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by Deadly BreadDeadly Bread, 24 Feb 2020 02:59

It's pretty clear that you're new to the site haven't read many SCPs. Don't rush to contribute and instead familiarise yourself with the site so you can differentiate good SCP ideas from bad SCP ideas. Do not take this the wrong way I'm not saying your SCP idea is bad though I can tell you don't have much experience with the site, therefore, your idea might not be as good as it could be if it was written by someone whose been on the site for a month. Identify what makes an SCP good and come back to your idea.

(flying to mars)
(sees bouncy ball in orbit)
"what the fu-"
(ball crashes through window, killing everyone on board either itself or by means of oxygen deprivation)

thanks foundation

by Doctor LacootDoctor Lacoot, 24 Feb 2020 02:56

Thanks to RogetRoget, Deadly BreadDeadly Bread, and PopsioakPopsioak for looking at this in draft form. Also, huge thanks to RogetRoget for making Arcadia, which spawned this draft. I aimed for "so stupid it works" with this one. So… here's to hoping it's so stupid it works!

Also, funny enough, though this is a humorous tale, some points here are actually really important Arcadia lore that I helped come up with and for that I am very happy.

Also also, this is in response to the monthly prompt! I hope that the monthly prompts don't just become a hub for my own tales, because I do plan to contribute each month, so go over there and check it out!

Author Post by DarkStuffDarkStuff, 24 Feb 2020 02:54

thank you for bringing this to my attention i am sorry i must've misunderstood when i read them the first time i will try to refrain from this mistake in the future.

At this point the SCP is a collection of artifacts obtained from a cult that have anomalous effects as of this point they artifacts are a dagger that causes the user to commit ritualistic killings, a tome of various rituals and a tablet who's writing flicker in and out of the visible world the weight is also effected by the status of the writing. The article is not finished i'm just looking for notes if i need to fix any major issues i am unaware of.

Object class would probably be Euclid

An SCP that has a both physical and digital presence. Prior to containment, it targeted individuals, both male and female who isolated themselves in their rooms by meeting them online and posing as what would be their ideal mate, sometimes even taking a striking resemblance to a character or celebrity the targeted individual favors.

The SCP would be known to play the long game, taking weeks, months, or even years to eventually lure in a target, and then drain them, leaving only skin behind. Then, the SCP would move on to its next target and start the process all over again.

The SCP displays human-levels of intelligence, necessary to get its prey. Its true form being a malleable blob with a mouth that contains a tongue that can pierce its prey and is used in the process of draining the victim. It periodically releases a unique pheromone that further physically attracts vulnerable individuals to listen to it and do as it asks.

Containment procedure would involve containing the SCP in a cell with no access to internet or communication with vulnerable individuals. It seems to have no effect on individuals who are taken, or otherwise not concerned with having a romantic encounter.

Diet would consist of meat, blood, and bones. To be fed animal carcasses, although it complains that it isn't the same as devouring a human.

Thoughts on this idea? It's a very rough concept but one I've had ruminating in my head for a few days now. Figured it could be interesting.

Devourer of Loneliness by Gunnerstrip7Gunnerstrip7, 24 Feb 2020 02:38

How about this version:

This SCP would be an event where a reality bender is employed as a performer of an orchestra for a performance at a museum dedicated to the fine arts. Despite obvious mental illness, his ambition for this position (he has wanted to be a musician since a young age) and some manipulation of the interviewer's mind gets him his position. However, he is not very good and would constantly be told to improve by his colleagues and the conductor. The reality bender’s mental stability would snap after being harshly criticized by a colleague that does not particularly like him. The reality bender causes the instruments to play themselves and attack the other performers (bassoons impaling the throat of the player, violins, violas, basses, and cellos would have the strings wrap around the throat of the player and choke them to death, etc) Because of this, all the players are killed as well as the conductor being eviscerated by the reality bender who caused batons to sprout from his internal organs. The museum is evacuated by authorities and the reality bender is hidden inside while the building is under siege by the local police. A raid by the local law enforcement is attempted, but fails and 15 local officers are killed. The siege continues. The GOC gets notified by a local agent and raids the compound after 14 days of siege from local law enforcement and kills the reality bender, but the orchestra, now the SCP-xxxx-A is unnoticed and left alone. 3 weeks later, after it is abandoned, the foundation investigates what happened and finds two things.

  • An orchestra that plays itself, that foundation personal have described as “one of the most spectacular things I’ve heard.” When exposed to the orchestra for more than 3 hours a day for 5 days, any mental illness the subject exhibited is now cured.
  • The journal of the reality bender is found hidden in a makeshift bedroom; the foundation adds it to the file as an addendum. The journal explains the mental illness the reality bender experienced and his fear and regret the days before the GOC killed him and the days leading up to it. It ends with a foundation psychologist commenting on the journal and diagnosing the now dead reality bender with schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, and clinical depression.

The foundation closes down the town and then amnestisizes the local population and finds any evidence, digital or physical in nature and destroys it (besides any evidence that belongs to the foundation, of course) to prevent the spread of knowledge of the anomalous.

