In all Honesty,
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Blessed are the meek:
for they shall inherit the earth.

Of all people, the fucking Satanists should have known better. Us too, you know? We should have exterminated the GOC as soon as they started recruiting skips they believed explained by their own bullshit.

They found the devil hiding on the moon. The grotesque head of a malformed animal, a three meters body, satyr-like below the waist with the most beautiful tits I have ever seen. It hurt to look at… It moved so damn fast, even its tail just flailing around seemed to be oscillating at lightspeed, the slow and arrogant tempo merely an illusion of frequency.

"I am not yet forgiven, go away" - It mind-spoke, and the damn Satanists brought five chairs, sat down in front of the Father of Lies, and started reasoning with it. They explained their propositions and the devil stood silent the whole time. There is no arguing Satanist logic. I understand now why it laughed like it did, as it dematerialized.

Politicians, storymakers and relationships were the first things annihilated as a result. So many people went mute, became catatonic out of pure shame, some came out of it and confessed their stories and we forgave them all, but you wouldn't believe, so many fucking mutes. Others we killed as soon as we saw what they were.

Knowledge itself got changed too. Reason still serves for most things, but if you imagined an atom as a billiard ball with smaller balls orbiting around it, now you can't imagine anything at all.

Numbers are hard, I have the first nine of them constructed on my office, groups of marbles. I can tell you this because I know one is like the first group of marbles on the table and two is like the one to its right. I know other things too but it hurts to think about them and I can't tell you about them at all. Quantum physics are easier to understand though, it makes sense now, realistic informational interpretations and all that.

Some people can't even think abstract concepts anymore, they could never internalize the Trick. I think we should euthanize everyone who will not be happy, we know what we are now, our place in the universe and the purpose of life. Why should we allow a deterministic machine to continue the painful awareness of its own inadequacy? I know questions are painful but I don't care. You should work on the Trick.

Some anomalies involved lies, the ones contained by them are now free, the ones that were falsehood themselves were undone. The Foundation carries on as much as we want to, the veil of secrecy is off and people mostly don't care; MONTAUK is no worse than the mind of a pig and we are far more degenerate than pigs. We understand animals now.

We became solitary creatures. Talking to others is dangerous, we were fools to think that lying to yourself was bad. I used to think I was a good man and acted the part. They called me kind.

People rape if they can get away with it, or kill. You can fall in love in ten words and be destroyed by the eleventh. Its few of us left, most people killed themselves, couldn't handle criticism. We are all critics and judges now, all of us, of everything.

I hope you and I share the meaning of the words I speak. You can't learn languages anymore. The new generations communicate through body movement. No, its not as bad as you think, we altered them so they can practically read each other's minds.

They don't know what to make of us.

Leave me alone now, please.

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