Log of Extranormal Events
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Foreword: This page is to document anomalous events that have attracted the Foundation's interests, but occurred too briefly for the Foundation to secure or contain them. Instead, the Foundation deploys a cover-up team to conceal the evidence from the public. This is merely a reminder to agents and researchers that not all of them can be contained.
-Agent Carriontrooper

Event Description: A naked, glowing humanoid figure appeared suddenly in the city's subway and seen by several eyewitnesses and captured by the security cameras. It disappeared after a few seconds.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ███████, Spain.
Follow-up Actions Taken: A team of disguised agents and a makeshift holographic projection unit were taken on location. Team explained that the incident was a part of their avant-garde 'urban shock art' exhibition all over Europe. Fake viral media planted to give credence to the team's supposed art group.

Event Description: Spider population of █████████, a small town, quintupled over the space of three months. Not known to correspond to any significant SCP item activity.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: █████████, Nevada, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Data suppressed, area to be monitored for future natural population spikes.

Event Description: Time skips between 2.5 and ██ hours took place in ████████████, North Carolina before normalizing to one day after initial skip. Non self-correcting electronic devices such as digital clocks were seemingly unaffected and displayed incorrect times in different areas of the town. Event bears similarity to a relatively unnoticed event in ███ █████, Nevada, though no connection could be traced between the two events.
Date of Occurrence: █/██/████
Location: ████████████, North Carolina (███ █████, Nevada).
Follow-up Actions Taken: Local news reported electromagnetic interference caused by local power plant. Small observation team assigned to area.

Event Description: ████████, Wales, was found to be abandoned. The population was found comatose in a nearby field. ██ hours after the estimated time of the event, the population awoke with no recollection of the event.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ████████.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Population dosed with Class B Amnestics and a cover story was established. A road accident with a Samson-Craig Products (an SCP front company) chemical tanker was staged, an emergency evacuation camp was arranged and the population given £███ per head compensation. In the ██ years since the event there has been no recurrence or abnormal behaviour in the population.

Event Description: Three similar looking men were witnessed fighting in a gas station parking lot. Eyewitness reports maintain that each man claimed to be ██████ █████████, a well known local car salesman, and were fighting over which individual was the "true" one. Two of the men were killed when the third procured a crowbar. The third was fatally shot by a local police officer.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: █████, Oklahoma.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Witnesses and involved persons were questioned and given Class B Amnestics. Close family members of ██████ █████████ were questioned and given Class A Amnestics. A cover story involving the individual's suicide was established. The three bodies were recovered for autopsy and are currently maintained in a Site-19 minimum security storage freezer.

Event Description: Several students attending █████████ Collegiate began complaining about a loud buzzing noise. A custodian for the school located the source as a single monitor in the computer lab during his duties, and reported the power button was unresponsive. When the lab technicians arrived the next day, they unplugged the monitor after other attempts proved futile. Witnesses of the event report a scream playing through the computer's speakers, and the image of a digitized face screaming appeared for a moment before power was lost.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: █████████ Collegiate in the ██████, ████████, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: The monitor was confiscated and replaced for inspection. Nothing of interest has been found.

Event Description: A mission not typically present was located in the MMORPG [REDACTED]. The mission was only accessible via a bugged area of terrain but had existed for an unknown period of time. The mission was an exact replica of Site-██ with several hostile SCPs (not necessarily those housed there) as opponents. No code for the mission was found on the game's server by Foundation Investigation teams.
Date of Occurrence: Unknown. Detected ██/██/████
Location: Geographical location unclear.
Follow-up Actions Taken: A viral attack on the server was performed, resulting in a total shut down. After the server was re-initialized the mission was absent. All individuals known to have found the mission have been given Class A Amnestics. There has been no recurrence to date.

Event Description: The entire stock of ███████ ███████ souvenirs at the ███████ ███████ stall on the ██████ waterfront were spontaneously altered so that the face of ███████ ███████ was removed. These objects produced a loud screaming sound when exposed to daylight, and all writing implements within the stall formed symbols associated with the Cult of the Demon ██████ when an attempt to write with them was made. 8 days after the event, all altered stock vanished from Foundation storage.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ███████, Nova Scotia.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All altered stock seized and impounded, amnestics administered.

Event Description: During an automobile accident, the body of ████ ██, a passenger in one involved vehicle, expanded to fill the entire interior of the vehicle. Because Mr. ██'s expanded body had taken on a consistency similar to stiff foam rubber, the other occupants of the vehicle were protected from the impact, and were the only survivors of the crash.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ██████, Connecticut.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Body confiscated, all other occupants and responding personnel administered Class A amnestics. Tissue tests indicate that Mr. ██ is still alive, though the tissues of his body have become an undifferentiated mass, and tests of neurological function are inconclusive.

Event Description: 17-year-old █████ ████████ dies while recording video blog after large, wide-mouthed creature appears from closet and devours her arms. Creature promptly disappears at estimated time of death. Video recovered by local law enforcement, embedded agent intercepts.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ███████, Michigan.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Footage intercepted; all knowledgeable parties given Class-B amnestics. Cover story involving local psychotic planted. No physical evidence relating to entity found in house. No similar entities have been encountered since. Area is to be kept under surveillance until ██/██/2016.

Event Description: Unidentified and unaccompanied child (estimated age: 7 years old) in hospital waiting room produces more than 400 kilograms of vomit in 5 minutes, before dying; other patients describe hearing sounds of "glass breaking" during the emesis.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ███████ Public Hospital, ████████████, Madagascar.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Majority of vomit had been incinerated before Foundation agents arrived on-site; inspection of hospital incinerator revealed no anomalies. All remaining samples of vomit were confiscated; analysis revealed no anomalies, except that child had been suffering from salmonella poisoning. Witnesses were given amnestics. Child was never identified; body was removed from hospital morgue and is currently maintained in a Site-19 low-value storage freezer.

Event Description: An email is sent to, as near as the Foundation can determine, every active email address in existence, including Foundation intranet-only addresses. The contents are identical across all emails and consist of the following message, in Spanish: "Hi, this is Jorge. It has been fun playing with you, but I am going to visit friends next door now. I will be back later to collect my toys. Take care of the place!" Backtracing reveals that all emails originated from the same unassigned IP address.
Date of Occurrence: 12/21/████
Location: N/A
Follow-up Actions Taken: Foundation agents edited the internet-rumor-debunking site ██████.com to include a statement that the email was a massive hoax. The Foundation has periodically mass-emailed similar messages to more limited audiences as a smokescreen. The originating IP address is being monitored for any further activity.

Event Description: A man, believed to be ████████ ██████, a suspected associate of the group known as Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd., entered an abandoned factory at ███ ██████ in the Brazilian city of Salvador. Mr. ██████ was being tracked by two Foundation operatives who followed him into the building. A sound of bubbling water followed by gunshots was heard from within the building, and upon entry the operatives found Mr. ██████'s body in a state of advanced decomposition associated with at least three weeks of exposure to the elements, despite only five minutes elapsing between him entering the building and the discovery of the body. A pistol, which had been fired three times, was found in his hand. No sign of his target or possible attacker was found.
Date of Occurrence: ██/15/████
Location: ███ ██████, Salvador, State of Bahia, Brazil.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Information suppressed in local media. Body removed from site by Foundation operatives disguised as Brazilian Federal Police and interred at morgue at Site-██.

Event Description: Six sperm whale carcasses were found beached along a 2km stretch of coastline at ████████, New Zealand. When autopsy was performed as part of a civilian research program, it was discovered that the chest cavity of all six whales had been hollowed out postmortem without any damage being done to the exterior of the animals. Exploration of the chest cavity revealed the chest cavity of each whale had somehow been stuffed with what appears to be machinery components trapped in clear plastic.
Date of Occurrence: ██/18/████
Location: ████████, New Zealand.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Area sealed. All members of the research team detained and administered Class-A Amnestics. False story disseminated claiming that the decomposition of the whales' bodies had led to the build-up of toxic gas inside the carcasses, leading to government intervention on grounds of public health. Masses found inside body cavities removed and shipped to Storage Site-██. Remains incinerated in the field and disposed of through normal channels.

Event Description: Two male cadavers were found outside of █████ █████ Park, Alabama. Each wore lead masks and a series of black rashes were visible on the skin of the faces. Locals in the area during the actual event reported that the two men "hovered in the air" for an estimation of 5 minutes before dropping dead. After the bodies were taken to ████ Hospital for autopsy, both the men were seen at the park. They promptly killed any living being within the area, even taking the time to crush insects. Overall, there were █ civilian casualties. When the men were subdued by Operatives from Task Force-██, their bodily organs were found to be completely missing, despite being able to move freely. After the events, the hospital reported that the bodies were missing.
Date of Occurrence: ██/05/████
Location: █████ █████ Park.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics distributed to civilian witness, including the hospital staff involved. Bodies of the two subjects restrained and sent for further research at Site ██.

Event Description: The ██████ ██████ flight between Heathrow, London and Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta suffered a malfunction and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, 800 km from the Azores archipelago. Despite this, all passengers and crew walked out the destination gate, remembering only a regular flight.
Date of Occurrence: ██/11/████
Location: North Atlantic Ocean.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Information suppressed and mass amnestic treatment performed, recovery of aircraft underway.

Event Description: Every domesticated cat inside the city limits of ██████, Norway travelled 10.9 km SE to ██████████████, Sweden over period of 8 hours. Cats congregated in groupings of 13-25 in a field behind [DATA EXPUNGED] for 2 hours, then dispersed.
Date of Occurrence: 25/09/2009
Location: Norway/Sweden border.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Cats returned of own accord to their homes. Any footage of gathering confiscated for study. Witnesses processed, debriefed, and administered Class B Amnestic. Field searched for abnormalities, blood and urine samples taken from cats in affected areas. No anomalies found. Both ██████ and the field will be under surveillance until 30/09/2014.

Event Description: Automated systems worldwide behaved as though an extra day occurred at the end of July. Analysis of planetary motion and stellar alignment confirm presence of 367 days in the year.
Date of Occurrence: 32/7/1996
Location: Global.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Hard data revealing date confiscated and destroyed. Most individuals have naturally put the event out of their minds. Foundation-sponsored disinformation campaigns persist.

Event Description: During a speech to a public committee, the mayor of ████████, FL began continuously chuckling at a pun made by an legislative observer for approximately 4.5 hours straight before collapsing into a nearby chair and passing out. He claims to have no memory of the event, nor did anyone else in the room during the speech. The only available evidence of its occurrence was captured entirely on camera.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/19██
Location: ████████, Florida.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Any and all witnesses who videotaped the event, along with anyone who viewed the videotapes themselves were given Class B Amnestics, and all resulting videotapes were wiped clean. The mayor himself is under minor surveillance from select members of the Foundation.

Event Description: ██ books in the ███████ library spontaneously ignited. Witnesses reported that the fires unexpectedly did not spread to adjacent books. The fires burned for ██ minutes until the books were completely incinerated.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/200█
Location: ███████, West Virginia.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-B amnestics were administered to all witnesses. The burnt books were explained as vandalism. As Foundation agents on site were unable to determine any potential causes of the fires, the library, its employees, and all who were present on the day of the incident will be under passive surveillance until no earlier than 20██.

Event Description: During a bank robbery, all hostages (██ customers, ██ employees) were spontaneously transformed into immobile naked skeletons; transformation is visible on all security cameras. Thieves fired several shots, damaging six skeletons and breaking two windows, then abandoned the robbery and fled the scene. As local law enforcement entered the bank, all skeletons instantly reverted to clothed living humans, with no memory of the robbery having occurred; hostages whose skeletons were damaged by gunfire immediately experienced corresponding injuries (three fatally).
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/199█
Location: [REDACTED], Nebraska.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-B amnestics administered to all surviving witnesses. Deaths of hostages explained as results of unsuspected congenital vascular defects; autopsies reveal no anomalies. Thieves die in multi-vehicle collision while attempting to evade police pursuit; autopsies reveal no anomalies. Footage from security cameras confiscated. Damage to bank premises explained as result of vandals.

Event Description: At exactly 2pm, 24 instances of a semi-erotic calendar appeared in numerous foundation sites. Inside the calendar, images of Dr. Elliot, Dr. Kiryu, Dr. ████, Agent Merlo, Director ██████, Dr. Right, Agent █████, Researcher █████, Agent ████, Dr. Marie, Dr. ████, and Dr. Jack Bright. The Calendar displayed the Name Double D-class, and despite the statement of personal included the calendar shows signs of being planned and professionally made.
Date of Occurrence: ██/01/14
Location: Sites █, ██, ██, ██, and █
Follow-up Actions Taken: Most instances were recovered by foundation staff, several copies have been confiscated from staff since the incident.
Note: Dr. Jack Bright at the time was not inhabiting a female body, indicating that either a prop was used or this is a mistake by the creator.

Event Description: After Long Island citizen ███████ ██████ died of alcohol-damage related illness, a recliner chair in his home began ascending at speeds of exactly 3.6m/s before eventually accelerating to 16.3m/s. Attempts at stopping the ascent were futile, and the chair broke through any barriers placed in its way. It has since then left the atmosphere and is believed to be orbiting Jupiter.
Date of Occurrence: 2/15/201█
Location: ███████████, New York.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Any footage of the incident was wiped and pulled off the internet. Class-A Amnestics were given to witnesses. Foundation operatives in various space programs are advised to destroy any information of the chair if found.

Event Description: Eighty-eight thousand, eight hundred and eighty-eight citizens of the state of New Jersey fractured their left scaphoid bones within a two-hour period; radiography showed that all fractures were identical down to a sub-millimeter level.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: Various hospitals throughout New Jersey.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-A amnestics administered to radiography technicians.

Event Description: Viewers of the popular late-night talk show ████ █████ ██ ███ █████ reported seeing two different episodes. Approximately 40% watched an episode featuring the famous actor █████ ███ and the musical guest ██ ██████ , while the other 60% watched an episode with ██ ██████ with appearance by stand-up comedian ████ ██. Neither one of these episodes was the one which had actually broadcast, and neither one has ever been filmed.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: TV sets throughout the US that were tuned on ███.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All recordings of the anomalous episodes showed the actual broadcast episode in later viewings. Viewer's memories of the anomalous episodes seem to have completely faded by themselves by ██/██/████. ███ channel officials who had been contacted about the episodes were administered Class C amnestics and their internal investigation into the matter aborted. Social networks mentioning the matter were intercepted and edited.

Event Description: A parrot was owned by the █████ family was discovered to have the ability to sing the entirety of the song "Crazy Train" by John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne, including vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. No member of the family ever recalls the parrot hearing it.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ███ ████████, Connecticut, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics distributed to to the █████ family; parrot seized and ensconced in the Site 19 Anomalous Wildlife Habitat.

Event Description: For approximately 12 minutes, all shed human blood within a 15-km radius of ██████, France spontaneously turned into centipedes. All centipedes in the area turned back into blood following the cessation of the event.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ██████, France.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Aerosolized amnestics were deployed over the town. Additional amnestics were distributed to women on menstrual periods during the event, due to extreme emotional distress rendering the aerosolized version ineffective.

