Happy Birthday From Nobody
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There was a package on her desk. Doctor Rights sat down curiously and opened the small box, triple stamped of course with “NOT A BOMB” and “MEMETIC HAZARD NOT DETECTED”. Inside of the box was a letter, a picture frame, and a box of chocolates.

She opened the letter, and sat back, slipping her reading glasses on. Damn getting older. The letter was handwritten, on expensive stationary, and was dated from a few years ago.

“Hello, Doctor Rights. If you’re reading this, I’m probably dead, or just forgot to drop in. One of those. Either way, I wanted to say happy birthday,” she glanced over at her calendar, and gave a slight sigh of surprise. It was her birthday, not that she kept track any more. “I know you said that if I remembered your birthday, you’d kill me, but hey, I’m either dead, or going senile, so who cares. I hope you enjoy the chocolates, and have a decent birthday. Take it easy on the damn kids for once.” It wasn’t signed, but she felt as if she should know who wrote it. The name was on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn’t quite grasp it.

She lifted the picture frame from the box, and looked at it. It was a group photo of the foundation unfortunates from site 19, that always seemed to get into trouble. The command level staff were present, and a few other lower level staff that Doctor Rights had befriended over the years, but there was a curious blank spot near the middle. One of the other doctors was hanging off of what seemed to be thin air, before it hit her. She couldn’t see who was there.

She grabbed the letter again, and looked down near the bottom. Sure enough, there was a script that said, “Sincerely,” but was blank after that. She picked up the box of chocolates, and the sender was blank as well.

Those bastards.

In his office, Doctor Bright sat surrounded by a mountain of paperwork as usual, and said offhanded to the aide that had walked in, “Has the memetic been distributed?

The aide nodded, and said quietly, “Yes sir, all known records, and instances of the name Doctor-“ his voice went eerily silent, and his mouth blurred as he spoke the name, “have been deleted.”

Doctor Bright waved him away, “Yes, yes that’ll be all, thank you.” He returned to the personnel evaluations that were stacked on his desk, business as usual.

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