1/5153 LEVEL 1/5153
Item #: SCP-5153

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5153 is to be contained via a low-intensity disinformation campaign. Foundation scientists are to track and monitor all potential Near Earth Objects in search of SCP-5153. In the event that SCP-5153 is rediscovered, its trajectory and estimated time of arrival are to be tracked. SCP-5153 is not to be neutralized, as it does not pose a risk to both the continued survival of humanity and the Veil.

Description: SCP-5153 is a meteor measuring approximately thirteen kilometers across. Invariably, SCP-5153 will approach Earth, seemingly on a course to impact somewhere in Siberia. Despite this, SCP-5153 will demanifest when it is within fifteen kilometers from the ground, resulting in a large explosion without a crater of any kind.

Addendum 5153.1: Confirmed Manifestations of SCP-5153.

Confirmed manifestations of SCP-5153 have occurred in 1908, 1941, 1947, 2002, 2009, 2013, 2017, and 2018. Foundation astrophysicists are currently tracking a Near Earth Object that is believed to be SCP-5153, which is on a course to make impact in February of 2020.

Date of Impact Location Casualties
30 June 1908 Tunguska River, Russia Three dead
9 April 1941 Chelyabinsk, USSR None
12 February 1947 Sikhote-Alin Mountains, USSR None
25 September 2002 Bodaybo, Russia None
7 February 2009 Tyumen Oblast, Russia None
15 February 2013 Chelyabinsk, Russia 1491 injured
15 December 2017 Kamchatka, Russia None
18 December 2018 Kamchatka, Russia None
Predicted to arrive 25 February 2020 Predicted to land in Lake Baikal, Russia No Casualties Predicted


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