Event Description: All written text in the Theater Department at ██████-██ University spontaneously converted to Wingdings. Digital text remained unaffected until printed out. All affected text contained the phrase "You don't need a script to pretend to be someone else, you're doing it right now! ( ・ω・)"
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2014
Location: Staten Island, New York.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics were administered to all students and faculty present. Affected books were incinerated, and are currently being replaced.

Event Description: A translucent digital clock approximately 3 km across appeared in the sky about 1.5 km above the ground. The anomaly counted down from 05:55. It stopped short at 01:13 before disappearing completely.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2006
Location: Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Anomaly was only witnessed by a single fishing trawler. Class C amnestics issued to the entire crew.

Event Description: A single specimen of Dionaea muscipula, better known as the Venus flytrap, expanded to approximately 2.5m tall and consumed a domesticated cat. The specimen expired shortly after and was reported by passing civilians.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ████, ██████ ██████.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics issued to witnesses. Specimen taken for future studying.

Event Description: Ten minutes before opening to the general public, three visit team staff and a security officer at ██████ Museum witnessed a Scutigera coleoptrata specimen, commonly known as a house centipede, emerge from a small drainage pipe in a storage closet. The specimen travelled approximately 1 m before entering a sink u-bend which had been opened for repairs. Specimen was estimated to be over 12 m in length, though of average width and height for its species. Specimen was visible for several minutes after the head portion had entered the u-bend, while the remainder of its body continued to exit the drainage pipe.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ████, Minnesota.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics administered to museum personnel. Facility plumbing was fully examined by foundation personnel, and specimen could not be located. Presumed to have escaped into city sewer network. Communications watch placed on ████ Public Works to monitor for future reports.

Event Description: The Cincinnati metropolitan area and all objects and lifeforms in it became greyscale for approximately 77 hours, starting at approximately 10:00 AM. All humans in the metropolitan area when the change occurred were not aware of the existence of color while the effect persisted. Those who entered the area of effect after the change occurred were not affected, but affected individuals treated them with fear and suspicion. When the change was reverted through unknown means, all individuals within the affected area lost their memories of the event, although those who had left the area of effect before the restoration of color retained their memories.
Date of Occurrence: 3/21/2014 through 3/23/2014
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics administered to individuals who retained memories of the event, and all records of the event destroyed.

Event Description: All weights within the ██████&Son Gym assumed a red coloration for a period of five hours. All the affected weights possessed a white sticker reporting the words "Tired of the old, boring, black weights? (T_T) ██-██ Try the red ones! (*A*) ██-██".
Date of Occurrence: 2014/██/██
Location: Birmingham, England, UK.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-B amnestics were administered to all witnesses. All weights were taken in custody for further studying. Following the event, the objects displayed no apparent anomalous effect. However, closer inspections revealed that the words "Brought to you by the Kobayashi Athletics" were inscribed on the items. All weights were replaced by new ones. The establishment is to be kept under surveillance until 2016/██/██.

Event Description: Two individuals were observed to spend seven hours attempting to move past each other in a narrow hallway before one collapsed from exhaustion, at which point the other decided to take a different route. There is no indication, either from recorded footage of the event or from the testimony of the involved parties, that this was intentional or involuntary.
Date of Occurrence: 2014/██/██
Location: Boston, Massachusetts office of ██████████.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Affected subjects were provided with appropriate medical care and amnestics were administered to all known witnesses. The hallway in question and the affected subjects have shown no anomalous properties before or since.

Event Description: During a public concert in the town of ██████, Georgia, a large number of Procyon lotor (common raccoon) assembled behind the outdoor concert stage, and started constructing an object resembling a shrine out of materials they had collected from various places around the town, including branches, pine cones, fast-food wrappers, old newspaper, and a trash-can lid. After the shrine was constructed, the raccoons proceeded to make motions described by onlookers as "bowing" to the shrine, and then quickly scattered. Upon attempted destruction of the shrine by civilian Joseph ███████, a large and aggressive nursery of raccoons emerged, numbering more than 100 by most witness accounts. The nursery proceeded to assault Joseph ███████, resulting in his death.
Date of Occurrence: █/██/20██
Location: ██████, Georgia, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: All those who witnessed the event given Class-A amnestics. Death of Joseph ███████ covered up with a report of a violent mugging. Concert zone acquired by Foundation under the cover of construction. Shrine destroyed by small explosives from a safe distance under the same cover of construction. Observational post disguised as a bird sanctuary constructed. No other anomalous occurrences to date.

Event Description: All moths in a 5 kilometer radius of a single porch light made their way towards the light and gathered there for an hour. The moths then dispersed into the surrounding area.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ████████, ██
Follow-up Actions Taken: No special actions, due to lack of witnesses at time of event. The area is to be observed for more anomalous activity until 1/1/████.

Event Description: A large, ten-centimeter thick layer of snow suddenly fell over the town of ██████, Massachusetts and coated the entire area. No clouds were visible at the time and despite sudden shifts in supported weight no buildings or structures were damaged.
Date of Occurrence: █/██/1999
Location: ██████, Massachusetts.
Follow-up Actions Taken: A sample of the snow was obtained; it was found to be mundane. All residents of the town administered Class-A amnestics. As the event occurred quickly, very little video footage was captured. However, all documentation of the event has been destroyed.

Event Description: For a period of approximately five hours, ██████ residents of Pompano Beach, Florida and ████ non-residents working in the city, including ██ Foundation employees, experienced a shared hallucination. Interviews with those effected have provided a detailed, highly consistent account of the entire city being transported to the surface of a planet (believed to be Venus), protected by a dome of unknown design. (See Document E-41567-██ for full account.) However, telephone records, security camera feeds and interviews with non-resident non-employees suggest that nothing unusual happened during the time period and that all those affected were present on Earth and went about their business as normal.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2011
Location: Pompano Beach, Florida, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Affected individuals provided with amnestics after interview. Foundation personnel involved in the event have been commended for controlling media coverage. Amnestic treatment has successfully removed memories of the event. Further monitoring is counterindicated.

Event Description: Towards the end of a show, musician █████████████ began sweating profusely. For 6 minutes, the sweat fell to the floor and pooled together, forming into various miniature trains. Following this, the trains rapidly evaporated.
Date of Occurrence: 05/22/2015
Location: ██████, ██, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Witnesses (including the musician) were administered Class-A amnestics. No further action was required, and the show was generally well received.

Event Description: Over an eight-minute period, six hundred and ninety-seven lightning strikes occurred within a twenty-mile wide radius around Faeto, Italy. Meteorological data shows that the locations of these strikes formed a "smiley." At the same time, all drinking water within the settlement was, according to anecdotal evidence, icy cold, scented of strawberries, and could not be boiled or otherwise heated.
Date of Occurrence: 2015/07/01
Location: Faeto, Italy.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Water supplies and meteorological data throughout Apulia to be monitored over a six-month period.

Event Description: Commencing at 07:31, all instances of the Basenji breed of Canis lupus familiaris barked constantly for one minute and forty three seconds. Commencement/cessation of barking was not linked to any external stimuli.
Date of Occurrence: 2015/07/03
Location: Australia.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Fallopia, Agent [REDACTED]'s Basenji, taken for post-anomaly testing. No anomalous activity noted since.

Event Description: At approximately █:26 AM local time, a train bound from █████████ to █████ (hereafter Train-A) collided with an identical train moving along the same line from █████ to █████████ (hereafter Train-B). Of the 56 casualties observed, only 28 civilians were identified. Each civilian was identified twice, with one instance riding Train-A and the other instance riding Train-B. Examination shows that all electronic and time-keeping devices present on Train-B at the time of collision were 9 hours slow. All passengers are confirmed to have been traveling on the route of Train-B 9 hours before the event, though without incident. Temporal interference has been suggested, though the cause is currently unknown and the logical paradox the situation represents has been deemed unsolvable. Whether all civilians involved caught the same train as one another twice consecutively as the result of coincidence or the effect of causal manipulation is unknown. No passengers of either train survived the impact.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2015
Location: ███████████ train line, Victoria, Australia.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All Train-B passengers were removed from the scene and taken into Foundation custody, currently kept in Site-██ cold storage. The ███████████ train line has been put under observation for further extranormal activity over a 6 month period, which is yet uneventful.

Event Description: Starting at 2:22 PM, all users in the ████████ chatroom ceased conversation and began to repeat the phrase "nag gimno bgaithu sa yginno alibgn yamoa gna as ahud ak" at two second intervals. This behavior continued for two hours before ceasing. No users seemed to recall the event, claiming that a regular conversation had occurred. Many users claimed to have closed the chat window or left their computer during the course of the event, despite the fact that their corresponding chat handles continued to repeat the phrase throughout the event. Users who joined the chat room while the event was underway did not participate in the event but did not type anything until after the event was finished.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2015
Location: Computers around the world, most concentrated in the United States.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All screenshots of the conversation were deleted, and the █████████ chatroom has been placed under surveillance for further anomalous behavior.

Event Description: For a period of approximately 3 minutes, no less than 10,000 calls were made to the number 1-800-███-████ for the [REDACTED] for ███. Records indicate that all calls came from a single number and further investigation indicates that the number is currently in use by an employee of the company who did call that day but was held up in the queue. At the 3-minute mark, all calls vanished completely from the queue.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: █████, ██████ ████, Philippines, calls were documented to come from the employee's address in ████, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Call records for the time frame when the calls occurred were expunged from the system and false records inputted during a routine system maintenance the next day. Class-B amnestics were administered to all parties involved while the employee was monitored for the next 3 months but no anomalous activity was noted.

Event Description: At roughly 2:30 PM, sixteen (16) city buses pulled up to a movie theater owned by a private company; all buses were packed full. All people aboard the buses (bus drivers included) as well as the owner of the movie theater shared the same first name: "Greg". Furthermore, the Gregs' all came to the location to see the same movie, "████: ███ █████". Said movie had a Greg starring in the lead role. There was no convention of any sorts occurring at the time in the town, nor any in the world at that time that was summoning people with the name "Greg".
Date of Occurrence: 3/17/199█
Location: Greg's Theater, █████████, Pennsylvania, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Interviews with all 1267 Gregs' involved as well as their families found that this had not been a planned event, and that 97% of all people involved did not know anyone else that had attended prior to the event. No records indicate that there was any advertisements or events that would have sparked such an occurrence. All Gregs' and witnesses involved were given Class-A amnestics. A cover-up story involving a Greg convention was released, and no further incident occurred after cover-up was released. Theater was monitored for two years, but aside from a reduced crime rate for the first two weeks after the event no anomalous activity occurred.
Note: This was easily the most confusing case I've ever had to deal with. -Agent Greg

Event Description: At 8:30 AM local time, a 911 call was made. Said call reported a construction worker had broken his neck. Ambulance arrived three minutes later, and OSWA arrived within twenty minutes. Undercover Agent ████████ was among the OSWA Workers. Investigation found that the construction helmet somehow went from a standard weight of 10 ounces/283 grams to a weight of 37 pounds/16.7 kilograms upon the worker putting it onto his head.
Date of Occurrence: 7/14/2005
Location: A construction site in New York City, New York, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Item confiscated. All personal involved given Class-B amnestics. Broken neck blamed on the worker being hit by a sledge-hammer another worker dropped from the top of the building being worked on.

Event Description: For a period of 15 minutes, numerous small (observed 3-10cm) bubbles of unknown composition were seen floating through the air at an estimated height of 3-5m, spaced 2-3m apart.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2004
Location: Jiangsu Province, China.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Capture of bubbles proved impossible. Interviews with eyewitnesses determined that few considered the event unusual, and many had not even noticed. The total number of witnesses is estimated in the tens of millions, as the event occurred across the entire province, making amnestic delivery unfeasible. Investigating agents discovered a previously unknown variant of SCP-████, enacted first containment of SCP-████, and recontained SCP-███ with minimal effort. It is unknown if these events are related.

Event Description: Report of what appear to be a Panthera tigris sondaica (Javan tiger) sighting in a tiger enclosure in a local zoo located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The tiger appeared to be perfectly healthy, matured and was seen interacting with other tigers and zookeepers in the enclosure. Sighting happens for approximately 1 (one) hour before the tiger spontaneously disappeared. Video footage was able to confirm this.
Date Of Occurrence: 7/14/2015
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All witnesses (including zookeepers) were administered with Class-B Amnestics. Video footage and pictures regarding the sighting destroyed. A cover-up story involving a recent animal relocation have been created. Zoo monitored for future event, but no anomalous event occurred since then.
Note: Panthera tigris sondaica was officially declared extinct in 1993.

Event Description: At 1:23pm, for a period of approximately 10 minutes, organic sweet corn (Zea mays var. saccharata) growing on the T█████ C████ Farm began to spontaneously “pop” as if it were popcorn. According to an interview with the farm owners, the popping began and ended gradually, reaching its peak frequency around the 5-minute mark. Investigations determined that approximately 6,070 square meters (1.5 acres) of corn popped, yielding 38,035 emptied corn cobs and approximately 6,500 kg of popped corn.
Date of Occurrence: 09/09/2015
Location: ██████, Maryland.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Amnestics administered to all witnesses. Affected land was cleaned up and burned, and a cover story was implanted about faulty farm equipment sparking a fire. Popcorn and cobs were transported back to the Foundation and incinerated. Samples of popcorn, cobs, stalks, soil, and surrounding air revealed no unusual properties, and popcorn deemed safe for human consumption. Farm is to be kept under minor surveillance until 2018.
Note: The only type of corn usable as popcorn is Zea mays var. everta. Sweet corn kernels cannot be popped due to their soft hulls.

Event Description: At 4:34 PM, an unidentified man (estimated to be 56 years old) turned into wax and collapsed while riding a crowded city bus. Remains showed no anomalous properties.
Date of Occurrence: 10/15/2015
Location: Cedar Springs, Colorado, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Remains were confiscated, and all witnesses were administered Class-A amnestics. No further action was deemed necessary.

Event Description: For a period of one hour, all dropped objects within the city produced an unidentified male voice imitating the expected sound.
Date of Occurrence: 11/24/2015
Location: Cedar Springs, Colorado, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All recordings of the incident were altered or destroyed, and witnesses were administered Class-A amnestics.

Event Description: All 3██ attendees of Osceola, Tennessee's 3rd Annual Ribfest spontaneously and simultaneously lost consciousness for a period of forty-eight (48) seconds. Upon awakening, all afflicted individuals realized their favorite food was now goat vindaloo, supplanting whatever their previous favorite food had been. Even individuals who had never before sampled goat vindaloo, or demonstrated a poor understanding in interviews of what vindaloo was or what the dish actually consisted of, still continued to insist that goat vindaloo was their favorite food.
Date of Occurrence: 5/10/2016
Location: Osceola, Tennessee, although amnestics were administered to a group of journalists in neighboring Dyersburg, Tennessee to prevent the spread of information regarding the mass fainting incident.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All afflicted attendees and any nearby media personnel were dosed with Class-B amnestics; the amnestics were able to remove memories of the mass fainting episode, but did nothing to change the purported food preferences of those affected. In response, the town council of Osceola voted to cancel their 4th Annual Ribfest. Instead, their 1st Annual Indian Foodfair will take place in summer 2017, exact date TBD. Agents █████████ and ███████████ have been assigned to attend this event in an observational capacity.