Speaking as a casual lurker, it's an effective short story. The first half set the scene in an inviting way. Like many good short stories, you dropped hints of a larger universe (i.e. the talking dog and the missing arm) but still kept the focus on the plot (i.e. the heat and the melting clocks). You even foreshadowed the conclusion by mentioning the AWCY items.

The only critique is that the ending was a bit simple. I kind of want to know why the GoI did this particular trick. Is there a long running prank game here between AWCY and Site 55? Will Dr Everwood plan some kind of revenge prank?

by SteamingSteaming, 24 Feb 2020 02:33

Do you ship cats and sinks?

@Jornax by Truc LinhTruc Linh, 24 Feb 2020 02:30

No greenlight.

Depression and suicide are very serious subject matter and should be handled in writing with nuance and sensitivity. There are skips that deal with these themes head-on in ways similar to what you propose, but trying to write one is incredibly fraught. Any misstep becomes instantly distasteful. Even if done carefully, there remain many legitimate reasons why a reader would dislike the story on principle. In this particular case, ascribing suicidal thoughts - which can arise from many complicated factors - to the compulsive influence of a stranger's text chain strikes me as especially problematic.

It takes a lot of maturity and experience to successfully navigate a story about mental illness and self-harm. I don't feel prepared to write anything like it, myself. I certainly don't recommend pushing forward with it as your first article.

I encourage you to brainstorm a concept entirely different for your first skip, author.

Fuck, man. Between this and Laugh Is Fun you're probably the best horror writer on the site right now. Bonus points for not taking 10,000 words to get to the point.


by mazhoulaomazhoulao, 24 Feb 2020 02:15

Please don't post your draft here and instead post your idea/concept~ WhoYouCallinAPinhead/An off-brand Zyn

BottleofwaterBottleofwater, backseat modding of this nature is neither needed nor wanted. You are not staff. Don't act like you are.

I don't have any staff permissions/ powers, but I do have a basic understanding of the site rules.
Please dont do this again, and make me have to go out of my way to report you.
You have been warned

You do not have the authority to issue commands to fellow site users. Consider this an official warning from staff.

This is a CLOSED staff post. Do not reply unless you are staff.

BottleofwaterBottleofwater, backseat modding of this nature is neither needed nor wanted. You are not staff. Don't act like you are.

Further critique of this quality will most likely result in an official warning. This could potentially lead to a ban or other disciplinary action.

Although I have no staff powers/ permssions take this as a warning

You do not have the authority to do either of these things. Consider this an official warning from staff.

This is a CLOSED staff post. Do not reply unless you are staff.

I have a few, serious or otherwise.

"Who did you expect to find at the end of all this? God? The devil, perhaps? No, it's just… me." - ████████████, DUSK

Literally anything Gorgutz says in the Dawn of War expansions.

"If doubts and curiosity plague you, you're skinning your knuckles on the wrong door." - Durance, Pillars of Eternity

"Look at this: just caved in your skull, my bat's still dry. No clumps of hair, nuthin'." - Scout, Team Fortress 2

"We had created monsters we couldn't control. We drugged them, tortured them, eviscerated them… we brutalized their minds, but it did not work. Until they came. And it was not their force of will, not their Void devilry, not their alien darkness… it was something else. It was that somehow, from within the derelict-horror, they had learned a way to see inside an ugly broken thing…and take away its pain." - Ballas, Warframe

Posting here because I'm not a member of O5; there are two grammatical errors in the linked staff-facing guide on O5, specifically in the foreword at the top. These are the usage of the word "exhausting" instead of"exhaustive" and "there" instead of "where".

by NagirosNagiros, 24 Feb 2020 02:01

Notice: Throughout this post, I will refer to the SCP as "The Device". I will also use words such as "Mobile Phone" just for the ease of explaining in a small amount of space.

The Device is a Mobile Phone from an unknown location, but believed to be off-earth. On the outside, The Device shares similarities to a mobile from the 90's, but internally it is made of Non-periodic elements and has a processing speed of up to 6.85 petaflops, which just for comparison, The Pleiades Supercomputer has a peak of 7.25 petaflops.

The Device is connected to on off-earth internet connection, this connection allows it to run the several pre-installed app, which includes but is not limited to: Messages, Facebook, Safari (Not the names that would be used in the draft), and a "Surprise" application.

I know it doesn't look like much when written into a couple paragraphs, but I don't want to make this too long. If you require any extra information, feel free to ask down below.

Also, sorry for double posting an SCP idea a few days ago.

Kind Regards,
Ivan Leonhart
Email: moc.liamg|trahnoel.x.navI#moc.liamg|trahnoel.x.navI
Phone: ███-██-███

Correct me if I'm wrong but this is just a Tactical Response Officer response team.

ITs a strange idea, not bad, just unique, and that is a goal on the wiki and, though I cant greenlight stuff, I can give feedback.

First, there isn't really a clear reason why the goose is a jerk, and why the duck is nice, other then their abilities. Second, give a descriptive back story on the goose and duck, it'll add much needed character on your, well, characters.

Basic summary is, add plot, character reasoning and maybe funny jokes. If this is for a SCP, I would prefer it be a tale that is featured in the SCP article.

Funny thing is, I don't think I was making a joke here.

Or was I? I don't know. According to timestamps, I was awake for around 37 hours when I posted that.

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