Log of Extranormal Events
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Foreword: This page is to document anomalous events that have attracted the Foundation's interests, but occurred too briefly for the Foundation to secure or contain them. Instead, the Foundation deploys a cover-up team to conceal the evidence from the public. This is merely a reminder to agents and researchers that not all of them can be contained.
-Agent Carriontrooper

Event Description: Footage from surveying vessel "Calypso" recorded several bright flashes on ocean bottom, similar in intensity and duration to hand grenades being fired.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ██.██ East, ██.██ North, Sub-Littoral zone of Atlantic Ocean.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Footage deleted, camera error blamed.

Event Description: 3 civilians reported a glowing figure appearing in the center of a nearby lake, two cell-phone images supporting. There is no reason to believe the anomaly lasted longer than several seconds before abruptly disappearing.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ██████ Lake Camp Grounds, ████████, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Local media sources monitored, rumors involving the existence of a "lake ghost" disseminated. Special attention is to be paid to the region in the future.

Event Description: A naked, glowing humanoid figure appeared suddenly in the city's subway and seen by several eyewitnesses and captured by the security cameras. It disappeared after a few seconds.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ███████, Spain
Follow-up Actions Taken: A team of disguised agents and a makeshift holographic projection unit were taken on location. Team explained that the incident was a part of their avant-garde 'urban shock art' exhibition all over Europe. Fake viral media planted to give credence to the team's supposed art group.

Event Description: Spider population of █████████, a small town, quintupled over the space of three months. Not known to correspond to any significant SCP item activity.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: █████████, Nevada, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Data suppressed, area to be monitored for future natural population spikes.

Event Description: Time skips between 2.5 and ██ hours take place in ████████████, North Carolina before normalizing to one day after initial skip. Non self-correcting electronic devices such as digital clocks are seemingly unaffected and display incorrect times at different areas of the town. Event bears similarity to a relatively unnoticed event in ███ █████, Nevada though no connection can be traced between the two events.
Date of Occurrence: █/██/████
Location: ████████████, North Carolina (███ █████, Nevada)
Follow-up Actions Taken: Local news reports electromagnetic interference caused by local power plant. Small observation team assigned to area.

Event Description: ████████, Wales, was found to be abandoned. The population was found comatose in a nearby field. ██ hours after the estimated time of the event the population awoke with no recollection of the event.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ████████.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Population dosed with Class B Amnestics and a cover story was established. A road accident with a Samson-Craig Products (an SCP front company) chemical tanker was staged, an emergency evacuation camp was arranged and the population given £███ per head compensation. In the ██ years since there event there has been no recurrence or abnormal behaviour in the population.

Event Description: Three similar looking men were witnessed fighting in a gas station parking lot. Eyewitness reports maintain that each man claimed to be ██████ █████████, a well known local car salesman, and were fighting over which individual was the "true" one. Two of the men were killed when the third procured a crowbar. The third was fatally shot by a local police officer.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: █████, Oklahoma
Follow-up Actions Taken: Witnesses and involved persons were questioned and given Class B Amnestics. Close family members of ██████ █████████ were questioned and given Class A Amnestics. A cover story involving the individual's suicide was established. The three bodies were recovered for autopsy and are currently maintained in a Site-19 minimum security storage freezer.

Event Description: An American tour group reported catching brief glimpses of a Hispaniolan Amazon (Amazona ventralis) with compound eyes and irregular horizontal mandibles while on a jungle hike.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ██████, Puerto Rico
Follow-up Actions Taken: Witnesses were issued Class B Amnestics. All recording devices were confiscated. Relevant photographs are available in the Foundation Archives. An operative was assigned to sweep five square kilometers around the original site of contact for two weeks. No further information was recovered.