Event Description: All black pens in the west wing of Site-24 ran out of ink simultaneously.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20██
Location: West wing of Site-24.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All Foundation personnel switched to blue pens for 24 hours until Agent ██████ got more black pens.

Event Description: At 4:25 p.m of ██/█/19██ all male citizens' voices were altered. All affected voices were audially similar to that of a single eight-year old girl, ████ ██████. Event lasted for three hours before disappearing.
Date of Occurrence: ██/█/19██
Location: ████, █████.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All videos destroyed or altered to suggest the alteration was computer-generated. All witnesses given class A amnestics.
Note: Is there a recording of this? If so I really want a copy. Dr. █████

Event Description: In the span of two minutes, Agent ██████, a newly recruited member of MTF-Zeta-2, received over seven thousand texts from his mother. Most of the texts were nonsensical, consisting of word salad or strings of seemingly random letters. However, several words and phrases were noticeably repeated throughout the texts, including "don't", "why", "not my son", "what did you do" and "it isn't me". Interrogation of Agent ██████'s mother revealed that she had not used her phone that day; however, she reported a stabbing headache around the time the messages had been sent, as well as a sudden, irrational distrust towards Agent █████.
Date of Occurrence: 6/23/2016
Location: Chicago, Illinois.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Both Agent █████ and his mother have been placed under surveillance for further anomalous activity, and Agent █████ has been temporarily removed from MTF-Zeta-2 pending investigation.

Event Description: Approximately 1,000 different specimens of Canis lupus familiaris (domestic dog) capable of verbal communication sprinted down the main street of the town claiming they were "chasing the meat truck". The dogs continued towards the exit of the town and disappeared at its border.
Date of Occurrence: 16/12/████
Location: ██████████, Canada.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All eye-witnesses were given Class C amnestics and surveillance of ██████████ has been placed.

Event Description: For twenty minutes, all the computers in the ████████ High School computer lab began emitting a high pitched noise, causing the rupturing of three fire extinguishers nearby. ██ injured. School was evacuated due to the quickly spreading nitrogen toxification.
Date of Occurrence: 04/26/2013
Location: ████████ High School.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Security recordings wiped, all staff and students given Class B amnestics. Cover story of a earthquake disseminated.

Event Description: Seventeen individuals sneezed in sequence the notes comprising the first two bars of "Deck the Halls".
Date of Occurrence: 19/08/2014
Location: Grand Central Station, New York City, New York, United States.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Given the time of day and number of potential witnesses, amnestic treatment was not recommended for all but affected individuals. Interviews with affected individuals revealed causes ranging from allergies to infections to sunlight as the source of sneezing. No link between individuals was obtained; most considered the event an amusing coincidence. MTF Rho-13 ("YouTube Celebs") deployed online cover-up story claiming the event was an out-of-season test run for a flash mob.

Event Description: Forty-nine fresh human corpses appeared in the master bedroom of a home undergoing construction, during the 30 second duration between the installation of a door in the doorframe, and the opening of the door for the first time. All corpses were of the same individual (identified as former United States Senator Joseph McCarthy, 1908-1957) at different ages, ranging from an estimated 48 years old to a newborn with umbilical cord still attached. Autopsies revealed that the corpses had all died of aortic dissection; aortic damage was identical on each corpse.
Date of Occurrence: 14/11/1999
Location: Donaustadt, Vienna, Austria.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-B amnestics administered to construction personnel; class-A amnestics administered to first responders. Home acquired by Foundation and placed under surveillance; no further anomalous phenomena or properties detected. Corpses taken into custody for analysis; no anomalous properties or phenomena detected; corpses currently maintained in Site-19 low-value storage freezer. Remains of original Joseph McCarthy exhumed and analyzed, and re-interred after no anomalous properties or phenomena detected. Foundation pathologists unable to detect any signs of actual or incipient aortic dissection in remains of original Joseph McCarthy, but emphasize difficulty of detecting such signs in remains which have undergone natural decomposition for over 40 years.

Event Description: A worker at the ████ Chemical Company vomited for four consecutive minutes, producing a total of 15 Craftsman brand ball-peen hammers from his digestive tract. Witnesses say that just prior to the incident, the subject, Z██████ C██████████, complained of abdominal pain. When asked what was wrong, he responded, "It's hammer time" before proceeding to vomit.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2013
Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Physical traces cleaned up before Foundation Agents reached ████ Chemical. Hammers confiscated; no anomalous properties observed. Amnestics administered to all witnesses and Z██████ C██████████'s employment history was scrubbed from the company database. Subject taken into custody and given provisional classification as Anomalous Item S-14005, however extended observation revealed no further anomalies. Subject amnesticized and released on ██/██/2014.

Event Description: Approximately 8.9 million pounds of pie filled George Street of Newnan, Georgia. The pie was in various flavors.
Date of Occurrence: 3/14/15
Location: Newnan, Georgia, George Street.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Physical traces cleaned up, placed in cold storage at Site-24. Amnestics administered to witnesses. Newnan currently under surveillance.
Note: Pies reportedly tasted "elegant and delicious." Pies now available for snacking in the Site-24 break room.

Event Description: Eighty people living in ███████, Poland, immobilized, regardless of what they were doing, for one minute and twenty seconds, with no attempt to “unlock” them working . Three people were wounded when a car crashed on a tree due to the event affecting the driver.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2016
Location: ███████, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics administered to subjects affected and witnesses. No further anomalous phenomena were recorded in the area.

Event Description: All vehicles within a 1 kilometer radius of 23 ██████ St, █████████, West Virginia disappeared for a 12 hour period at 12:00 P.M. At the end of the 12 hour period, all vehicles returned to their position prior to their disappearance. People within vehicles at this time were not recovered.
Date of Occurrence: 04/04/2016
Location: 23 ██████ St, █████████, West Virginia.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics administered to the residents of █████████. Area monitored for further anomalous activity.

Event Description: All electronic devices with a screen (e.g. televisions, laptops) temporarily displayed a broadcast of an unknown (presumably male) individual, clad entirely in dark clothing. Any attempt to change or shut off the device resulted in spontaneous combustion and dissipation into smoke.
Date of Occurrence: 05/04/2015
Location: Westampton, New Jersey.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class B amnestics administered to affected townspeople. All unaffected devices confiscated.

Event Description: Every Sunday for seven consecutive weeks, an unidentified woman gave birth to a baby girl, each time named "Eve". She was later found to have been in seven simultaneous relationships with unrelated men.
Date of Occurrence: 01/04/2011 - 13-05-2011
Location: Kamakura Central Hospital, Japan.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Agents failed to locate the woman, and her personal documents were found to be forgeries.

Event Description: An unauthorized person in his early 20s appeared in Site ██ claiming to be Albert Einstein. DNA testing proved his claim to be true and was placed in temporary containment. Approximately 2 hours later, subject disappeared and was not seen again.
Date of Occurrence: 06/12/2015
Location: Site ██.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All personnel below Level 2 clearance who came into contact with this person were given Class C amnestics.

Event Description: For approximately 17 minutes, an ordinary football (soccer ball) became immobile after it was kicked towards a goalpost by an 11 year old male, becoming suspended approximately 1.2 meters away from the ground. Attempts to move the ball by both the child and their parents were unsuccessful. After the 17 minutes passed, the football resumed its prior trajectory and hit the goal.
Date of Occurrence: 15/03/2015
Location: █████████, Northern Ireland.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Child and parental witnesses were interviewed, administered Class B amnestics. The ball, field and goal were all tested, and no further anomalous properties were found.

Event Description: All cars of every make and model in the █████████ Cinemas Car Park spontaneously levitated 5 metres above the ground for fifteen minutes.
Date of Occurrence: [REDACTED]
Location: Los Angeles, California.
Follow-up Actions Taken: None

Event Description: At 13:47 local time, a shockwave (later confirmed to be a sonic boom) emanating from an aisle in a local ███████ supermarket shattered windows within a radius of approximately 800 metres and caused significant structural damage to the building and nearby objects. At least ███ people were killed, a further ███ injured, and an estimated ███,███ Euro of damages was caused, along with numerous cases of permanent deafness. Upon investigation of CCTV footage, the sonic boom appeared to be caused by an unidentified man in the frozen food aisle sneezing, followed very shortly afterwards by the event. The camera that filmed it was damaged, but responding Foundation personnel confirmed that the man had been killed by the blast.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20██
Location: ██████, Germany.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics distributed. Cover story about a severe car bombing released to the public. Identity of the man causing the event investigated without result. Area monitored until ██/██/20██, with no repeat occurrence.

Event Description: For approximately 5 minutes, all water that emitted from a ████ █████ brand refrigerator in New Bern, North Carolina, turned into a highly corrosive, sand-like substance. The refrigerators seemed unaffected by the substance, as it was able to corrode bone and vital organ tissues, resulting in ██ civilian casualties.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20██
Location: New Bern, North Carolina.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics were distributed to remaining survivors, false memories implanted of deceased, corroded material was linked to a supposed chemical leak.

Event Description: For 10 minutes, the regular level of gravity at New Bern, North Carolina, decreased gradually of that of the moon. The event could be avoided by leaving the town borders.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20██
Location: New Bern, North Carolina.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics distributed to townsfolk, any destroyed items were dismissed as a miniature earthquake

Event Description: For approximately 30 minutes, 500 specimens of the genus Apis (Common Honey Bee), which displayed white and purple stripes, materialized and attacked and killed 5 civilians. The bees were able to phase through solid matter and distribute electrical discharges during stinging periods.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20██
Location: New Bern, North Carolina.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class B amnestics distributed, civilian casualties were dismissed as an accidental electrical discharge by a fallen power line.

Event Description: The town of ████████████, Kansas was found to have completely disappeared on ██/██/20██ after several murders were reported from the town. All records regarding the town were unchanged and all inhabitants were found within ██████, South Dakota.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20██
Location: ████████████, Kansas.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics distributed. Cover story of a mass nuclear power plant failure and subsequent city demolishing was planted.

Event Description: For approximately 1 hour, the population of ████ appeared decapitated to anyone outside city boundaries.
Date of Occurrence █/█/13
Location: ████, Canada.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics distributed, cover story of widespread terrorist-related hallucinogens implanted.

Event Description: a humanoid like creature was seen wandering the national parks for a month, but once seen, the creature would disappear. Undercover field agent L████ was one of those rangers that were called in a report.
Date of Occurrence ██/3/19██-██/4/19██
Location: █████ National Park.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All witnesses but L████ were given Class B Amnestics

Event Description: A very tall humanoid creature (Approximately 2.7 meters) was spotted in ██████ ████████ in what appears to be eating and [DATA EXPUNGED] a child right next to an unknown abandoned industrial factory. It then looked at the person viewing it, dropped the child and ran away extraordinarily quickly into the deep woods.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20█2
Location: Winnipeg, Canada.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class C amnestics distributed. Dispatched MTF to search in the woods. Nothing was found except a small puddle of blood. Area is to be monitored until 2018.

Event Description: Unknown, unidentified humanoid entered Site-19 and acted like a researcher for three hours before being identified as a foreign entity. Subject eliminated by Site-19 guards.
Date of Occurrence: 1█/██/2015
Location: Site-██.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Body maintained in Site-19 cold storage, autopsy revealed no anomalous changes in the body.

Event Description: The ███████ family observed all their children's toys floating for approximately 3 minutes.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2005
Location: ██████, ██████, ████████.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Family administered Class-C amnestics, placed under temporary surveillance.

Event Description: An unidentified man in ████████ Plaza, Chicago, was suddenly decapitated. Witnesses report feelings of tranquility and safety immediately after.
Date of Occurrence: ██/12/2010
Location: ████████ Plaza, Chicago, ████████.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All witnesses given Class-B amnestics, body remanded to Site-12 cold storage. Autopsy revealed no anomalous effects on the corpse.

Event Description: A door in St. ███ ██ ███████, Brazil was observed to open and close unaided for twelve minutes.
Date of Occurrence: 3:04 AM, ██/██/1992
Location: 304 ███████ St. ███ ██ ███████, Brazil.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Witnesses amnesticised, door confiscated and replaced.

Event Description: Every D-class in Cell-Block B disappeared suddenly.
Date of Occurrence: 18:00 Hours, █/1█/19██
Location: Site-19, Cell Block-B.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Cell-Block B monitored and patrolled, personnel report unnatural feelings of suspicion and unease during.

Event Description: 17 residents in ████████ suddenly flew upward with great speed, causing damage to the surrounding area due to wind damage. Mangled, identifiable corpses of affected subjects (likely from friction with wind) later located on Mars's moon, Deimos.
Date of Occurrence: 14:51, ██/█/2011
Location: ████████, Russia.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class B amnestics administered to witnesses, and all residents of ████████ relocated to █████ until the damaged structures have been repaired.

Event Description: All individuals within the town of ██████, Idaho simultaneously became convinced that wheat had gone extinct, and that all living specimens of wheat within the town were an unknown, potentially toxic organism.
Date of Occurrence: 9:30 AM, 5/21/2011
Location: ██████, Idaho.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Town was dusted with Amnestics using a Foundation crop duster plane. All wheat tested within a twenty-kilometer radius showed no anomalous properties, apart from emitting a slightly higher than average amount of radiation, which margin of error was unable to account for.

Event Description: From 10/2/2000 to 10/21/2000, new editions of the newspaper comic strip Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson were printed in the ██████ █████, a newspaper distributed in ██████ County, Maine. The strips depicted a single story arc over the course of its running, in which Calvin's wagon is destroyed, with Hobbes losing an arm in the process. Watterson has not published any new Calvin and Hobbes cartoons since 1995.
Date of Occurrence: 10/2/2000-10/21/2000
Location: ██████ County, Maine.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Editions of the newspaper with the comics printed in them were confiscated, with the archive of the ██████ █████ expunged; all extant editions are archived. The strips were presented to Watterson, who confirmed that the art style, lettering, and signature were all his own, but he had not written or published them. Watterson was administered Class-A amnestics following this.

Event Description: A local lake had a "ghostly hobo" appear asking for money violently and attacking people and starting a fire. Evidence confirmed with 25 camera-view footage.
Date of Occurrence: 8/10/2002-8/25/2002
Location: ██████ County, Ohio.
Follow-up Actions Taken: The area was guarded by 12/5 guards. The town was injected with amnestics from laser-inject.

Event Description: During a performance of As You Like It, all members of the cast and audience emitted a nine-minute long shriek accompanied by applause from the audience. Clapping was vigorous enough that lacerations appeared on the hands of the audience members at five minutes into the event. Lacerations then healed at the conclusion of the event, with the phrase "Nag gimno bgaithu sa yginno alibgn yamoa gna as ahud ak" repeated five times before the event concluded. No individuals in the audience or cast recall their actions; crew members were unaffected, and reported this event.
Date of Occurrence: 7/12/2016
Location: Stratford, Ontario
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Due to the connection to a previously recorded Extranormal Event, an investigation has been opened into the possibility of a recurring phenomenon. All crew members unaffected by the event were given Class-A Amnestics, and monitoring equipment has been set up in all Stratford theaters.

