George Bennings's Personnel File
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Name: George Thomas Bennings Jr.

Clearance Level: 3

Occupation: Meteorologist for Site-72.

Age: 36

Marital status: Widower.

Children: None.

Psychiatric evaluation: Quite naive, quite open to manipulation. Doesn't seem to have it in him to fight anyone who shows any kind of basic empathy. Doesn't handle moral grey areas well. Best to not be put in any major leadership role. Also seems to have a hate for an unknown entity. He claims it to cause madness to anyone who views it. When asked to elaborate, he simply tilted his head and repeated "Endless options for renewals" three times. He later claimed everything had a blue filter to it.- Dr Isaac Kleiner

Is he trying to do the Battlefield Earth thing again? Sure, it's so bad the best piece of praise I could find was "It's like swimming through a river of shit with no boat and using your tongue as a paddle" (Johnny Shitcase, 2009), but it's just a film! It was bad, yes, but don't tell me it's giving you headaches or whatever. - Dr Alec Earnhardt

Now he keeps mentioning something about "All of South America ordering the death of every single American citizen for no reason." It makes no sense, anyone who isn't a xenophobic fuckwit can tell that this would never happen, ever! HELP!-Dr Forced Shoutout

Random facts:
My original name was "Bravo104", but once I had trouble logging into chat so I changed it to Bennings, after a character from The Thing.

Benning is the name of a planet from Mass Effect 3. This has nothing to do with me, but I can't believe they didn't have Anderson comment on it in some way.

There's a random redshirt in Captain America: The First Avenger named Bennings. He has no lines and is mentioned by another character.

In the original draft of Bending Over Backwards, it ended after the first death. Hamilton was originally called Blair and Sanchez was called Fuchs.

I gave my full name earlier as George Thomas Bennings, and I just realized that GT BEN spells out the initials of the protagonists from I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (Gorrister, Ted, Benny, Ellen, Nimdok). I had no idea I did that!

In the original draft for And Then There Were None, Reiben's first name was Jerry.


Yeah, I kinda only have tales at the moment. Bit awkward.


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