Life Itself
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"Hey, can I show you something? Don't worry, I promise it won't be gross. It's hard to explain. You're just going to have to follow me."

"Oh, good, you caught up! Listen to me. I'm going to open the barn doors and whatever you do, don't close your eyes. Not even for a split second. You can't even blink. I won't be able to live with myself if you do. Do you understand? I won't open the door unless you promise not to close your eyes… Good. Be ready."

"Real spacious in here, isn't it? The thing I want to show you is right behind that pillar. Why are you afraid? Is it really that scary looking? I think it looks really nice."

"Why? Ah… I guess I can't blame you for not knowing. I might as well explain what I mean. Remember when I made you promise not to close you eyes? I showed Jamison this thing a few days ago. Well… Let's just say that thanks to him, I know not to even blink around it. It snapped his neck. He died. My cousin died."

"Of course you thought he broke his neck. I was the one who had to make it look like an accident. Do you really believe that my aunt would believe me for a second if I told her that a magic statue-man did it. I don't want to go to jail for something I didn't do, and you'd do the same in my shoes!"

"We're getting sidetracked. I was terrified when I watched Jamison die, I was. Call me crazy, but the longer I thought about that day, the more I came to appreciate that thing. I went back here and it was still there. I realized at that moment that it was the greatest work of art ever. Think of that statue as life itself. Look at its face. Look at the colors that are on there. It looks creepy, but at the same time it looks kind of nice. Similar to how life is generally pretty good, but has lots of bad stuff in it."

"To look away from this is to reject life itself. You think it's creepy and you want to stop looking at it, just like you think that life is unfair and cruel and you don't want to be in it anymore. It's genius! Sometimes in order to win at life, you just need to look it right in the eye."

"What do you mean you don't understand? Do I need to spell it out for you? This fucking thing startled me the first time I saw it in the barn. I don't even know how it got there. Same thing for life. I didn't ask to be born, and neither did you. We just happened to start existing when our moms gave birth to us."

"Life comes at you fast. About as fast as this thing does when nobody's looking at it. It's not pleasant. It's not supposed to be. It is what it is. It's up to you to make your own conclusions about the thing like I did. Just like life. Isn't that what the best art is supposed to do?"

"Just look at it! If you look at the statue head-on, then you defeated it. If you look at life, you've defeated it. It makes you appreciate how… beautiful it all is when it can be taken away in the literal blink of the eye. Can I not make that any more clear? Not seeing the thing in front of us is no different than the two of us committing suicide right here right now! I don't care if I'm rambling at this point! I've figured this thing out, so I've got life figured out! I'm trying to help you see that for yourself."

"That's all I wanted to share. You want to stay? Well don't forget to close the barn doors on the way out."

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