Event Description: At 04:00 in the morning, the head of NYPD officer J. D. Norman spontaneously disappeared. Officer Norman died from blood loss shortly thereafter, and was found dead by his wife an hour later.
Date of Occurrence: 2/3/2017
Location: 261 ███████ Street, New York
Follow-up Actions Taken: Officer Norman's wife and daughter were given Class-A Amnestics, death blamed on a heart attack.

Event Description
During a court hearing, fifty-seven middle-aged females of Arabic descent, all of which missing a limb, stormed ███████ ███████ Justice Department, sang to the lyrics of Jingle Bells for seventeen loops to randomized notes, lined up one by one, and jumped through a non-existent hole in the floor.
Date of Occurrence: █/█/05
Location: , Tennessee
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A Amnestics distributed to witnesses. Ruling delayed for one week.

Event Description: At ██████ █████████ High School, all females in the building simultaneously turned into male walruses for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes had passed, none of the students affected remembered the event.
Date of Occurrence: █/█/05
Location: ██████, Colorado
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A Amnestics distributed to male witnesses.

Event Description: During a birthday party at ████████ Pizza, all the balls in the ball pit at the area exploded, causing ██ casualties. Security camera footage shows that the balls were spat on by an adult in the area before walking off. It is unknown if this is the cause of the explosion.
Date of Occurrence: █/█/25
Location: ██████, California
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A Amnestics were distributed, and a cover story about a gas leak was implanted. A search for the person in the security footage has been started.

Event Description: All light bulbs in the ████ company office building began to emit purple light. Office workers described feeling a sense of euphoria. Light bulbs returned to normal after 30 minutes.
Date of Occurrence: 2/15/200█
Location: ███████████, South Korea.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-A Amnestics were given to office workers. Light bulbs were studied, no anomalies found.

Event Description: The Windows XP computer startup sound suddenly emanated over a town intersection at around 120 dB.
Date of Occurrence: 8/2/2014
Location: Northern Prague, CZ
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A Amnestics remotely administered to everyone 5km from the epicenter.

Event Description: A live Masai Giraffe (Giraffa tippelskirchi) was seen by ██ personnel stationed at Area-██ over the course of three weeks. Specimen evaded all attempts at capture.
Date(s) of Occurrence: ██/██/2016-██/██/2016
Location: Area-██, Palmer Land, Antarctica
Follow-up Actions Taken: Personnel are to remain alert for future appearances.

Event Description: The horns on all of the cars in the ██████ dealership lot simultaneously honked the Tetris Theme for two hours straight, despite the cars being empty. Only people on the lot at the time had a recollection of the event.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20██.
Location: ████████, ██, U.S.A.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All people on the ████████ ██████ dealership lot were given Class C Amnestics. Foundation tracking devices were put into all cars, and dealership and cars are being monitored for further anomalous activity.

Event Description: A first edition copy of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne was suddenly pulled from its shelf, shaken up and down in the air, and violently torn apart by an unseen force.
Date of Occurrence: 10/21/2015
Location: Dr. Roland's Office, Site-19
Follow-up Actions Taken: Remains kept for observation, Dr. Roland moved to new office.
Note: Damn it, that was a Christmas present- Dr. Roland

Event Description: ███ copies of Encyclopedia Britannica fell from the sky, causing ██ injuries and ██ fatalities.
Date of Occurrence: 2/2/1999.
Location: A neighborhood in England.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Neighborhood closed off with a cover story of toxic waste. Survivors treated and given Class B amnestics.

Event Description: Amariah Jo Billings, a resident of Bellefonte Pennsylvania, received a call from a unknown phone number. The number had an area code of 808, indicating a number registered in Hawaii, but no phone with that number has been identified. The caller had a male voice with a distinct South African accent. A transcript of the call, which was discovered via Foundation monitoring of the area, is as follows.

Billings: Hello?

<unknown>: Hello Mom? This is Dad.

Billings: Who is this?

<unknown>: I'm picking up the kids from the tongue. There's some car interference because an Ortorthan regiment ate the road. Be home soon with Son. Bye!

(Call ends.)

Date of Occurrence: 6/18/1997
Location: Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Billings was administered Class-A amnestics and her phone confiscated. Phone was found to be totally non-anomalous. Billings has no connections with the Church of The Second Hytoth.

Event Description: For seventeen seconds, all Internet links would redirect users to the front page of Inter.net
Date of Occurrence: 1/15/2017
Follow-up Actions Taken: Inter.net taken down for the malicious redirecting of users.

Event Description: A minor spacial anomaly occurred where several buildings suddenly imploded, but did not affect civilians within said buildings directly. 8 casualties, and 19 injured due to gravity.
Location: ████████, Russia.
Date of Occurrence: █/██/2016
Follow-up Actions Taken: Aerosolized amnestic gas released throughout ████████, and cover story of terrorist bombing implemented. Due to this being the second extranormal occurrence in ████████, investigation is underway for anomalous objects or persons.

Event Description: At ████, a breakfast themed restaurant, the building suddenly filled with pancake syrup, causing █ casualties and █ injures. Security footage shown that the bathroom door was the source, the door suddenly flipping open as syrup flooded out.
Location: ███████, America.
Date of Occurrence: █/██/2017
Follow-up Actions Taken: Area cleaned out and all witnesses given amnestics. Incident was covered up.

Event Description: At ██:██:██ EST, every human capable of speech stopped speaking, and sang “Because” by The Beatles. Humans incapable of speech hummed the tune to the song. Regardless of previous singing skill, groups of people reportedly sang in “beautiful, perfect harmonies”.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: The Entire Earth
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-E amnestics were administered at key population points across the world. K-Class Media Cover Up Operation (Project “Abbey Road”) put into effect. Shortly thereafter, the Foundation received correspondence from an unknown source.

You are inhibitors of peace and understanding. How can you take something so beautiful and snuff it out like that? You are terrible, and you will be dealt with.

Event Description: A pure black, hostile humanoid figure appeared in █████ park, resulting in █ casualties. The humanoid disappeared after 5 minutes.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ██████ Park, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Area to be monitored until ██/██/2017.

Event Description A girl, █ years of age, rose 3 meters into the air. After 3 seconds of floating, she spontaneously combusted, resulting in █ casualties.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ██████████ Elementary School, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics administered to all persons involved. Cover-up story about gas leak provided. School to be shut down for █ weeks.

Event Description: For a period of thirty minutes, all the students and faculty inside the building of ██████ High School became completely blind, resulting in █ casualties and ██ injuries. The affected individuals regained their vision upon leaving the building.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ███████████, Missouri.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-B amnestics administered to all surviving individuals. Security camera recordings during the time were destroyed, and replaced with video recording from the previous week. The deaths and injuries were explained by publishing an article in a newspaper, pinning the blame on a mass suicide.

Event Description: All humans within a 17 kilometer radius became unable to recall events from the past two hours. A number of people were found to be missing from the area, and all images of notable political figures were in some way defiled or altered.
Date of Occurrence: 12:00-14:00, ██/██/████
Location: ████████, England
Follow-up Actions Taken: Majority of altered images replaced with replicas, cover stories fabricated for missing persons. Class-C amnestics were administered to residents via water supply, under the cover story of a chemical waste spillage.

Event Description: All television screens, digital ad screens, and electronic devices in New York City suddenly started playing a video of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."
Date of Occurrence: 5/15/2009.
Location: New York, NY.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics sprayed by helicopter. NYC electronics monitored for further anomalous activity.

Event Description: A man exploded into several thousand two rupee coins while boarding a train. All coins were dated to 2011 and were in mint condition. Witnesses reported that the man had looked ill before hand, as if he was suffering from motion sickness.
Date of Occurrence: 4/27/2012
Location: Canacona Train Station, Canacona, Goa, India
Follow-up Actions Taken: All witnesses administered Class-A Amnestics; all coins collected for observations.

Event Description: The top two-thirds of the Eiffel Tower suddenly toppled forwards, before instantaneously correcting itself to its original position just before making contact with the ground.
Date of Occurrence: 3/11/2013
Location: Paris, France
Follow-up Actions Taken: Everyone present was administered Class-B Amnestics. No further actions needed.

Event Description: The leaning Tower of Pisa became straight for a few seconds and turned into a stack of giant pizzas. After a few seconds, the tower went back to its original form and "leaning" position.
Date of Occurrence: 02/02/2017.
Location: Pisa, Italy.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All witnesses given Class A amnestics. Hidden cameras placed near tower to monitor it for further anomalous activity.

Event Description: All bars and bottles of soap in a Bath and Body Works store simultaneously exploded. Remaining soap then coagulated to form a vaguely humanoid shape measured to be 12 meters tall.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
Follow-up Actions Taken: As the store was closed at the time of the event, amnestics were only provided to store staff. The store was sanitized, and merchandise was re-organized and restocked. A one pound sample of soap was taken and analyzed, but showed no anomalous properties.

Event Description: A 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl's hands and feet got stuck, as if they were glued together. The two kids then got stuck together for a few minutes, before getting unstuck.
Date of Occurrence: 6/11/2017.
Location: A house in Ashburn, VA, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: The kids, as well as all witnesses, were given Class B Amnestics. House monitored for further anomalous activity.

Event Description: A copy of the game "Mario Party 8" was found in the dining area of site 34. When the game was removed from the room, the full soundtrack of "Mario Party 7" was played over the on site speakers at 62 decibels for 2 hours, and could not be turned off.
Date of Occurrence: 1/██/████
Location: Site 34, dining area.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Disc confiscated and discarded after 2 hour song was played. The disc seemed to have no anomalous properties, other than a relatively high amount of gamma radiation. No traces of any perpetrator have been found.
Note: Shouldn't the speakers have played the Mario Party 8 soundtrack? - Dr. Walls

Event Description: When watching the camera in site ██ a hexagon shape came out of nowhere, floating for 5 seconds. This shape was blue and very shiny, and almost seemed to produce light.
Date of Occurrence: 6/15/2017
Location: Site ██ D class cells
Follow-up Actions Taken: When talking to one of the doctors passing by while the event happened, he claimed to see nothing, we think this might be a system flaw, but the shape cast a shadow. We will be looking at this even more.

Event Description: An antique telephone switchboard in the ██ ████ █████ Coffeehouse began ringing at 1:55pm local time, at a volume of approximately 20 decibels. This continued for 22 minutes, despite the switchboard not being connected to any power source. During this time, all patrons of the coffee house were seen to be wearing clothing and speaking varieties of English appropriate to the time period circa 1938-1948. At 2:17pm local time, the switchboard stopped ringing, and all patrons returned to normal.
Date of Occurrence: 6/26/2017
Location: Longmont, Colorado, United States.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All patrons present during the event were given Class B Amnestics. Switchboard in question was taken by Foundation agents, but a close examination revealed no anomalous properties.

Event Description: Every figure depicting spiritual entities worshipped by the Chinese Folk Religion within 12 (twelve) kilometers of █████████ Temple within the municipality of ███████, Taiwan became independently animated for a period of ██ minutes and 48 seconds. Actions of eating and drinking of offerings and speaking (albeit no noises were observed to have emanated), were noted by Foundation assets. No communication with animated figures within the duration of the anomalous occurrence was achieved. No re-occurrence was observed since.
Date of Occurrence: 07/██/2017
Location: ███████, Taiwan.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Procedure "Sutra Reading" was taken by the Chinese Foundation branch. Class-B amnestics were administered via Aerosol within places of worship amongst large amounts of witnesses. Media coverup was enacted, stating that all video recordings were a part of a publicity stunt, faked via means mass CGI production.

Event Description: A Witter-Myers memetic kill agent appears on the front page of popular internet forum ██████.███ along with the caption: "Click here to die instantly". Post is taken down by Foundation AI ALST-35 after 28 seconds. Eight (8) known casualties.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2017
Location: N/A
Follow-up Actions Taken: Servers seized and website taken down temporarily. Deaths explained as brain aneurysms. The original posters account has been deleted and the IP address is being monitored for further activity.

Event Description: For 2 hours and 17 minutes, all personnel at Site-54 reported heavy breathing on the back of their necks. Any attempts to view the source had resulted in the breathing cease momentarily, before continuing behind them. Three D-Class vanished at 2 hours and 13 minutes before all anomalous breathing ceased.
Date of Occurrence: █/██/2017
Location: Site-54
Follow-up Actions Taken: All personnel administered Class-A amnestics.

Event Description: Roughly 21,300 residents of Los Angeles, California received a .mp3 file via unknown method titled "20170815_002538." The audio consisted of an unknown metallic clanking, a shuffling sound, and breathing. Towards the end, a young, faint female voice proclaims "Hello, [UNINTELLIGIBLE]," before the audio cuts out. The owner of said voice has not been identified.
Date of Occurrence: 8/16/2017
Location: Los Angeles, California
Follow-up Actions Taken: All copies of the file were deleted remotely besides one, stored in a USB drive in Site-19. Class-A amnestics administered.

Event Description: An open-casket funeral held for Mr. ███████ Milbourne at ██████████ Funeral Home. No anomalous events were viewed or reported during the entire service, but all video recordings of the funeral (two (2) commercial camcorders and three (3) smartphones) viewed after calling hours revealed the body of Mr. Milbourne sitting up in his casket and looking around, angrily belittling and insulting nearby attendees of the funeral, accompanied by rude gestures and noises, such as blowing raspberries. During the eulogy (delivered by Mr. Milbourne's brother-in-law), Mr. Milbourne's body makes several sarcastic comments, the majority of which involve repeating spoken lines in a mocking tone.
Date of Occurrence: 8/05/2016
Location: Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
Follow-up Actions Taken: All attendees administered Class-A amnestics. Recording devices seized for study, but were revealed to have no anomalous properties when recording funerals, corpses, or other subject matter related to the event. Past recordings are found to be non-anomalous. Witnesses interviewed before amnesiac administration described Mr. Milbourne as a "very polite and soft-spoken man" when he was alive.

Event Description: During the 2017 Solar Eclipse, whilst in totality, a reported "Heavenly Choir" was heard. This continued until totality ended. The sound followed the eclipse until it had finished.
Date of Occurrence: 8/21/2017
Location: United States
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-A amnestics administered in water supply in affected areas.

Event Description: A webcam stream opened on the online adult streaming website ██████████, starring an animated character identical to the character Haruhi Suzumiya from the Japanese light novel series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, who acted in an evidently non-scripted manner.
Date of Occurrence: 08/23/2017
Location: N/A
Follow-up Actions Taken: 4 minutes and 35 seconds after the stream began, it was detected by a Foundation web browser, who immediately blocked the site from non-Foundation users, and an interrogation followed, revealing that the anomaly appeared to have no knowledge of its animated nature, and believed itself to be the character of Haruhi Suzumiya. The chat room closed 16 minutes and 11 seconds after starting. The chat room is deleted from the site, and Class-A amnestics are administered to the 41 people who viewed the event.

