Gabriel Jade

Despite repeated requests to submit, and failed attempts by the Foundation to gather,1 detailed personal information regarding Dr. Gabriel Jade has not been made available to Human Resources.

The following list of anomalous research has been credited to Dr. Jade based on the series of hastily written post-it notes haphazardly pieced together which provided initial containment procedures for the following anomalies:

SCP-049 - All data pertaining to 049 was eventually and painstakingly pieced together by a team of intrepid detectives and their pet dog, who subsequently [REDACTED] happily on a farm.

SCP-077 - Translated from original Hebrew present on post-it notes to modern English by Researcher Voct.

SCP-3394 - Digital compilation ran to completion, and provided a workable document2

Additionally, the following series of events were found documented in a similar fashion:
Everyone Wears a Mask
An Angel who has Forsaken Sympathy

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