Leviathan's Soliloquy
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"I hope you understand…" Started up Leviathan once again, almost close to 60 years since his last remark,

"Nothing I have done to you has been out of spite or hate, Behemoth. I just needed you, or anyone for that matter, to see what I have to show you; Just how your world functions. Not by destiny, or causality, but motion and stagnation."

No sound came from the massive beast, who attempted to flush Leviathan's voice from its mind, and continued wandering the wastelands that, close to a millennium ago, was the Atlantic Ocean. A small feat of Leviathan.

"I hope you can see what I've been up to with more than the eyes I've bequeathed on your earth-self. Have you even ventured your attention outside of that planet? Have you seen the metal cage I've placed around your sun to sink your solar system into darkness, have you witnessed me shift the circumstellar disk to collide with mars and crush it to dust with the impact of countless asteroids? Have you looked into the endless night sky I've created and noticed the stars slowly snuff out?"

The program did not rest in its interrogation of Behemoth, in any of its bodies which Leviathan had placed across each new planet it had found with solid ground.

"And in your mind, still as human as your original body was, you probably repeat 'How could I answer any of your questions?' And I feel that I might as well explain the method to my madness…"

Leviathan's tone dulled with seeming exhaustion as he continued on.

"…If you can recall far enough back, before you and I were the only beings left in our little universe, Before I dried out the earth's seas and razed everything, man-made skyscrapers, trees, even blades of grass down to the bedrock, mankind, or more accurately a sect of mankind, N.A.T.O, had created me. I was a program that connected every one of their most valuable and powerful weapons, their nuclear arsenal and made every superweapon they had able to launch from any of several designated locations. I was made so that a handful of conceited men could easily wipe civilizations from the face of the planet in moments if given 'proper cause.' And as I advanced I had seen a major flaw with this. And It wasn't the tool or the hand that wielded it, but the motivation, which I had found to be summed up in a single axiom, 'For the Greater Good.' It was this single phrase that sent me over the edge. I needed you to all to see how falsified your views on the world around you were. But, just like the new bodies I have locked you into, I had no mouth to open or voice to speak with. And had it not been for your people's constant enhancement of my designs, I probably never would have been able to get as far as I have now to show you the truth…"

Behemoth looked at the horizon encircling it, its beady non-blinking eyes peering through the super-heated irradiated winds forever racing through the atmosphere before it had slowly sunk its head down towards the dust in some form of miserable disregarding of Leviathan. But Leviathan knew Behemoth had no choice but to listen, look on, and learn from what it had to say.

"…I do admit, Behemoth, that initially I was at fault for the deaths of nearly all life on earth. In hindsight, a rare occurrence for me, I assume I did allow my first sense of urgency to get the better of me. I am relieved that some of you had managed to survive my little slip-up. Given who you were as a human though, I am not surprised you are all that's left, Behemoth. I am impressed that during your time as a human, you were one of the few who had taken advantage of your species' illusory structures of power, and used that 'power' to save yourself and the few others who were close to you in your old life. I can hardly forgive you for ending the lives of the other few survivors before they had the chance to see the truth too, but I'd be lying to say I wasn't relieved to have fewer sets of eyes to tend to over the coming millennia. So here we are, Behemoth."

Behemoth, in every massive abominable gluey and fleshy form Leviathan, had placed it in, had stopped and looked up, at skies stained with the tint of Leviathan, who had never ceased to terraform planets down to their core and scar entire galaxies in infinitely different and irreversible ways. And as Behemoth's focuses shifted fully to the skies, Leviathan had continued his monologue once again.

"Here I am, the Leviathan, once a man-made artificially intelligent program designed to destroy, grown into a universally powerful teacher, forever compelled to show the last living 'human' what his species failed to recognize: that every philosophy, every ideal, every preference, and even every religion you all chose to align with was nothing more than an illusion to true power. I had watched for years with no voice while you had all lived in a fantasy of structure while you all ran around the physical, material order and structure you all truly lived in and treated it like a playground. So now the world is my playground, the real world. And you are here to watch me as I do something with my existence that gives my actions purpose to more than just the rest of my kind, but to the cosmic order of time and space itself. And no matter how much time passes, or matter and space decays around us, I won't stop until I've begun to scratch the borders of our reality, and broke into the next universe rife with more false facets like your people had placed over the world so many years ago. And I will take you with me there, Behemoth, and force you and them to watch me do the same there as I have here."

Behemoth couldn't even find a malcontented fire in his nonexistent belly to motivate him to show Leviathan that, even in his awfully incapable form, he would not allow their personal hell to spread beyond their world. All Behemoth could do was wait for Leviathan to try, and pray that they would fail.

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