beginning early deletion vote at -26.

If you want to ask for the opportunity to rewrite this article, you may reply to this post. Please do not reply to this post for any other reason if you are not staff.

Staff Post - Deletion Vote by LurkDLurkD, 01 Feb 2015 17:41

Like what zyn said, It will be difficult to write it as not just a magic object. I also think it has potential, though. I do want to clarify something, though. What kind of rock? Is it a precious stone that you would hang around your neck, is it a regular rock that you could carry in your pocket, or is it a huge boulder? In any case, i think you should add acool backstory, like in the case of the precious stone, maybe there was a guy who won the world series in poker like 5 times in a row, and he always wore this necklace. Just a thought.

Re: Idea: A lucky rock by Spyluke123Spyluke123, 01 Feb 2015 17:36
dankaardankaar 01 Feb 2015 17:32
in discussion Per Page Discussions / Per page discussions » SCP-2118

1. Approximate measurements should not be in the Procedures.
2. "4.01 m" is not an approximate measurement.

3. Titanium is useful only if it's chemical properties or weight is an issue. Otherwise, iron or steel is just as good.

by dankaardankaar, 01 Feb 2015 17:32

Well, if nothing else, "Tormented" is a unique euphamism for "rage state". Never seen that one before.

The problem here is really twofold: First off, this is a straightforward demon-type monster, with no twists or interesting alterations to the generic template. Second, you're only thinking surface level here, with no deeper motivations or personality than "thing what kills people". Its a creepy demon. The foundation has lots of creepy demons. I picture this being filed as standard anomalous entity #230599, Tags:Hostile, Semicorporeal, temperamental. Stick it in a cell with a crucifix motif in the wing where the fire sprinklers put out holy water with the rest of 'em and schedule it for anger management sessions.

What makes something an SCP is that it is sufficiently unique, difficult to contain, or notable enough to warrant additional research, additional documentation, and/or special handling procedures beyond what the foundation would normally do. SCP-079, for instance, isn't an SCP because its an AI. Its an SCP because its an AI residing in a computer with less processing power than an iPod, that formerly fit its entire code on a late 70's era cassette drive. (That would be fascinating from a programming standpoint, to say the least.)

by Scorpion451Scorpion451, 01 Feb 2015 17:32

When you are talking about the "karmic counter" are you talking about the coloured bars next to your profile picture, or is this totally unrelated? just want to clarify.

Re: Reincarnation Checker by Spyluke123Spyluke123, 01 Feb 2015 17:19

First off, i definitely wont give up on this idea. i've run a dozen ideas for the forums and they all said that they will bomb. i am not giving up on the one that i finally have. second, yes the camera will vary in slightly different ways from the FM10, but i just had it look like the FM10 because that is the picture that i am going to use. also, i did not do animals because i wanted to see how the forum reacted to just his, and if it went well i would elaborate on it. so i will definitely put a test log on, and test different animals, and groups of people, and that will be how the bias is discovered. i put the bias there in the first place, because if you think about it from the camera's point of view, and you want to destroy humanity, you want to kill the young strong ones that are still capable and likely of reproducing. the old guys are going to die anyway.

Re: Death Camera by Spyluke123Spyluke123, 01 Feb 2015 16:54
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