Event Description: The ambient temperature in Room 332B (a conference room on the campus of the University of ██████) has matched the ambient temperature at that same time in Dasht-e Lut, Iran for an extended period of time. This phenomenon persists without regard to the ambient temperature in the locality surrounding Room 332B. Heating and cooling equipment in Room 332B do not affect the ambient temperature there.
Date of Occurrence: Ongoing since 08/25/2017
Location: United States
Follow-up Actions Taken: Room taken out of service. Since the temperature in Dasht-e Lut is normally uncomfortably hot, the room is unsuitable for conference room purposes.

Event Description: For a period of five minutes, all the students in the dorms of the ██████ ██████ School for Disabled Students became completely cured of their disabilities. They forgot the incident after the five minute period, but had sent texts to each other stating what happened.
Date of Occurrence: █/█/████
Location: ███████, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics administered to all students, staff, and those contacted during the five minute period. All phones involved were wiped of their memory. Two Class Cs posted inside the school.

Event Description: All personnel, including D-Class and sentient scips, within Site-10 suddenly felt as if something important had just happened. Subjects reportedly felt disappointed that they missed the imaginary event.
Date of Occurrence: █/██/████
Location: Site-10.
Follow-up Actions Taken: The event was catalogued and personnel continued with their activities. Research Assistant Gray refused to believe that the event had "passed", and attempted to leave the site without proper authorization. He was reprimanded and placed into a briefing room until on-site medical staff could arrive. Research Assistant Gray reportedly vanished from the room, with a sticky note left behind on his computer monitor reading; "FUCK YOU ALL. IM GONNA SEE IT, AND YOURE ALL JUST BUTTHURT!!!! [sic]". Research Assistant Gray is still missing. Security tapes taken from within the briefing room when Assistant Gray was present started to malfunction. The security tape eventually ended, and the security camera was found on the floor in disrepair. It is unknown how Assistant Gray escaped the briefing room, as two guards were stationed outside.

Event Description: Agent ████████ observed travelling group consisting of one male and seven females carrying large burdens, accompanied by thousands of (primarily juvenile) felines.
Date of Occurrence: 02/28/20██
Location: West Cornwall Coast Road, 1.8km from St. Ives
Follow-up Actions Taken: Inquires conducted among local populous. The ultimate origin and destination of the group remain unknown.

Event Description: Something may have happened. I don't know what, but something happened. A baby bird may have fallen from the nest, a man may have been subject to bloody murder. But we just don't know. But something did happen, I can tell you that much…
Date of Occurrence: I can't quite put my finger on it.
Location: I cannot recall.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: The world is dying; the sky has turned to murky smog, pugnacious dictators rule the globe. Yet we sit back and laugh at the destruction and poverty. Yet there are some who recognize the sacrifices needing to be made.
Men are herded like animals, and fed to monsters and objects of all types,
Cruel, watchful eyes scan the horizon, sending out soldiers to secure the object and abduct the poor souls that had seen it,
They needlessly redact every word, every number, and every piece of data that is deemed unfavorable to their leaders,
Yet, they have kept the world whole. For every drop of blood, and for every tear, a life is saved. For every field of damned men, a threat is contained. They are our white knights, yet they slaughter all who get in the world's way.
And we thank you. We thank you so dearly. We thank the prisoners, the victims, the fighters, and the administrators for their bravery. None of us are victims, yet we deny that fact. But our saviors openly embrace it, slitting the throats of the refugees just to save us.
Yet we will still perish…

Event Description: Various humanoid entities resembling actor Harrison Ford forcefully emerged from the stomachs of 23 cows. Upon retrieving each instance, each of them said the phrase, "I thought they smelled bad on the outside".
Date of Occurrence: 8/14/2017
Location: A farm in Napa Valley, California.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Each instance died within 2 weeks of retrieval. The corpses were incinerated.

Event Description: All light sources within 4 feet of Doctor █████ became human skulls. The DNA of these skulls corresponds to that of Doctor ██████. The size of each skull varied, independent of the light source in question. It appears that only the generators of light (light bulbs, etc.) within each light source turned into said skulls.
Date of Occurrence: 8/19/2017
Location: Site-19 Mess Hall.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Skulls were destroyed and Doctor █████ was moved to Site-███ for research purposes.

Event Description: For a twenty-four hour and forty minute period (equivalent to a single Martian Sol), all data transmitted from active Mars rovers Curiosity and Opportunity showed Mars as having an Earth-like atmosphere. Footage from the respective cameras of the rovers showed the Martian surface covered in a black, moss-like biomass, with free-flowing water. A group of unknown, seemingly amphibian organisms was observed by Curiosity during this time. Neither the ESA's Mars Express or NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiters observed any anomalies during this period.
Date of Occurrence: 27-28/5/2016
Location: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California
Follow-up Actions Taken: Foundation assets within NASA seized all data recorded during this period, as well as four hours before and after. Missing data covered up as a signal interruption due to a day-long dust storm, and amnestics administered to those who directly observed the phenomenon.

Event Description: Despite continuous motion, the E train on the MBTA's Green Line took four hours to travel between Park Street and Boylston station, two consecutive stops with an approximate five-minute travel time. Upon the train's arrival, all speakers within Boylston station broadcasted the words "Poor Charlie", spoken by an unidentified feminine voice.
Date of Occurrence: 11/09/2016
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Follow-up Actions Taken: Event was contained in-progress, due to multiple calls to emergency services from passengers on the train; line was shut down for emergency maintenance. Upon the train's arrival, all passengers were administered amnestics, and video recordings of the event were confiscated. Surveillance in the Boston area increased for the next calendar year.

Event Description: So, like, my friend John literally turned into a truck. Like, totally rad, dude… woah…
Date of Occurrence: Like, three hours ago, or something. Seriously he can, like, drive me around. It's so cool…
Location: The parking lot of, like, Site-19…
Follow-up Actions Taken: [FIELD LEFT BLANK]
Notice from Site Director Bright: Here's the reason why this was kept on the list; upon further investigation, it was discovered that this 'report' was posted by an invalid IP address. Not only that, but it wasn't even an IP address. Just a jumble of random letters and numbers. We're still trying to figure out how this was posted, and why. And, yes, John is still missing. And so is Doctor Hurling's truck.

Event Description: My teacher didn't give us homework today… I don't know how to feel…
Date of Occurrence: 11/20/17
Location: Foundation Training Facility
Follow-up Actions Taken: I am calling in sick tomorrow.
NOTE: Homework is regularly assigned. Like, everyday. For some reason, my teacher didn't today… Is it some secret plot to take over the world? Are they going to start with a classroom and then the next day take over the world?

Event Description: Almost all individuals which attended the funeral of Roger Kroppermann, a resident of ██████, Utah, died of asphyxiation within an eight-month period following his internment. The sole survivor suffered severe brain injuries as a result of extended oxygen deprivation.
Date of Occurrence: 23/09/2010-29/04/2011
Location: Phenomenon originated in ██████, Utah; deaths occurred in three other cities in the south-western United States.
Follow-up Actions Taken: The last surviving individual of the funeral party died three hours prior to the Foundation being able to establish protective custody. Kroppermann's remains were exhumed, and it was found that both hands were missing from the cadaver, removed post-burial. As of November 2017, the whereabouts of Kroppermann's hands remain unknown.

Event Description: After complaining of stomach pains, male student ██████ ████████ vomited up a human infant. The infant was a healthy female and was connected via umbilical cord to ████████'s stomach lining. DNA testing indicated that ████████ was the child's father, but a mother could not be located.
Date of Occurrence: 2014-03-11
Location: ██████████████ Realschule, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Follow-up Actions Taken: The child was recovered and moved to Site-06-3 for observation. Class-A amnestics were administered to all witnesses. ████████ was placed under five-year observation period; no new anomalies have been discovered so far.

Event Description: Unidentified figure appeared inside of a psychiatric facility. Security cameras captured the figure for approximately seventeen seconds as it seemingly searched for something before the figure nodded to itself and disappeared. Eye witnesses report varying details on the figure, with the only common description being that the figure had 'glowing violet eyes' and a white woolen scarf obscuring its facial features.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2017
Location: ████████ ████ Mental Institute, PA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Footage seized and premises searched, amnestics administered to key witnesses.

Event Description: A man's salivary glands spontaneously began to produce an estimated 3 liters of saliva per minute. This was sufficient to cause death by drowning within seven minutes; the effect ceased upon death.
Date of Occurrence: 2015-09-19
Location: Nishio, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Follow-up Actions Taken: The body was recovered and placed in cold storage in Site-██ for observation; the death was blamed on a car accident. Class-A amnestics were administered to all witnesses.

Event Description: Several thousand Coccinella septempunctata (more commonly known as the seven-spotted ladybug) specimens swarmed and attacked a woman, eventually consuming most of the flesh on her body and leaving only a skeleton. The insects then underwent spontaneous combustion.
Date of Occurrence: 2015-07-18
Location: Fairford, Gloucestershire, England
Follow-up Actions Taken: A cover story of a house fire was blamed for the fatality; all witnesses were administered Class-A amnestics.

Event Description: All photographs, both digital and physical, were altered to include an image of Bahamian-American actor Sidney Poitier at various stages of his life and participating in the actions depicted in the photographs. Poitier's age corresponded with the age of the youngest depicted person in the photograph.
Date of Occurrence: 2016-02-20
Location: Site-17, [REDACTED]
Follow-up Actions Taken: All photographs were confiscated and replaced with altered versions or versions that had been off site during the event. Digital backups of the originals are stored on the Site-15 archives.

Event Description: Forty-three (43) humanoid individuals, each one resembling a United States president, poured out of a supply closet in the Joint Security Area of the Korean Demilitarized Zone. All individuals remained silent until they all gathered in the MAC Conference Building, where they stood in a unorganized cluster while loudly repeating the phrase "blah blah blah", all out of sync with one another. These individuals went unnoticed by the guards in the area for seventeen (17) minutes before one guard in the room suddenly screamed and proceeded to open fire on the group in a panic, killing approximately seven (7) of them and sending the rest scattering, none of which bled from their wounds. Other guards rushed into the room, but seemed to take no notice of the anomalous humanoids, instead choosing to restrain the panicked guard. The escaped humanoids all ran back into the same supply closet from which they had previously appeared.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2017
Location: Demilitarized Zone, Korea
Follow-up Actions Taken: Amnestics administered to all guards involved. Security footage removed with edited versions replaced. Supply closet was found to have no anomalous properties. Corpses of "presidents" removed for study. Autopsies revealed all individuals were biologically human, but were completely lacking blood. DNA failed to match with any others on record, including those of the presidents they resembled (Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump).

Item #: All digital documents within Doctor Kip's possession suddenly reformatted themselves to display an incorrect format. Upon attempting to fix the files, they would immediately re-format themselves afterward. This effect lasted for four hours before said documents reverted back to their previous state, although some documents are still currently affected.
Object Class: 18/11/2017
Special Containment Procedures: Doctor Kip's laptop, Site-17 office complex.
Description: Several backup files were created by Doctor Graham in case this event re-occurred and said files were unretrievable.
Note: It is worth noting that this event report was written by Doctor Kip. — Doctor Graham

Event Description: For 30 minutes, whenever a joke was told and poorly received, the individual telling the joke would be sent a text message within 20 seconds of the incident. All text messages contained the same image.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2017
Location: ████████, TX
Follow-up Actions Taken: All images pertaining to the event have been sent to Site-551 for research, and all affected citizens have been administered amnestics. The image involved in the event can be found here.

Event Description: -.-. .- -. .- -. -.-- --- -. . .... . .- .-. ..- ... ..--.. - .... .. ... .. ... ... .. - . -.. .. .-. . -.-. - --- .-. -- --- -. ... --- -. --- ..-. ... .. - . -....- ..... ..... --..-- - .... . . -. - .. .-. . ... .. - . .... .- ... ..- -. -.. . .-. --. --- -. . ... . ...- . .-. . ... .--. .- -.-. .. .- .-.. .-. . ... - .-. ..- -.-. - ..- .-. .. -. --. --..-- .- -. -.. .... .- ... - ..- .-. -. . -.. .. -. - --- .- -. --- .-.. -.. ... ..- -... -- .- .-. .. -. . .-.-.- .-- . ' .-. . .- .-.. .-.. ... - ..- -.-. -.- .. -. .... . .-. . --..-- .. -.. --- -. ' - -.- -. --- .-- .... --- .-- .-- . .... .- ...- . -. ' - - ..- .-. -. . -.. .. -. - --- --. --- --- .--. --..-- .. - ' ... ... --- .--. .- -.-. -.- . -.. .-.-.- .. .- -- ... . -. -.. .. -. --. - .... .. ... --- ..- - - .... .-. --- ..- --. .... - .... . ... --- ... ... -.-- ... - . -- --..-- .. - ' ... -.. .. ... .--. .-.. .- -.-- .. -. --. -- .. -.-. .-. --- .-- .- ...- . ... .. --. -. .- .-.. ... - .... .- - ... .... --- ..- .-.. -.. -... . -.. .. ... .--. .-.. .- -.-- .. -. --. -- --- .-. ... . -.-. --- -.. . .-.-.-
Date of Occurrence: . -.. --- -. ' - -.- -. --- .-- --..-- - .. -- . -- --- ...- . ... ... .-.. --- .-- .-.. -.-- .... . .-. . .-.-.-
Location: ... .. - . -....- ..... ..... --..-- .. - .... .. -. -.- --..-- .. -.. --- -. ' - -.- -. --- .-- .-.-.-
Follow-up Actions Taken: .--. .-.. . .- ... . ... . -. -.. .... . .-.. .--. --..-- .-- . .... .- ...- . -. --- ..-. --- --- -.. --- .-. .-- .- - . .-. --..-- .. ... - .... .. ... .--. ..- -. .. ... .... -- . -. - ..-. --- .-. ... --- -- . - .... .. -. --. .-- . ' ...- . -.. --- -. . ..--..

Event Description: Dr. Westrin was found dead in his apartment building from an unknown cause. 3 days after he was regarded officially dead by the Foundation and condolences were sent to his family, Dr. Westrin returned to Site-551 with no memory of what occurred, claiming that he was "having a really good nap."
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2017
Location: ██████, Nebraska, US.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Dr. Westrin was put under observation for 4 weeks for further anomalous phenomena, and was reinstated into the Foundation when none were found. His family was given Class B amnestics.

Event Description: All cutlery within the the town starting singing songs from the children's movie Beauty and the Beast.
Date of Occurrence: ██/13/2015.
Location: █████, Kansas, US.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class B amnestics were given as vaccines to the residents of the town. Area under surveillance until 2020.

Event Description: ████████ ███-██████, a woman admitted to an emergency room in ██████, Louisiana for injuries sustained during a car crash, entered labor despite showing no signs of pregnancy prior to admission. A cesarean section was performed, and the subject's uterus was found to contain a small litter of Siamese kittens.
Date of Occurrence: 2/19/1992
Location: ██████, Louisiana
Follow-up Actions Taken: Reports of the event in the media suppressed as a hoax. ███-██████ and all medical personnel who witnessed the event administered Class-A amnestics. Kittens entered Foundation custody, and have shown a decreased rate of aging, currently possessing biology consistent with a three-year-old cat, despite being over twenty-five years of age as of 2017.

