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Personnel are reminded that certain files within this hub may be subject to various classifications, and that verified credentials may be necessary to access those files.


Bellerverse by DrFrog. 1st place in the Tales category of the Social Media Art Contest!


This archive is designed to organize the Foundation tales by author name, and as such is organized alphabetically. If you discover that a tale is absent, please contact either the tale author, or someone from technical team for assistance.

The following pages have been utilized to display excerpts, the first string of 200 characters, from the pages pulled by modules. To customize your own tale excerpt, please place the following code on your page:

 [[include component:preview text=YOUR TEXT GOES HERE]]

This code should be placed at the beginning of the page. between the rating module and the actual text of the tale. Contact technical team for further questions.

-Primary Navigation Node-

  • Tales by Title Archive: An archive listing all tales in the database. Organized alphabetically.


  • Tales by Author Archive: An archive listing all tales in the database. Organized alphabetically by author:


  • Tales by Date Archive: An archive listing all tales in the database. Organized by date published.
  • Canon Hub: An archive of the various Foundation universe canons. WARNING: conflicting canons may result in spontaneous cranial combustion. Peruse at your own risk.
  • Series Archive: An archive where personnel can access various series hubs.
  • Contest Archive: An archive dedicated to various contests within the SCP Foundation.
  • Incident Report Archive: An archive of incident reports, eyewitness interviews, and various other Foundation addenda.
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