Interview Log 783-1
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Interviewed: Class-D-783-53

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: Interview with the only survivor of a specimen escape from SCP-783.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: Please state what happened on the day of ████ ██, 20██.

Class-D-783-53: *deep breath, breaks into small coughing fit* Well, the scientists had a new test scheduled, and they had us in the airlock ready to retrieve whatever animal they had sent in. This time they'd sent in food with it, I dunno why. Anyway, I think it was a tick or something, I wasn't looking at it real close. If you look at them before hand, it makes what happens later worse.

Dr. █████: What happens later?

Class-D-783-53: Yeah. The changes. *shudders, winces* So, there we were, ready to grab it. The scientists said it was about to come out, and me and Jim (Class-D-783-44) are right there, and the airlock opens and there's nothing there. No sign of it. The scientists are looking around, when all the sudden this tentacle wraps around Jim and pulls him in! He's yelling at me to help, the scientists are yelling at me to stay where I am, and I-I just froze. That's when it came out and grabbed me.

Dr. █████: The specimen?

Class-D-783-53: Yeah. It had a whole bunch more legs now, and these tentacles, like an octopus. The thing just climbs me like I'm a friggin' tree and clings to my neck. I tried to pull it off but it just constricted me until I couldn't breathe. I blacked out. When I came to, I wasn't in the airlock any more. I was walking, but I wasn't trying to walk, my body was just moving. The thing was still wrapped around me, but I could feel it in me too, like its tentacles were in my neck and head. I could, I dunno, feel it going through my brain. It was like it was trying to read my mind. It just kept me walking, but I don't think it had anywhere to go, it was just trying to get away. I think the only reason it didn't run was because it was too busy trying to read my brain.

Dr. █████: Trying?

Class-D-783-53: I don't think it could understand my thoughts. It was like, like we were two cars, but from different countries. Some of it was the same, but the rest was just incompatible. We kept walking, until a team showed up. They shouted at me to stop, but I couldn't say anything. They started shooting at me, and the thing just had me start running, and I could feel its mind. It was… I can't explain it. It was incomprehensible, but a few things came through.

Dr. █████: Like what, exactly?

Class-D-783-53: Fear. It was so scared. I don't think it could understand what was going on. Like a kid that's lost. It didn't know what to do and it was so terrified of what had happened to it, and me, and the team following us. And then we fell off the cliff. I don't think it noticed it until it was too late, and then we were falling. Broke my leg in the fall. The team caught up, climbed down, and knocked me out. When I came to, I was here, and it was gone. I feel weird though. Been having trouble breathing. Are you guys gonna fix me?

Dr. █████: Of course we will. Don't worry.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Class-D-783-53 died a few days later from failure of the organs. Examination revealed the specimen had burrowed into their cerebral cortex and left trace amounts of its DNA inside of it. Examination of Class-D-783-53 and the specimen is ongoing.

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