Event Description: While working on a group project for a drama class, the individual who would later be known as agent ██████ mentioned movie director Henry Selick. Approximately ten seconds afterward, no individual participating in the conversation could remember this name, despite retaining memory of the circumstances under which it had been brought up.
Date of Occurrence: 12/██/████
Location: ██████, California
Follow-up Actions Taken: None. All witnesses naturally wrote the event off as a "shared brain fart."
Note: Good thing the potential for this being an anomaly occurred to me in retrospect, or we would never have known about it.—Agent ██████

Event Description: All writing utensils within the J. Edgar Hoover Building disappeared over a six-hour period. A search of the building the following morning found all missing items embedded point-first in the ceiling of a disused office in the basement, arranged in a long, disk-like shape.
Date of Occurrence: 1993-9-10
Location: J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Items were returned to their respective owners, and the event was written off as an elaborate prank by the janitorial staff. Members of the Unusual Incidents Unit headquartered within the building were instructed to monitor the building for further anomalies for a five-year period.

Event Description: A family of three appeared to create a makeshift religion after their cereal boxes gained human legs and arms. The religion was centered around the worship of these breakfast cereals. After extensive research, it was revealed that the family had also given the cereals new names, including Narroct, Lord of the Beehive (Honey-Nut Cheerios), The Pirate and the Sea (Captain Crunch) and The Twins of Rock, Coco and Fruity (Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles respectively). The family members had no recollection of the event after three days when the limbs demanifested.
Date of Occurrence: 9/16/████ - 9/19/████
Location: █████████, New Mexico
Follow-Up Actions Taken: All cereal items belonging to the family were confiscated, and Class A Amnestics were administered. The cereals have been sent to Site-551 due to potential anomaly.

Event Description: ███-██ ████, a 22-year-old college student, was found dead in the kitchen area of her apartment. All skin save ears, eyelids, nose and lips had been removed from the body, cut into 20 cm x 8 cm pieces and stacked neatly beside it. A 20 cm chef's knife belonging to ████ was found on the nearby counter top, piercing through a 2 cm thick solid wood cutting board and partially embedded into the linoleum beneath. In an interview, ████'s roommate and partner, ██-██ ███, said ████ had been preparing vegetables for dinner. ███ left the kitchen and returned less than a minute later to find the body, having heard nothing out of the ordinary.
Date of Occurrence: 05/09/2016
Location: Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Body, skin, knife and cutting board confiscated and placed in storage. No anomalies detected. Amnestics administered to ████'s family and ███. Death covered up as a suicide.

Event Description: Surveillance camera staff at the natural reserve near Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires City, Argentina, saw what appeared to be the same man in two different parts of the park at the same time, apparently mirroring each other's movements despite the lack of line of sight between the two. The individuals then disappeared into the brush. People in the reserve at that time talked about a weird man talking to himself about the '████ing Paraguayans" before walking off-road.
Date of Occurrence: 01/██/2018
Location: Natural reserve, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic.
Follow-up actions taken: Surveillance tapes of the strange men confiscated, surveillance staff administered Class-B Amnestics, two (2) Foundation agents disguised as birdwatchers assigned to the park to look for possible developments.

Event Description: Thirty people within the 30th Street Station had their clothing instantaneously switched with that of another person.
Date of Occurrence: 2017-03-04
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Follow-up Actions Taken: All witnesses were administered Class-A Amnestics, and security footage was confiscated. All articles of clothing were taken for observation and replaced with duplicates. Investigations revealed no connections between the thirty affected individuals aside from their presence in the station at the time of the event.

Event Description: For 27 minutes and 39 seconds, all shredded lettuce within fifteen different ██████ ████ fast food restaurants suddenly turned into human foot fungus. This effect did not occur to lettuce in any other ██████ ████ restaurants, or to any lettuce that was on food ordered through the drive-thru window. Consumption of fungus was reported to lead to an unnatural case of the chills. After the 27:39 duration, the uneaten fungus turned back into lettuce.
Date of Occurrence: 11/11/2017
Location: 15 different ██████ ████ restaurants, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All employees and customers in the restaurants at the time were administered Class-A Amnestics. A sample of the lettuce was collected and sent to Site 4-████ for examination, but no anomalous effects were found.

Event Description: An intestinal tumor located in the body of Grover ███████, a 52-year-old man from Des Moines, Iowa, is found to contain an entire secondary brain, including medulla, pituitary gland, and part of a spinal cord. DNA from the brain does not match that of Mr. ███████, and is currently believed to belong to a twelve year-old girl who vanished from Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1992.
Date of Occurrence: 04/05/2010
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Doctors involved with the surgery amnesticized. Mr. ███████ died following the surgery. Despite several autopsies and examinations, no definitive cause of death has been determined. His cadaver, as well as the brain excised from his stomach, remain in cold storage.

Event Description: $237,981 appeared to have manifested simultaneously, spread across various countries on flat surfaces at approximately $1.3 per square kilometer. This money changed to a different currency depending on the country it manifested within.
Date of Occurrence: 5/9/2014
Location: World wide.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: None, due to the very obscure nature of the event, and that 87% of all the manifested money was made unusable from external forces.

Event Description: The PA system in a Giant Eagle supermarket announced, "Attention Giant Eagle shoppers: the ritual will now commence," whereupon all individuals within the store stopped what they were doing and hummed an intricate series of notes for approximately five minutes. After another tone, the humming ceased and all affected individuals resumed their business as though nothing had occurred.
Date of Occurrence: 10/10/2014
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Event would not have come to Foundation attention if not for discovery on security footage during in-store theft investigation. Individuals affected during event have no memory thereof. As such, it has been determined that attempting to identify and interview each person visible on the tape is unfeasible. Videos confiscated, amnestics administered to store staff, and Foundation agents stationed at Giant Eagle supermarkets to monitor for future events or signs of PA system tampering.
Update: As of 27/04/2016, surveillance of Giant Eagle stores has produced no further evidence of anomalous activity. Agents recalled.

Event Description: Every human on earth simultaneously blinked. During the event ███ people disappeared.
Date of Occurrence: 3/5/18
Location: Earth
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Various cover up stories to explain missing persons.
Note: Blinking caused a minor containment breach at various sites due to SCPs pertaining to line of sight

Event Description: Between 16:00:04 UST and 19:53:02 UST, black hole Cygnus X-1 underwent a series of rapid fluctuations in registered x-ray flux density, up to 194.2% of the normal value. When converted into Morse Code, the fluctuations spelled out an expanded, 2018 updated version of the 1988 book A Brief History of Time by the recently deceased physicist Stephen William Hawking. Analysis shows the writing style of the updates to be consistent with that of the original author.
Date of Occurrence: 3/14/18
Location: Cygnus X-1
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Non-Foundation observers were administered Class-A Amnestics, and the observation data in question was covered up. Cygnus X-1 is to be monitored for further anomalies. Whether to release the book under an appropriate cover story is currently under debate.

Event Description: For 5 hours, all animals under the genus Bos became antimemetic. During this time, the word "cow" replaced the term "pattern screamer". Shortly after the event, Dr. Kuzkin began screaming the word "cow" in his sleep. This activity lasted for 6 minutes before Dr. Kuzkin woke up.
Date of Occurrence: 8/29/2018
Location: Worldwide.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Dr. Kuzkin was given the proper medical attention shortly after the event. No further actions were needed, as it seems all human life cannot remember this event occurring. As such, this event was able to be recorded using SCP-████.

Event Description: Several handheld radios from MTF units started transmitting from various locations despite no MTF units active or present in the area. Each transmitted with the following callsigns: Z9-1, Z9-2, Z9-3, Z9-BETA1, Z9-BETA4, Y24-2, Y24-CAP, 09-BRAVO. All were unresponsive to contact, but screaming, yelling(the subject of black mass, black leeches, and a bright light), audible sobbing("They got Randall" and "God save us" were only intelligible), and "It's not cold anymore. Its not water anymore, either. And there is no longer a snake in my head." is heard.
Date of Occurrence: 12/27-28/17, 3/15/18 (7:43-7:58 AM)
Location: Central Europe, mainly in the Swiss and Austrian Alps.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Channels closed off temporarily for sake of research. After 90 days, no anomalous activity was reported or heard, and channel reopened for Foundation use. Anomalous activity repeated on 3/15/18 for 15 minutes, see update.
Update(3/15/18): An additional transmission was received on a secure Foundation frequency, and had no Foundation callsign. Speaker is an unidentified female voice; dialogue is as follows: "Sorry about that a month-ish ago. Don't worry. In fact, you'll all see them again soon. Tell their families that, too. You'll see them soon." Voice did not respond to any attempts to communicate.
Note: See if it corresponds to any MTF unit logs. Or MTF operator deaths. Or something. Just find out who those voices belonged to. -Agent ████

Event Description: All water in the Samur River was converted to human blood for four days. All water which flowed into the river was converted into blood, and all blood which flowed out of the river was converted to water.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2018-██/██/2018
Location: Samur River, Russia and Azerbaijan
Follow-up Actions Taken: Amnestics were dispersed aerially through the nearby village of
Samurçay following completion of event. DNA analysis of collected blood compared against the Foundation database identified all blood as originating from one Joshua Havaldar, a 34-year-old Indian-American man living in San Francisco. He was unable to provide information on the event, but did report feeling light-headed at several points in the week leading up to the event. Mr. Havaldar was administered Class-A Amnestics following interview. Both the Samur River and Mr. Havaldar are currently under a standard five-year monitoring period.

Event Description: A small canoe in the Mississippi River was consumed whole by a Carcharocles megalodon, along with its two occupants. Carcharocles megalodon has been extinct for 2.6 million years, and the river in question is much too shallow to contain a creature of that size.
Date of Occurrence: 02/14/2018
Location: Undisclosed location on the Mississippi River, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Amnestics were administered to witnesses, and a cover-up story was circulated claiming the canoe occupants were intoxicated and capsized their vessel accidentally. A task force was sent to locate and capture Carcharocles megalodon, but all attempts to locate the specimen failed.

Event Description: All objects within a recreational park spontaneously began to ricochet at speeds of 0.7 m/s, each increasing by about 0.3 m/s for each impact with a surface or object such as the ground and other affected objects, with the highest speed being nearly 19 m/s. Objects such as benches, pieces of pavement and tree bark and lamp posts continued ricocheting for 1 minute and 17 seconds before suddenly ceasing movement. 23 civilian casualties were reported along with 6 deaths and the remaining 17 severely injured. Objects from the park were reported to have landed in further away areas.
Date of Occurrence: 4/9/2018
Location: ██████, Florida
Follow-up Actions Taken: Eye witnesses and survivors were treated with Class A amnestics. Local and social media reports were successfully destroyed. Area is kept under surveillance until further notice. Reported deaths were covered up with a park massacre event.

Event Description: A family (Shuttleworths) reported to seeing a gigantic traffic cone flying across the skies around 4:00 PM. "It was huge man, had to be around 500 feet tall, at least. I'm tellin ya the truth sir!" -David Shuttlesworth
The family reported the traffic cone dissolve into the air about 5 minutes afterwards. The
Camp Frank D. Merrill Military Base reported having a "Massive object in the radar" hovering over Blue Ridge.
Date of Occurrence: 26/5/10
Location: Blue Ridge, Georgia
Follow-up Actions Taken: The military base was told not to tell anyone about this. The media describes the family as "Crazy" or they think that the family set this up out of boredom.
Don't take any further actions, just let the media think they are crazy. -Doctor Oliver

Event Description: Every gun within the area began to fire without using actual ammunition, instead firing what was identified as lead balls. Ammunition that was loaded into the weapons was not depleted or used in any fashion, and the guns fired with the same recoil, accuracy, and rate. There was no change in the size of the lead balls that were shot, even with a change in the barrel size. This event continued for fifteen hours until the weapons began to fire normally once more.
Date of Occurrence: 30/3/17
Location: Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW), Texas
Follow-up Actions Taken: After recovering most, if not every shot and confiscating three weapons from a firing range in the area, no anomalous properties of the guns or the lead balls could be sourced. Local media was observed, but no other abnormalities were reported in the area. A local amnesiac was distributed through the water systems of the area in order to prevent possible spreading/knowing of the incident.

Event Description: Site-38 disappeared for 1 hour and 34 minutes, everything in there was gone. After that everything was put back into place including all personnel and all SCPS. When personnel were asked what happened they acted confused and said that we were crazy.
Date Of Occurrence: ██/██/13
Location: Rural Tennessee, United States
Follow-up Actions taken: Personnel had no recollection of the event, so there is no need to give any amnestics, also, they are personnel.

Event Description: Unscheduled subway train passes through 36th Street subway station in Brooklyn at approximately 80mph. Eye witnesses describe the train as purple with Arabic lettering on the side. Train wasn't reported appearing anywhere else.
Date of Occurrence: 07/03/2017
Location: 36th Street, Brooklyn New York, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Cover story established. Train driver distracted by passengers and loses control of train. Security camera footage closely inspected but deemed safe.

Event Description: During a Toys R Us staff meeting, an employee later identified as William J. Horack stood, announced, "Well, guess I won't need these anymore," and removed his lips with one hand. Afterward, he began to consume the remaining flesh around his mouth — described by witnesses as having the appearance of "pulled pork" — as the other employees returned to normal operations. Horack continued to autocannibalize over the course of the day, captured only intermittently by security cameras despite not leaving the meeting room. At 19:05, Horack had been reduced to skeletal remains, which then vanished. Eyewitnesses reported confusion that the event did not strike them at the time as being out of the ordinary.
Date of Occurrence: 15/03/2018
Location: Mayfield Heights, Ohio, USA
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Amnestics distributed to store employees and customers after interviews conducted. Investigation of security cameras revealed no fault. No personal information about William Horack could be attained, and all documentation involved in his three-year employment at Toys R Us appeared to be an intricate forgery. Lips retrieved from initial event location, determined to be thin plastic.

Date of Occurrence: Now/Now/Now
am i insane am i insane. no i am not. you are insane. this is happening now. now. now.
Follow-up Actions Taken: no SCPs have been found. everything is in zero gravity.

wow, am i in space? everything is so, radical.

i feel so lonely. no therapists to help me.

this is my last message before i commit suicide.

i love my family.

This document was found on Area-32. -Scientist Parmley

Event Description: It seems everyone, in the whole word, went unconscious. This is one of many theories of what happened. On every clock, a whole hour was skipped ahead. No one had recollection of this event. All technology was turned off and turned back on when the hour ended. Clocks still functioned when the technology was turned off. All SCP objects were affected during this hour, not causing any damage. SCP-1032 did not detect this event.
Date of Occurrence: 12/31/99
Location: Earth
Follow-up Actions Taken: Popular proposed event, Y2K, was blamed for the cause of this event. Y2K could have been the cause of this event. No one truly knows how this was caused.

