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SoCal Cave by temekulatemekula, 11 Jul 2020 01:23

My anger is immeasurable

Re: Have some SCP jokes by MilkTeaSlothMilkTeaSloth, 11 Jul 2020 01:14

How nice. It's like 1733 but more wholesome.

by DarthAlex314DarthAlex314, 11 Jul 2020 01:04

Hello Nappa The Prawn!

Please note I am not a staff member, though I feel I should quickly point out that you shouldn't post sandbox links unless directly asked by a reviewer. As a second thing to note, you need to fill out the template I will list below in order to receive feedback and greenlights. for further information on this I would recommend you visit the following link:

> Seeking Greenlights: Yes or No
> Page Type: SCP Article, Tale, GoI Format, Joke SCP, Site Dossier, Other (specify)
> Genre (Optional): Horror, Drama/Emotional, Comedy, Action, History, Other (specify)
> Page Layout (Optional):
> Elevator Pitch:
> Central Narrative:
> Hook/Attention-Grabber:
> Additional Notes:

the above template needs to filled out accordingly in order for me, or any other reviewer to give a crit.- when/if this is done, I would be obliged to give advice and evaluate the concept for a greenlight.

A pleasure! That you like it is thanks enough for me!

Songs of valour and songs of woe; of comedy and tragedy. With lyrics of mirth and lyrics of heartache, the Bard sings his song.

by Bard BardBard Bard, 11 Jul 2020 00:45

Apologies for not responding sooner. I am so, so happy you like this! If I might ask, where do you feel it can be explored more? I want to make this the best article I can possibly make it, so any imput on where I can improve it will be most appreciated!

Songs of valour and songs of woe; of comedy and tragedy. With lyrics of mirth and lyrics of heartache, the Bard sings his song.

Re: +1 by Bard BardBard Bard, 11 Jul 2020 00:43

This is my first SCP so I'm not shooting for the Stars I'm shooting for something that's fun recovery and tests log. It's a type of SCP that makes agents of the foundation have to mow lawns in a Suburban town just to tests its limits and get stuck in several hour car pile-ups because of a weird lawnmower.

Here is a link to the draft

Seeking Greenlights: No

Elevator Pitch: SCP-XXXX is an entity of unknown origin that can shapeshift into any being as long as a living subject touches it for approximately 30 seconds without breaking contact. Once 30 seconds are up, the SCP will shift into the person who the subject that touched it considers emotionally closest to, and takes up their personality, memories, experiences, skills and abilities, etc; a perfect carbon copy of the original. Although the person SCP-XXXX shifts into can be killed, it is not permanent as it will be alive again after shifting into another person.

Central Narrative: SCP-XXXX’s existence was brought attention to due to a personnel who was dying from workplace injuries began going hysterical and started begging for someone to take care of her 13 year old son despite reports of said child passing away 3 years prior. Before fully succumbing to her injuries, she told the staff that she didn’t mean to hide it from the Foundation; she just wanted to see her son again, even if it was a copy. Hearing this, agents were dispatched to the personnel’s house where they found a child isolated and locked inside, though necessities such as food and water were abundant, as well as a computer with filtered internet access. Copious notes were posted on the walls and door, reminding the child not to go out or show himself to anyone. SCP-XXXX was retrieved without any problems after finally convincing the child that they were his mother’s co-workers.
Currently, SCP-XXXX is assuming the form of Dr. XXXX’s recently deceased daughter after Dr. XXXX found out about it and requested to supervise it.
Would also include an interview log and multiple test logs trying to find out how SCP-XXXX works and if it has sentience or its own form. A pending request to use SCP-XXXX to shapeshift into the dead personnel as soon as they can find anyone who consider her to be close and find out where she managed get hold of SCP-XXXX.

Hook/Attention-Grabber: An SCP capable of shapeshifting into any being who the subject feels close to, whether previously dead or alive, which can be useful for getting information. Although, SCP-XXXX is relatively harmless, it can be dangerous depending on who or what the subject deems closest to them.

Additional Notes: I wanna flesh this thing out if I can before trying for greenlight. Crits appreciated :)

Shapeshifter by ThisisAJThisisAJ, 11 Jul 2020 00:26

thank you so much :’]]]

Re: +1 by etoisleetoisle, 11 Jul 2020 00:17

Poetry hognose.


by EpsilonSyndromeEpsilonSyndrome, 11 Jul 2020 00:11

2020 is the year of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions (even if it's getting a bit away from me). Thank you to the following critters:

I have done the math. I need to be done with Act II by the end of next month to get back on track. Nearly two articles a week until then. Oof… let's see if I can get my shit back together. In any case, this is a transitionary piece, so I don't expect big opinions on it. Just one of those chapters. Next one should be a splash though, and it will heat up from there.

Author Post by DarkStuffDarkStuff, 10 Jul 2020 23:55

The characters are engaging and relatable, the dialogue feels naturalistic without being sluggish, and the use of tabs to break the story up without disorienting the reader is extremely clever. Very much looking forward to the sequels.

by A Random DayA Random Day, 10 Jul 2020 23:30

Hello, I have a couple more questions. I also want to thank you for taking the time to read and critique my concept.

  1. Its difficult to include more detail with the 400-word limit as to add detail I have to shorten the story down to fit within that limit. Should I instead write down the basic plot and make changes from that and worry about the detail when writing the draft?
  2. Should I incorporate a journal? I think that if I incorporated a journal, then it would better help convey emotion and horror to the reader as it would help the reader understand the father more and could show more of his character. I also think that a journal could help give a more in-depth description of the symptoms of the illness and provide the father's reaction to the changes happening to his son.
  3. Is there a guide on writing tales?
  4. What aspect of the concept gave you vibes of the Aeon worm or the Gem Corruption?
  5. I want to change the concept a bit so I made a change to the worms so they use the stomach of the infected as a home and alter the body to make is stronger and more resistant so it can handle the acidic vomit. The worms would utilize the projectile vomiting by riding the stream onto a target in which the acidity of the vomit would help them travel into the stomach after they are inside they repair the openings and begin to reproduce. How does this idea sound?
  6. Does the idea above sound convoluted or underdeveloped? If so then could you elaborate on the aspects that make it that way?
Re: Stomach Flu by JymboJymbo, 10 Jul 2020 23:10

like i said in chat, this kicks so much ass. i havent read any of the other tales in the series so there were a few bits where i wasn't sure what was going on, but i love it anyway.

by ch00bakkach00bakka, 10 Jul 2020 22:45

Bijhan is one of those characters who was pretty popular in the old days, but which is present in incredibly few surviving pieces. That means I get to write whatever the fuck I want; hope you enjoy mumblecore!

Thanks to A Random DayA Random Day for advising me on what crimes are good for picking up chicks, ch00bakkach00bakka for giving it a read, and TurboGirlTurboGirl for helping me figure out whether or not Bijhan would've put his pants back on for the final scene.

author pike by UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire, 10 Jul 2020 22:43

How many members of the ethics Committee does it take to change a light bulb?

The Ethics Committee can't CHANGE anything.

Stop suggesting shooting annomalies into the sun!
"Why" you ask? Do you want 001 - When Day Breaks?
Because this is how you get 001 - When Day Breaks!

Re: Have some SCP jokes by WirrkopfWirrkopf, 10 Jul 2020 22:30

I realized a while after publishing that it might give the wrong impression, so I completely understand your viewpoint. Thank you for the feedback, though!

by YossipossiYossipossi, 10 Jul 2020 21:56

The WJS-proposal has a possible answer to this question. They define what's normal in a document. I guess it's just never abused because all O5 are idealists.

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