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It can get boring, to man the store all by yourself. Mr. Scheffeld stepped out for his fifth smoke break today, says he thinks I do a good job with the responsibility. Maybe he'll consider giving me a pay raise? Nah, that'd require some actual work from his part, and lord knows we can't have that. Maybe he'll give me a few more hours, tell me I'm lucky to even have a job in this economy. That seems more like him.

Man, my eyes are really itchy all of a sudden. Must be his dumb-ass mutt shedding again. God damn, that thing never stops dropping hair all over the floor. He never cleans it either. Always falls to me. Christ, where did all this hair come from? This shit is getting absolutely everywhere. Bleck, I think some of it might be in my mouth. Maybe I'll complain when he gets back. Yuck, some of it got in my mouth.

Could he possibly take any longer? I mean, this is petty, but seems every time he takes a smoke break its a little bit longer. Just standing out there taking the longest drags I've ever seen. Maybe he's just standing outside for the sake of being outside. Can't really say I blame him on this one, if I had the opportunity to step out of this godawful shop I'd take it in a heartbeat.

Finally he gets back in. Look at him. Can't even come inside without squinting up a storm. Jeez, he's all covered in hair too. Maybe he tried to clean up some of the dander? Still, he's looking kinda gross. What the hell is he holding? A box? Where did he get the box? I thought he was just going out there for another smoke… maybe this is what made him take so long.

What the hell is he asking me to do, follow him? Into the basement. No, no, I don't want to do that… god my eyes are frikkin' red now… he's insisting. Okay, I can go down for a little bit… maybe he has something for my eyes. Gonna show me what's in the box? Okay, I'll look inside the damned box. No need to be a pushy ass about this.

Ugh… what the fuck is that? It fuckin' reeks, and it's… moving. Touch it? Hell no I ain't touching… ah…. why is it happening? What's wrong with my eyes? I can't see anymore, it's all red

all red

May 14th, 1976

A local storekeeper and employee were found dead inside their store basement earlier today, around 3 PM. Deaths took place during normal store hours, apparently after both parties ventured into the store's basement. Both bodies were found to be completely covered in hair, apparently not their own. Police have indicated that the employee was the first to die, followed shortly thereafter by the owner. Names have not been released to the public, but the families have been notified. Police are currently treating the deaths as suspicious.

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