Event Description: Multiple eyewitnesses report seeing a large creature crawl across the face of the Moon. The creature was almost unanimously described as spider-like with 4 to 6 legs, and stated to be large enough to take up approximately 1/3 of the Moon's surface. Witnesses report the entity appeared from a shadowed area of the Moon, and seemed to rapidly crawl around to the back side. This detail was shared by all viewers and may rule out the possibility of an object simply passing between Earth and the Moon.
Date of Occurrence: 03/26/18
Location: Moon
Follow-up Actions Taken: Low-effort disinformation campaign was implemented in the form of agents calling/writing into various conspiracy shows describing the event. This has been successful in placating and shaming the witnesses into silence. Greater populations are not aware of this event. Foundation assets in orbit around the Moon will continue to monitor for any reoccurrence of possible anomalous activity for 1 year before returning to standard operations.

Event Description: Over the course of five days, the entire student population of ██████ ██ Elementary School in ██████, Ohio developed allergies to all nut-based food products. Faculty and individuals not attending ██████ ██ Elementary who enter the building were unaffected. The symptoms ceased if individuals were removed from the premises for sixty-two hours. Notably, a student at the school, Isaac ██████, is currently comatose following a severe allergic reaction as a result of being force-fed a peanut butter sandwich.
Date of Occurrence: 02/19-02/23/2018
Location: ██████, Ohio
Follow-up Actions Taken: School was shuttered, students were integrated into other elementary schools in the area. Isaac ██████'s condition has shown no improvements. Foundation medical staff are currently attempting to treat and revive him in an attempt to find a link between his current state and the anomaly within ██████ ██ Elementary.

Event Description: All canned food sold at Miller's Supermarket in ██████, Iowa was found to contain one or more live specimens of Lampropeltis triangulum (milk snake) in place of their intended contents. X-ray imaging shows that prior to opening, the cans contained their intended contents, and only upon opening do the snakes appear.
Date of Occurrence: 4/18/2017
Location: ██████, Iowa
Follow-up Actions Taken: Anomaly ceased within twelve hours of its first manifestation. Amnestics were administered to all affected, dispatch logs recording emergency calls of the event were scrubbed. All milk snakes contained by the Foundation have yet to show anomalous properties.

Event Description: The entire stock of pencils from █████ Comprehensive School disappeared within 1 hr. This included but not limited to: the school stock, children's pencils and teacher's pencils.
Date of Occurrence: ██/1/2018
Location: █████, United Kingdom
Follow-up Actions Taken: All students, faculty and visitors were given Class C amnestics and all missing pencils were replaced by new ones. There has yet to be another event.

Event Description: All Homo sapiens in the world simultaneously jumped together at 12:36 P.M, causing a sesmic shift measuring 11.2 on the Richter Scale.
Date of Occurence: 5/27/18
Location: Global
Follow-up Actions Taken: Seismic shift disregarded as a normal earthquake, media informed

Event Description: The U.S state Liowa disappeared over the course of 1 hour, including its inhabitants. Described by subjects currently by the state border as "getting more and more transparent".
Date of Occurence: ██/██/1964
Location: Liowa, United States
Follow-up Actions Taken: All individuals identified with knowledge of Liowa were amnesticised. All documentation and evidence of Liowa existing was identified and either destroyed or kept in a secure locker for archival purposes.

Event Description: Everyone on Earth with the name Jeffery Smith gathered into one area and greeted each other before leaving.
Date of Occurance: 12/6/1993
Location: New York City, New York, United States
Follow-up Actions Taken: Everyone named Jeffery Smith was identified and amnesticised. It was covered up as an event to the public.

Event Description: A leaked image of an Extraterrestrial that previously escaped from Site-51 was leaked onto the /x/ paranormal board of website 4chan.org
Date of Occurance: 22/2/2017
Location: N/A
Follow-up Actions Taken: It was discovered by Foundation Web-crawlers and 4chan was taken down well the evidence was being removed. Covered up as a server outage and a hoax.

Event Description: A collection of twenty billboards located in the southern region of Florida were anomalously painted over to display an advertisement for "laundry and tan by dado", an establishment located in █████████, FL. The paint of "laundry and tan by dado" anomalously changes color.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2018
Location: Florida, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Billboards were replaced with unaltered variations, and the event attributed to ordinary graffiti. Preliminary investigation of laundry and tan by dado initiated under SCP-888-EX designation.

Event Description: For 3 minutes all personal aboard the USS █████ began screaming the phrase "remember fifty-five" before briefly being confused and returning to normal operations.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: The USS ██████ which was located at ███████ ███ █████████ at the time.
Follow-up Actions Taken: [FIELD LEFT BLANK]

Event Description: Researcher Presley Bunson fell asleep at his desk at approximately 11:00 AM, which is currently believed to be non-anomalous in cause— due to an increased workload, Bunson had not slept for more than three hours nightly over the course of the past week. However, after being awoken by a coworker five minutes later, Bunson reported having a dream in which he was a Dutch talk show host. At the same time as Bunson's dream, Humberto Tan, host of the Dutch late night talk show RTL Late Night, reportedly started acting "like a completely different person" during a taping session, seemingly unaware of where he was or what he was supposed to be doing and displaying a limited command of the Dutch language. After five minutes, he reverted to his regular personality with no memory of what happened in that timespan. Post-incident analysis indicated that Bunson's reports of the dream and recordings/witness reports of the events in the studio were almost identical— in particular, all actions taken by Bunson in the dream were taken by Tan in real life, and Tan's apparent knowledge of Dutch was generally consistent with Bunson's.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2018
Location: Linguistic Analysis Division of Site-19 and NH Schiller Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Follow-up Actions Taken: All witnesses present at the taping of RTL Late Night were amnesticized, and the Foundation seized all recordings of the event. The affected segment was re-taped without incident. Researcher Bunson and Humberto Tan are currently under a standard five-year monitoring period, and no further anomalous activity has been noticed from either of them thus far. None of the documents Bunson was working with have been conclusively identified as the source of the anomaly. Although not strictly related to the anomaly, Researcher Bunson's workload has been temporarily decreased and he is currently working with Foundation doctors to maintain a more healthy sleep schedule.

Event Description: This event was transcribed for the Log of Extranormal Events. This event appeared on its own, and wasn't written by anyone.
Date of Occurrence: 6/8/2018
Location: The Log of Extranormal Events
Follow-up Actions Taken: The Foundation will view this entry, and subsequently delete it. Then, they will write up an actual event description regarding the actual anomalous event.

Event Description: An event was transcribed onto the document known as "The Log of Extranormal Events" which described itself and how it came into being. Security footage of all locations capable of accessing the log show no personnel within a 1 meter radius of any device capable of editing the aforementioned log. Edit history of all computers shows that there was no edit.
Date of Occurrence: 6/8/2018
Locations: All computers capable of accessing the Log of Extranormal Events and all locations of physical copies.
Follow-up Actions Taken: The original text was written out of all copies of the Log of Extranormal Events and is transcribed below.

Event Description: A 19-year old ████████ ███████ Community College student was teleported to his house in the middle of a math exam.
Date of Occurrence: █/█/20██.
Location: ████████ ████████ Community College, ████████, ██, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: The student, his family, his classmates, and his instructor were given Class B amnestics.

Event Description: Junior Researcher Caroline demanifested whilst conducting a series of tests on SCP-████. Researcher Caroline has not returned.
Date of Occurrence: 7/29/2018
Location: Site-19.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Junior Researcher Caroline is still being searched for via paratechnological means.

Event Description: Crude handwriting in dark green ink filling in answers and empty spaces on every sheet of paper intended to be an academic "worksheet" or test was observed to gradually appear for approximately one (1) hour before ceasing activity. The manifestation of ink was observed to be "almost as if an invisible dude was writing it in."
Date of Occurrance: 6/15/2018
Location: ██ ███████ Secondary School, ████████, BC, Canada
Follow-up Actions Taken: The event was observed by a Foundation agent embedded in the school's faculty, who promptly activated a "code red" lockdown alert to acquire said sheets of paper under the pretense of a violent attack. The sheets of paper are to be incinerated at site-██ if no other anomalous properties manifest within the hour. The sheets of paper in question are currently awaiting further testing for any retaining anomalous properties at site-██. Class-A amnestics were delivered via aerosol to the student body and local authorities.

Event Description: A Wendy's restaurant was replaced by a large mass of what appeared to be human hair. (Sampling was not possible.) The substance originated from a 3.5 meter tall structure resembling a human skull embedded in the restaurant's parking lot. Nearby witnesses expressed concern over whether the restaurant would reopen in time for service, but otherwise did not find the event cause for concern. An hour after Foundation containment was established, the restaurant returned to its normal status. Event lasted just over three hours.
Date of Occurrence: 13/09/2018
Location: Pasadena, California, USA
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Amnestics administered to direct witnesses. Further investigation revealed that persons in the immediate area who were not witness to the event experienced a sense of foreboding and paranoia an hour before the event occurred; no followup actions were deemed necessary for these individuals. Monitoring of Wendy's restaurants in and around the Pasadena area has revealed no further anomalies.

Event Description: Mascot costumes resembling familiar Disney characters manifested onto all guests of Disneyland's "Mickey's Toontown" area spontaneously. Each guests had also anomalously adopted the character of their own respective costume until the anomaly demanifested at midnight local time, leaving guests in a wild, confused state.
Date of Occurrence: July 7, 2005.
Location: Disneyland, Florida, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: All witnesses and guests were amnesticized.

Event Description: Six corpses, visually and genetically identical to former US President Barack Obama, were discovered in a submerged cave by cave divers. All six corpses were wearing animal costumes. Autopsies revealed that all six individuals drowned, and perished two weeks prior to their discovery.
Date of Occurrence: August 17th, 2017
Location: A submerged cave in Quintana Roo, Mexico
Follow-up Actions Taken: Corpses moved to Site-17, all witnesses amnesticized.

Event Description: The "P" on an IHOP sign suddenly flipped upside-down, making the sign read "IHOb." All pancakes inside of the IHOP also spontaneously changed into burgers. After an hour, the sign went back to normal.
Date of Occurrence: June 11, 2018.
Location: An IHOP in Bakersfield, CA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All patrons and staff were amnesticized. The event was also covered up as a promotion for burgers.

Event Description: An unused SCP designation (SCP-309-J) began to manifest text, first appearing as a standard classification with an irregular object class (Peter), and then shortly after changing into a line of text expressing confusion at how to 'delete articles'. It is believed that this was caused by a low-level swn001-1 entity.
Date of Occurrence: July 15th, 2018
Location: The Foundation database.
Follow-up Actions Taken: As this occurred within the Foundation, no amnestics or cover-ups were needed. Utilizing SCP-3309 or other swn001-1 entities to remove the anomaly are under consideration.

Event Description: A 40 year old male of apparent Asian descent was found with over 200 Hirudo medicinalis (medicinal leeches) attached to his body. All blood was missing from the corpse.
Date of Occurrence: June 21th, 2018
Location: █████ Lake, Florida, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Corpse removed, all witnesses amnesticized.

Event Description: All food items served by ████████ Sushi, an American-style Japanese restaurant began to develop motile growths analogous to appendages and visual organs of insects and arachnids spontaneously. ██ civilians were reported dead due to shock and internal hemorrhage caused by the anomalous food items. No further anomalous activity at this location was recorded immediately after.
Date of Occurrence: ██/07/2018
Location: ███████████, Oregon, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: The Foundation was alerted to this occurrence when the FBI's Unusual Incident Unit had apparently transferred all calls to emergency services concerning this event into their management. A quick and discreet joint operation between The Foundation and the UIU had successfully amnesticized all surviving witnesses with Class-A amnestics. All treatment for afflicted civilians is to be done at Mobile Site-██, and the ██ civilian deaths were attributed to a severe gas leak. All anomalous instances of food are also to be contained at Mobile Site-██ for further study.

Event Description: Twenty kakapo, representing approximately 24% of the extant members of the species, spontaneously combusted over the course of three minutes. Twenty kakapo chicks were found in the remains, genetically identical to the twenty deceased instances.
Date of Occurrence: 9/04/2018
Location: Codfish Island, New Zealand
Follow-up Actions Taken: Amnestics administered to all witnesses, and a brood of mature cloned Kakapo were released to account for the disparity. Genetic testing of the chicks found them to be a hybrid of a kakapo and an unidentified species of parrot.

Event Description: According to eyewitness reports, a "red fog" descended onto the village of ██████, Alaska. After approximately three hours, both the fog and every living human within the village disappeared. After approximately nine hours, all residents of the village reappeared in random locations throughout Ohio, but immediately perished due to spontaneously combusting into luminous green flame.
Date of Occurrence: July 15th, 2018
Location: ██████, Alaska, and throughout Ohio.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Amnestics administered to all witnesses and close relatives of the deceased. The village of ██████ is erased from the public record where possible.

Event Description: A winged, feminine-looking humanoid materialized in Site-19's cafeteria. The humanoid was suspended at least three feet of the floor, wore an ornate crown and was covered in what appeared to be, armor that radiated white light in all directions. The entity carried a large claymore that was constantly aflame. Entity claimed to be Junior Researcher Caroline and claimed that "A war is coming" and that "He is coming" before demanifesting 30 seconds later. An internal Hume reading of the entity was taken by a Kant counter shortly before the entity's disappearance and have been known to be very high (>312 Hm).
Date of Occurrence: 10/15/2038
Location: Site-19's cafeteria.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Efforts were taken to the archives in the database, following the investigation of Abigail Caroline, who disappeared 20 years ago, after a series of tests involving SCP-████. Efforts to contact the entity are currently pending approval.

Event Description: All paintings in Washington DC's National Gallery of Art suddenly changed to copies of the same picture of a pentagram with the number 666 in the center. All sculptures suddenly turned into sculptures of the Devil. The paintings and sculptures went back to their normal form exactly 6 hours, 6 minutes, and 6 seconds later. Security footage has shown that nobody was close to the paintings/sculptures at the time (everyone was at least 1m away).
Date of Occurrence: 06/06/2006.
Location: National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All people in the museum at the time were amnesticized. The National Gallery of Art has been placed under surveillance to detect further anomalous activity.

Event Description: Colt Python Revolver used in testing of SCP-914 disappeared from containment. A small Post-It™ note was left with with the message "yuo[sic] guys aren't going to use this, mightas[sic] well put it to good use" in its place.
Date of Occurrence: 7/27/2018
Location: Site-███
Follow-up Actions Taken: 6 Foundation agents now assigned to check gun auction websites for said Colt Python. As of ██/██/2018, it has not been located.

Event Description: All copies of the video game Super Smash Brothers Brawl contained a character named "Sleepy", resembling a cloud with a smiley face and 2 legs. Anyone who selected this character on the character select screen spontaneously fell asleep for 8 hours, and awoke believing their selection of "Sleepy" was a dream, as Sleepy would afterward not be present in the game. Any copy of the game where the player played the game but did not chose "Sleepy" within the time they woke up and time they went to bed would fall asleep for 1 hour, having a nightmare concerning getting electrocuted by lightning, before waking up and having the same belief as those who chose "Sleepy" that it was only a dream.
Date of Occurence: 8/14/2009
Location: World-Wide
Follow-up Actions Taken: Any screenshots of "Sleepy" on the character select screen posted on the internet were immediately removed, with all reports of people with the same dream being suppressed as a false rumor.

