Junior Psychologist "Chibi" Yamagusuku's Personnel File

I'll draw things if you ask nicely, like this picture of Pesterbot and Lord Blackwood that Junior Researcher asked for.

Name: Blake Maxson Yamagusuku

Names used: Chibi, Blake, Maxson

Security Clearance: Level 2

Position: Junior Psychologist

Current Location: Site 17

Current Assignment: Psychological evaluation of Safe humanoid SCPs, and personnel psychological evaluations as needed.

SCPs Assigned: SCP-2246, SCP-3090

Logged Incidents: NONE



Other Projects:

  • BreachQuest - a Fallout-SCP crossover /tg/-style quest made for Project Crossover (INDEFINITE HIATUS)
  • SCP Content Warning Project - a tumblr blog for tagging content and trigger warnings for SCP articles (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
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