Halloween Contest 2018


Halloween Contest 2018 is upon us. What does that mean?

  • Write a tale dealing with the SCP Foundation and Halloween.

We’re going to have a bit of a challenge this time around, though. This year, we wanted the community to help us out with the contest. So we had you all make suggestions for what kinds of tricks and treats to include, stipulations that you must follow when writing your entries.

We made our choices.


Now, originally we were going to have two stipulations taken from the community, two suggested by Sly161 and Dexanote - Dexanote REALLY wanted skeletons to be the theme this year. But it turned out we got so many GREAT entries we couldn’t really beat them.

So here we are; four stipulations. Tricks and treats; take only two and incorporate them into your tale!

  • The tale can only have one survivor; how you define that is up to you.
  • The piece itself cannot directly acknowledge that it is in fact Halloween, but it must be blindingly obvious based on the setting and storybuilding.
  • One of the characters has to end up in a costume, against their will, to solve some issue that comes up in the tale.
  • The piece must start on Halloween and end during All Saints' Day sunrise.

Take two, and go on your merry way. Happy Halloween - and don’t forget. We all have a skeleton within us all.

The Rules:

  1. This is a Halloween themed contest and you must use any two (2) of the above stipulations, minimum, in your tale. EDIT: That is, two is what we're asking, you may incorporate more than that, but you will not get any bonus for doing so.
  2. This is a solo contest. No exceptions.
  3. Entries will be subject to the usual deletion process.
  4. Minor edits are permitted - grammar edits, formatting, etc. Try not to change the tale fundamentally.
  5. Your tale must include Halloween with an SCP Backdrop or The SCP Foundation with a Halloween backdrop. No tales about how 682 was really discovered on Halloween or something like that.
  6. Your tale needs to be a tale. No "SCP Format, Tagged Tale, Lookit Me!" stuff. We would prefer this to be a story.
  7. Your tale must have a rating of at least +20 to qualify for the winning prize. If everyone writes crap, no one wins. Put effort in! The season deserves it.
  8. You must write something new. If you've got something close already on the site, you don't get to enter it just because the contest came along.
  9. No entries will be accepted after October 29, 2018 at midnight, Eastern Standard Time, because Dex and Sly are the ones running this contest and they’re in EST.
  10. The winner will be determined on October 30, 2018 at whatever time of the day we get around to it. No whining. Probably gonna be before 9pm EST though. We’ll try our best.

After writing your tale, tag it "halloween2018" and it will be linked to the bottom of this page! The winner’s piece will be featured on October 31 on the front page, with other prizes will be announced in the near future.

Posting is OPEN.

Current Entries:

DexanoteDexanote and Sly161Sly161 reserve the right to disqualify people who break the spirit of good community contests.

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