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General Discussion
103137371by DevereauxDevereaux
01 Apr 2015 14:22Jump!
Discussion of things relating to both the SCP, and the "universe" of The Foundation as a whole
5359742by BlandBland
01 Apr 2015 04:23Jump!
A discussion of all things Creep
881352by Doctor GardeDoctor Garde
30 Mar 2015 10:15Jump!
A place where fan projects, art, and other stuff can be shown off or pimped, as needed.
1904321by CyclopianCyclopian
31 Mar 2015 23:18Jump!
Writing Help
Get help coming up with and producing your SCPs!
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Got questions about your tale or SCP? Want to run your draft past the veterans? The community has answers.
692746398by blackleblackle
01 Apr 2015 13:37Jump!
Bounce your ideas off the community here.
275518846by JarbatalapusJarbatalapus
01 Apr 2015 11:43Jump!
If you've got questions about the sandbox, chat, formatting (wiki syntax/coding), or anything that involves the writing process and/or something you're currently writing, post here.
5153440by Doctor AtlasDoctor Atlas
01 Apr 2015 13:45Jump!
Site Announcements and Proposals
Announce new articles, post your ideas for improving the site and discuss
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Announce new SCP articles and Improvements here.
28212456by Dr ReachDr Reach
01 Apr 2015 14:00Jump!
Projects for moving the SCP world into our world.
1853100by HeartfulHeartful
31 Mar 2015 21:07Jump!
What can we do to improve the site?
1932038by RhettSarlinRhettSarlin
28 Mar 2015 15:48Jump!
Discussion and questions regarding site structure and policy
821157by ZynZyn
01 Apr 2015 04:47Jump!
New-Hire Orientation
New to The Foundation? Report here first to reduce the chance of disciplinary action and possible termination.
Category nameThreadsPostsLast post
New to the site? Introduce yourself here.
335614115by JarbatalapusJarbatalapus
01 Apr 2015 02:39Jump!
Per Page Discussions
Category nameThreadsPostsLast post
This category groups discussions related to particular pages within this site.
5027150337by DrewbearDrewbear
01 Apr 2015 14:09Jump!

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