Event Description: All employees of the Marlowe Archives simultaneously took a day off, for a variety of unrelated reasons. Anomalous copies of the employees manifested within the building at 8:30 AM and performed their jobs for the duration of the day. The copies implemented a self-described "loot box" system, where customers could purchase file boxes containing a random selection of archival material for 10 dollars. The anomalous copies refused to grant anyone access to archival material except through these "loot boxes". At 5:30 PM, the copies of the employees demanifested.
Date of Occurrence: 3/05/2017
Location: Marlowe, Ontario
Follow-up Actions Taken: All employees and witnesses were interviewed, then amnesticized. Archival material sold during the day was returned. All individuals who purchased a "loot box" were compensated for the money they spent.

Event Description: All residents living within ██████, all simultaneously felt a hard slap being given across the face from the left. The impact had the force of what was described as about a normal slap.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20██
Location ██████, West Virginia
Follow-up Actions Taken Class B anesthetics deposited into all water sources, and a large power surge was omitted to corrupt camera footage.
Dr. ████ - "Do all guys know how to do this, do they get taken aside in high school and taught how to do this."

Event Descripton: A car was found on its side in a tree, 8.5 meters above the ground, with no sign of any occupants. The night previous, the car was captured on security footage from a parking at a Greyhound bus station 30 km away. Footage shows the car parking, then after two minutes, two humanoid entities in long coats emerge from it and congregate two meters away. After two more minutes, both entities begin dancing in perfect synchrony. Dancing lasts for five minutes, after which the entities reenter the car. After another two minutes, the car leaves the parking lot at high speeds. Its whereabouts afterward are unknown.
Date of Occurrence: 09/12/2017
Location: Akron, Ohio, USA
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Security footage confiscated and bus station security officer amnesticized. Foundation assets working closely with the Akron Police Department were able to manipulate investigation to keep details from the press. Story of car in tree circulated as "strange but true" news; considered an acceptable outcome. The two entities were not identifiable from the footage and have not been located.

Event Descripton: At least 1000 instances of plains zebra (Equus quagga) emerged from the opening of the volcanic cone of Shira, located on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Said instances descended Mt. Kilimanjaro and roamed the Kilimanjaro National Park for 2 hours before subsequently disappearing.
Date of Occurrence: 02/23/1988
Location: Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania
Follow-Up Actions Taken: All witnesses to the event were given Class-A amnestics. Members of the organization known as the "Anomalous Zebra Collective", or "AZC", who attempted to ride the zebras out of the Kilimanjaro National Park, were interviewed for information on the AZC before being given Class-A amnestics. Mt. Kilimanjaro has been put under constant surveillance in case of anomalous activity.

Event Description: For 8 hours, all members of the North Atlanta High School class of 2020 simultaneously vanished. Parents of the students reported that the students left school, but the school reported no student of the class arriving to school.
Date of Occurrence: 04/1/2020.
Location: North Atlanta High School, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A Amnestics distributed to parents and students, and a cover-up story of a Senior Prank established. The school has been placed under a standard five year monitoring period.

Event Description: A door was opened.
Date of Occurrence: In a second.
Location: Next door.
Follow-up Actions Taken: The door was welded shut. Personnel are to be reminded that the entity within the room does not exist. The door is never to be opened. SCP classification is pending.

Event Description: All personal within provisional Site-████-█'s life-support maintenance access tunnels reported hearing the voice of Agent ██████ ████ ████ from The █████ Project speak with distortion akin to being played over a speaker several inches from their ears. The content of said speech was calmly requesting staff to not engage in cannibalism despite there being no indication that anybody onsite had considered an act of that nature. The voice at several points attempted to use code phrases to convince staff that it was Agent ██████ ████ ████ but the codes were confirmed to be false codes given to D-███-██ while he was impersonating Agent ██████ ████ ████. Agent ██████ ████ ████ and D-███-██ had both died due to a train crash on the way to the The █████ Project command post before they could become involved in 1963.
Date of Occurrence: 11/06/1966
Location: Provisional Site-████-█, █████ lake.
Follow-up Actions Taken: SCP-████-█ denied any involvement with the event and as far as can be determined is correct. No unusual circumstances have been discovered in Agent ██████ ████ ████ or D-███-██'s deaths.

Event Description: All doors within the University of Wisconsin's Music Hall led to what seemed to be an alternate dimension upon which the Hall stood. Al students who entered this dimension were considered lost, until they emerged from the same door 2 months later, completely unaware of the amount of time that had passed.
Date of Occurence: 12/4/1999
Location: University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Affected students amnestitized, cover story of a class field trip spread. School placed under a ten year monitoring period.

Event Description: 10 entities resembling Darth Vader from the Star Wars saga appeared at the San Fransisco Financial District. The Imperial March also was played from an unknown source. When questioned, witnesses revealed that there were no Star Wars-related events planned for the day.
Date of Occurrence: 5/4/2018.
Location: San Fransisco Financial District.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Witnesses amnesticized after being questioned. Event covered up as a celebration of "Star Wars Day" (May 4).

Event Description: The movie screens at a █████ ███████ movie theater in ██████, ██, USA suddenly started showing the same photo of a clown, accompanied by hysterical laughter. This event went on for several minutes before the screens continued showing the movies that were interrupted at the parts where they left off.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20██.
Location: █████ ███████, ██████, ██, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All guests and staff at the movie theater were amnesticized. The event was covered up as a prank played by an unidentified teenager.

Event Description: During the annual Labor Day Crab Feast at ████████ █████, a neighborhood in ███████, ██, USA, the crabs suddenly sprung to life, causing ██ people to be admitted into the nearby █████ ███████ Hospital.
Date of Occurrence: 9/2/2018.
Location: ████████ █████, ███████, ██, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All guests, as well as the doctors at the █████ ███████ Hospital, were given Class A amnestics. The crabs have been caught and are currently being kept in cold storage at Site-19. A cover story about a swarm of dangerous insects attacking the guests was implanted to explain the injuries. The ████████ █████ neighborhood in ███████, ██, USA has been placed under surveillance for further anomalous activity.

Event Description: An unidentified male, believed to be seventeen years of age, was seen half running, half gliding with wings. Subject was shot three times by SCP Foundation Personnel. Examination revealed that the wings were that of a peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) despite having a 6.5 wingspan.
Date of Occurrence: 8/21/1966
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Inexplicably, subject made a full recovery, despite being shot three times. Wings were removed prior to the subject awakening. DNA and blood samples proved to have no anomalous properties. Subject was administered Class-D amnestics and released.
Notes: Associates of the subject have given its name as ██████ Winston.

Event Description: The Meow Mix jingle was heard coming from the Meow Mix boxes at the pet food section at a Walmart. The jingle continued on loop for 6 hours.
Date of Occurrence: █/█/2018.
Location: A Walmart in ███████, ██, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All patrons and staff at the store were amnesticized. All Meow Mix boxes were purchased by Foundation Agents in order to study them. Walmart has been placed under surveillance for further anomalous activity.
Note: As of ██/██/2019, no anomalous properties have been found in the Meow Mix. -Dr. ███████.

Event Description: A ███████ washing machine owned by a 54 year old woman produced the head of her dead husband after she performed her daily wash-load. Her clothes were not present inside the washing machine, according to the woman's statement.
Date of Occurrence: 02/█/2015
Location: Southend-on-Sea, England, UK.
Follow-up Actions Taken: The woman in question was given Class-A amnestics and the washing machine was taken into Site-██. On ██/█/2016, the washing machine was destroyed.

Event Description: For the entirety of October 31st, 2010, Every single citizen of the United States practiced 'Trick-or-Treating' in the morning, instead of at night as traditionally done. All memory of this event was ceased the following day, with the only evidence remaining being in digital or physical form.
Date of Occurrence: 10/31/2010
Location: The United States of America
Follow-up Actions Taken: All known online evidence at this time has been discovered and covered up by Foundation Web-crawlers. Project "All Hallows Eve" was put into effect to find and detain anyone who claims to have physical or digital evidence of this event.

Event Description: Several phone calls were made to police about "black-eyed people" traveling from door to door asking people if they wanted to be enlightened by a piece of art. Most declined. A few locals were reported missing after the incident.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2018
Location: ███████, Wyoming, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Local media sources monitored, police and callers administered Class-A Amnestics. Agent █████ was dispatched for continued investigation. Investigation is currently filed under the codename "Jehovah's Witnesses."

Event Description: During a snowstorm affecting Staraya Kuban, 50,000 bath duck toys were found along the shore. The ducks were found inside five plastic wire mesh bags and displayed no anomalous qualities. The ducks were taken to Site-██, where they mysteriously disappeared after five days of recovery when line of sight was broken for approximately three minutes.
Date of Occurrence: 03/25/18
Location: Krasnodar, Russia, near the shore of the lake Staraya Kuban.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All civilians near Staraya Kuban were administered Class-A amnestics. A small search team has been sent in Krasnodar for any appearance of a similarly looking duck toy.

Event Description: The city of New York reported a figure resembling Spider-Man swing across the city for a period of three minutes. Remnants of webbing remained on multiple buildings for a period of two hours.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2018
Location: New York City, New York, USA
Follow Up Actions Taken: False news reports of promotional material spread across the state. Further anomalous activity is to be reported.

Περιγραφή εκδήλωσης: Για περίπου μία ώρα το ψηφιακό κείμενο σε τυχαίες ιστοσελίδες παγκοσμίως μεταφράζεται στα ελληνικά και όλες οι προσπάθειες υποβολής του εγγράφου στα αγγλικά αποτυγχάνουν. Δεν υπάρχει συσχέτιση μεταξύ των ιστοτόπων που επηρεάζονται.
Ημερομηνία: 09/01/18
Τοποθεσία: Διάφορες ιστοσελίδες
Παρακολούθηση ενεργειών που έχουν ληφθεί: Καλύψτε την ιστορία μιας αποτυχίας του Μετάφραση Google.

Event Description: Every character in the music video for the song "Feels Like Summer" by the artist Donald Glover was replaced by animated versions of various SCPs currently in foundation custody for roughly 21 minutes.
Date of Occurrence: 09/21/18
Location: Online
Follow Up Actions Taken: The video was pulled and re-uploaded with fake comments, view counts, and ratings that matched the previous video. A cover story of a fan recreation with custom characters somehow ending up on the official channel put into place. Donald Glover's YouTube channel is to be monitored until ██/██/2019.

Event Description: Robert Wadlow, the tallest person ever recorded at 8'11" (272cm) tall spontaneously materialized, he was approximately 892 feet (272m) tall. This entity quickly dematerialized after approximately 20 seconds. No damage was done to any property.
Date of Occurrence: 15/7/19██
Location: Alton, Illinois
Follow-up Actions Taken: All witnesses were given Class-A amnestics, no footage exists of the event.

Event Description: Entities that resembles scarecrows and clowns manifested in an intersecting road. The entities converged in the middle and engaged one another in a violent physical fight, leaving ██ civilians injured and █ dead.
Date of Occurrence: 10/09/2025
Location: Los Angeles, California
Follow-up Actions Taken: MTF Sigma-34 ("The Bruce Lees") were deployed to subdue the entities and destroyed them afterwards. In addition, a cover up story has been made involving a Halloween themed prank. All witnesses were administered with Class-A Amnestics and the videos that were uploaded in the social media were immediately taken down.

Event Description: Several instances of entities which resembles the Chicago Bulls Mascot, Benny the Bull, and multiple humanoid entities which possesses serpentine features appeared on a busy road in Pennsylvania. The entities engaged one another in a paintball gun fight before resorting to hand to hand combat. Both groups of instances were reportedly seen manifesting from vans in red and blue color, located on the opposite sides of the road.
Date of Occurrence: 10/11/2025
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: MTF Sigma-34 ("The Bruce Lees") were deployed to subdue and destroy the instances. Witnesses were immediately administered with Class-A amnestics and several videos that captured the event were immediately taken down.

Event Description: Entities of oversized tin cans of Coke (tm) that possesses long arms and legs were seen running across the streets of New York City, seemingly chasing a group of bipedal humanoid entities wearing garments similar to that of a plague doctor. Foundation personnel were first alarmed of an SCP-049 containment breach but further investigations had said otherwise. Witnesses had reported noise complaints.
Date of Occurrence: 11/13/2025
Location: New York City, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: MTF Sigma-34 ("The Bruce Lees") were deployed to destroy the instances. Witnesses were administered with Class-A amnestics. Further investigation has led Foundation personnel to believe that the Coke (tm) instances were after the briefcase carried by one of the plague doctor instances. The briefcase in question contained a single jar of sugar.

Event Description: Instances that resemble knights in silver armor were seen fighting off shadow entities which appears to be wearing cardboard boxes were seen in the broad daylight. Several videos were uploaded in the social media which garnered thousands of views within an hour.
Date of Occurrence: 11/15/2025
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: MTF Sigma-34 was deployed to contain the situation, destroying up to ██ knight instances and ██ shadow entities. Several witnesses were administered with Class-A amnestics and the video was immediately taken down. Every person who watched the video were tracked down, detained, and administered with Class-C amnestics.

Event Description: Several instances of entities embarked on trikes which appears to be manifested in the form of an elephant mascot made from a cotton material were seen chasing instances of entities that resembles oversized purple dinosaur mascots in bicycles. It resulted in several casualties that involves three civilian deaths and four wounded civilians.
Date of Occurrence: 10/18/2025
Location: Arizona, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: MTF Sigma-34 ("The Bruce Lees") were deployed to intercept entities and to destroy them on sight. The source of the entities' origins remained unknown. Further investigations yielded no fruitful results. Several witnesses were administered with Class-B amnestics and Class-A amnestics, respectively.

Event Description: An emaciated male human wearing a highly tattered suit and tie was seen climbing in varies trees before disappearing. The local police attempted to subdue him with non-lethal weaponry and tear gas none of which had any clear effect. Later investigation indicates he emerged from a hole in one of the trees.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2014
Location: ███████, Australia.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Witnesses were given Class-A amnestics and all footage was deleted. Fragments of the suit are currently in storage.
Note: A similar event was reported by a hiker. While it cannot be confirmed that the entity could teleport, there is no indication it was ever living in the woods. As the event only had one witness no amnestics were required. It is entirely possible the hiker was simply lying about the incident or was hallucinating.

Event Description: Multiple entities which resembles humanoid figures in an elastic Iron Man (tm) costume appeared on the top of an enormous rubber duck toy, fighting animate human skeletal entities armed with cardboard cutouts in the shape of swords.
Date of Occurrence: 10/23/2025
Location: Manhattan, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: MTF Sigma-34 ("The Bruce Lees") was deployed to destroy the instances. All videos that were taken and uploaded in the social media were taken down and all witnesses were administered with Class-A amnestics. Private Jack Myers was injured in the fight that had ensued.
NOTE: October had been a weird month for all of us. -Master Sergeant Adam Wong

Event Description: ███ kilograms of Equus ferus caballus (horse) manure spontaneously manifested on the Piazza San Marco.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████.
Location: Venice, Italy.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All witnesses were amnesticized. Event was covered up as a prank.

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