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Play it again.                                                                                                                            
This note was found in the cell of SCP-202 during his suicide attempt on [REDACTED]. However, due to his unique nature, the attempt failed, alerting Foundation medical personnel to his attempt and allowing for the preservation of the subject's life. How the subject accessed the materials necessary for his suicide is currently unknown, as is how he managed to write both his letters and words without reversing them.


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!WRONG was everything ,dinner the eat couldn't I ,me understand couldn't she ,propose couldn't I and overandoverandoverandoverandover and over and Over .back it putting kept just I .out ring the get couldn't I .up woke I then But .everything ,dinner the ,ring The .out planned everything had I .propose to ready was I-to going even was I !something had We !riend[UNINTELLIGIBLE]dr have to used I…just I

!difficulty The !humiliation The !that understand don't you But .rights basic of need in being human same ,individual same ,person Same

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