Junior Psychologist "Chibi" Yamagusuku's Personnel File

Name: Blake Yamagusuku, goes by nickname of "Chibi" or "Chibs"

Security Clearance: Level 2

Position: Junior Psychologist

Current Location: Site 17 bothering the [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] out of everyone

History: Junior Psychologist Chibi was recruited by the Foundation after a recommendation by Technical Researcher Rosen during recruitment of personnel into the Department of Psychology, stating his nibling's brilliance and that his overbearing mother was making him do it so please just take the little thing in please fast learning. They are currently at Site 17 aiding research with psychological testing of Safe humanoid SCPs, and with personnel psychological evaluations as needed.



Other Projects:

  • BreachQuest, a Fallout-SCP crossover /tg/-style quest made for Project Crossover. Updates generally every day whenever I remember to finally scan, clean up, and post the next panel. (INDEFINITE HIATUS)
  • SCP Content Warning Project, a tumblr blog for tagging content and trigger warnings for SCP articles. (HASN'T GOTTEN ANYWHERE BECAUSE I CAN'T DO ANYTHING LMAO)

I'll draw things if you ask nicely, like this picture of Pesterbot and Lord Blackwood that Junior Researcher asked for.


Because nobody bothered to tell me which department I was in, I'm assuming that means I'm in my own Department of Medical Research now.

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