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Legal Designations: Dr. Horatio Gifts and Dr. Eleanor Gentle

Positions: Researchers, Site-11

Clearance Levels: Level 3

Works in Progress: See attached drafts

An Interview with Dr. Gifts:

An Interview with Dr. Gentle:

Articles Written By GentleGifts

SCP-4001 - Alexandria Eternal - Rating: +369, Comments: 72
The contents of the books represent the absolute truth and history of the individuals contained within.

SCP-4042 - Somebody to Love - Rating: +39, Comments: 9
"At least I'll always remember the sound of her crying."

Tales Written By GentleGifts

Alexandria Burning - Rating: +27, Comments: 6
In the darkness, she heard a voice speak: 'No. But I will remember you.'

Family Matters - Rating: +20, Comments: 5
"I've always wanted to meet your folks. Are they anything like you?"

Other Pieces Written By GentleGifts

SCP-4001-J - Life, Read Right to Left - Rating: +27, Comments: 8
Though we'd all feel a lot better if this thing that will kill us all if it burns or floods wasn't located underground in the most earthquake-prone nation on Earth.

To Swear An Oath - Rating: +16, Comments: 8
I do accept that I will be a judge and a jury to them that I shall keep,
But not an executioner.


If You Are Reading This - Rating: +121, Comments: 38
If you're reading this, then I'm dead.

A small addition to the collaboration between Jacob Conwell, djkaktus, Zyn, Decibelles, and Roget.

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