SCP-4447 (Revision 4)


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Item #: SCP-4447

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4447 is to be kept in a lead-lined anomalous item vault at Storage Site-77. Testing must be approved by two Level-4 personnel. All subjects must wear GPS-tracking anklets.

Description: SCP-4447 is a stainless steel Engineer's Ring. When exposed to a weak psychic emanation, it can instantly exchange the positions of any two humans within 15 km of the Earth's surface. This also swaps clothing, accessories, and carried luggage, though has a mass limit based on the strength of the possessors's psychic will. The typical human can transport 120-180 kg if physical contact is maintained with SCP-4447. It is unknown how the ring gained its anomalous properties.

Recovery: Following an investigation by the Department of Analytics, former researcher Sasha Brown's location was tracked to a Marshall, Carter and Dark facility. Foundation agents initiated a raid, causing Brown to escape using SCP-4447. Communication with Brown was established under the guise of emergency evacuation procedures by the GoI, and she was deceived into exchanging positions with a D-class subject held in a containment chamber. Upon arrival, Brown was immediately sedated and given a GPS-tracking anklet. A standard humanoid search revealed SCP-4447 as the origin of associated anomalous properties.

Researcher Sasha Brown is currently undergoing disciplinary hearings for their concealment of an anomalous artifact and using said artifact for monetary gain.

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