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SCP-2852, SCP-2420, and SCP-2612 chilling out.

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This is just going to be a list of articles I make, and also fun little tidbits about them that you might've not known or wanted to know or thought to even not know.

I helped write SCP-2721!

SCP Number Rating Comments Created
SCP-2420 166 49 16 Jun 2015 05:12
SCP-2852 160 40 24 Feb 2015 04:04
SCP-1390 124 65 07 Jun 2012 00:54
SCP-2959 82 55 18 Sep 2016 04:01
SCP-2612 77 22 28 Jul 2015 04:52
SCP-2690 54 22 24 Jul 2015 07:01

SCP-1390 "A Dead Language" - This is my first article. It came to me when I was simply stressed out of my mind about the language requirement for my English major. I remember staying up all night studying Latin, a dead-ass language. And right around that time, I stumbled on the SCP Wiki. And from then on, I kinda stopped studying Latin. Don't worry, though. I totally got my degree. So yeah, basically, this is an undergrad's anxieties about their English major and other languages coalescing into a pretty "okay" piece about dudes turning into angels or some shit.

And yes, I did mean for them to be literally turning into angels. This article posits that humans have something inside of them, maybe another step of human evolution, that is unlocked by a certain pattern of thoughts best expressed through writing and speech. And boom, you get wings made out of light and all your old friends are shooting you.

Fun Easter Egg: Site Director Cavoli is named after my high school Latin teacher. He, indeed, spoke about ten languages, and he was a genius. I love him dearly.

SCP-2852 "Cousin Johnny" - This one is my attempt at making something, well, more attuned to the site's creepypasta roots. I found the picture used in the article in my basement one day when I was doing some, I don't know, basement shit. The picture struck me in how weird it looked. Originally, I was going to have the little girl in the front of the picture be the SCP (btw, she's my godmother) but I felt weird about it, so my dad gave me permission to have him "be the monster." So yeah, it's totally my dad. My dad is an SCP. His name is John, also.

This SCP is basically just riffing on the weirdness of Roman Catholicism (a religion to which I was born) and the family parties that surrounded it. Originally, I was going to include First Communion in here, but I felt like three felt better than four. A funny thing is that I actually intended to write this for about, well, two years. And when I finally did, all the cicada stuff just poured out from me. It wasn't intended to be in the piece, but I think it was the strongest part of it. Bugs are fucking gross.

I have no idea what Cousin Johnny's deal is.

Fun Easter Egg: I think it's so fucking funny to call Roman Catholicism and Anglicanism the same thing, so I threw it into the article.

SCP-2420 "A Good Dog" - Mattie is my dog in real life. I love dogs. I don't want Mattie to ever die, but she is getting old. I wrote this for her, even though she can't read. I also wanted to be able to say that my dad AND my dog were both SCPs.

I chose the number, because I wanted to take #420 and have it not be about weed.

Fun Easter Egg: The blanket Mattie is laying on in the article is the one SCP-2420 buries her in.

SCP-2690 "Angel's Tongue" - Definitely my least popular article, but that's okay. To be honest, I like it enough that I'm gonna let it RUIN my average. This piece came to me, pretty literally, in a half-dream state brought on by Xanax, marijuana, and a lot of exhaustion. I couldn't get "Object Class: Beautiful" out of my head, and the rest kind of followed. I thought it'd be fun to fit this into the Short Works contest, because, as you can see, I have a habit of never shutting up.

The SCP itself is a corpse. The corpse is the ruler mentioned in SCP-1390. The SCP-2690-A's are becoming a kind of bastardized SCP-1390-2 subjects. The corpse has gone beyond the third stage. His words are his flesh and vice versa. They're not really supposed to get wings, if infected properly, but he's kind of brute forcing their bodies apart.

SERAPHIM-1390 is supposed to hint at the link between the two. PROCEDURE ICARUS-2690 is probably as simple as dropping a couple of nuclear bombs on the ancient tomb and hoping shit goes okay.

Fun Easter Egg: I would've expunged what SCP-2690-A were even if it weren't for the short work contest, but goddamn if that didn't help.

SCP-2612 "The Weight of The World A Donkey and Its Cart" - This piece uses this creepy lawn ornament that's been in my backyard since we moved here. I don't know if it was ever used. Sometimes I feel bad for it, when I stare at it while I mow the lawn. So I wrote this scip for it.

The idea here is that the SCP-2612, the one that carries The Load, comes to Director Garcia, sees him thinking of it as a jackass with a cart, and doesn't understand that it's a joke. Luckily, Garcia wasn't about to explain it. The scip, then, comes to Garcia wondering if that's what it is, if it can always have been that. Garcia tells it yes it can. And thus a keter scip is Mostly neutralized, and everyone's happy at the end.

Fun Easter Egg: This isn't an easter egg, but a lot of people seem to think this is another sad scip. IMO, this is nothing but triumphant.

SCP-2721 "Eli and Lyris" - Hahahaha. So if any piece I was involved with could be called contested, it's probably this one. It comes pretty naturally from my life. Lyris resembles a lot of bloggers I've known, and Eli is a lot like some friends I've had. I thought something like a weird love story between two genderweird alien things could be interesting. Originally, I posted this article myself. And Dolphinslugchugger came to me asking if she could rewrite it. I thought it would be more fun for us to kind of collab, and I think it turned out really well.

All the moon stuff, that's all DSG. Lyris's section is also pretty much one hundred percent her, also. Eli's posts were the only thing really untouched. I'm still enormously proud of this one. Even though a lot of people seem to hate it and get all riled up about it, I think it's filling in a niche that should be filled in this wiki. I think weird sci-fi writing has plenty of room for weird trans internet shit next to all the other weird internet shit.

Fun Easter Egg: Pretty much, uh, the whole thing?

SCP-2959 "What We Did, What We Were" - This piece stands pretty much on its own, I think? It's my entry to the D-Class contest. I always thought, if we were being honest with ourselves, the D-Class system doesn't gel with any assumption of the Foundation being "good." So I decided to try to work out why a good Foundation would have an evil thing and kind of moved from that premise.

My idea with the interview is that there's a small percentage of the D-Class population that can be viewed as factory mistakes? When they realize they're not being tested on or anything, they kind of turn off. I figured a cool way to show conserving power would be to have her start talking while garbling up things the interviewer had said. I think Scans might have given me that idea also. I can't remember. It's probably that.

Fun Easter Egg: The only reason I named the D-Class Selina was because I was watching Veep while writing the interview.

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