Event Description: An employee from the [REDACTED] toy store was found dead in the back room covered by action figures. Security camera footage showed the figures becoming animated and attacking the employee. The figures did not animate when anyone else entered the storeroom.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ████████, █████.
Follow-up Actions Taken: The security footage was confiscated and replaced with false tapes displaying the employee committing suicide and knocking over a stack of boxes containing action figures. Witnesses of the actual body were administered a Class B Amnestic. The toy store, its employees and the surrounding area was put under surveillance for three (3) weeks, and was marked as a POI in Foundation documents on █████. The brand of action figures and the factory that produced the relevant batch were investigated by covert agents. Nothing of interest was found.

Event Description: Static on channel 682 broadcast by the ████ Satellite company spontaneously took the form of 27 concentric black and white circles for 18 seconds.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: All TV sets served by ████ in the USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: The only footage of the event recorded was taken by The Foundation as part of The Foundation's investigations into SCP-███. Because Channel 682 did not have content at the time of the event, it is estimated that fewer than ███ people witnessed the event. As such, knowledge of the event has been allowed to persist as an urban myth. SCP-███'s monitoring will also detect any recurrences, although none have appeared.

Event Description: Several students attending █████████ Collegiate began complaining about a loud buzzing noise. A custodian for the school located the source as a single monitor in the computer lab during his duties, and reported the power button was unresponsive. When the lab technicians arrived the next day, they unplugged the monitor after other attempts proved futile. Witnesses of the event report a scream playing through the computer's speakers, and the image of a digitized face screaming appeared for a moment before power was lost.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: █████████ Collegiate in the ██████, ████████, USA.
Follow-up Actions Taken: The monitor was confiscated and replaced for inspection. Nothing of interest has been found.

Event Description: A mission not typically present was located in the MMORPG [REDACTED]. The mission was only accessible via a bugged area of terrain but had existed for an unknown period of time. The mission was an exact replica of Site-██ with several hostile SCPs (not necessarily those housed there) as opponents. No code for the mission was found on the game's server by Foundation Investigation teams.
Date of Occurrence: Unknown. Detected ██/██/████
Location: Geographical location unclear.
Follow-up Actions Taken: A viral attack on the server was made, resulting in a total shut down. After the server was re-initialized the mission was absent. All individuals known to have found the mission have been given Class A Amnestics. There has been no recurrence to date.

Event Description: The entire stock of ███████ ███████ souvenirs at the ███████ ███████ stall on the ██████ waterfront were spontaneously altered so that the face of ███████ ███████ was removed. These objects produced a loud screaming sound when exposed to daylight, and all writing implements within the stall formed symbols associated with the Cult of the Demon ██████ when an attempt to write with them was made. 8 days after the event, all altered stock vanished from Foundation storage.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ███████, Nova Scotia.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All altered stock seized and impounded, amnestics administered.

Event Description: ██████ ████ Church members all simultaneously experienced what they later described as "grace," in which each was given a vision of the return of Christ. Simultaneously, local community members not attending saw a bright flash of light emanating from the windows and doors of the building.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ████████, West Virginia.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Flash explained as a power surge; church members currently under further investigation.

Event Description: Foundation telescopes observe asteroid 330 Adalberta accelerate at a rate varying between ██ and ███ m/s2 for a period of five days.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████ to ██/██/████
Location: Main belt.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Initial discovery of asteroid explained as erroneous, object now under periodic surveillance. Current orbit determined to pose no threat of impact with Earth.

Event Description: During an automobile accident, the body of ████ ██, a passenger in one involved vehicle, expanded to fill the entire interior of the vehicle. Because Mr. ██'s expanded body had taken on a consistency similar to stiff foam rubber, the other occupants of the vehicle were protected from the impact, and were the only survivors of the crash.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ██████, Connecticut
Follow-up Actions Taken: Body confiscated, all other occupants and responding personnel administered Class A amnestics. Tissue tests indicate that Mr. ██ is still alive, though the tissues of his body have become an undifferentiated mass, and tests of neurological function are inconclusive.

Event Description: 17-year-old █████ ████████ dies while recording video blog after large, wide-mouthed creature appears from closet and devours her arms. Creature promptly disappears at estimated time of death. Video recovered by local law enforcement, embedded agent intercepts.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ███████, Michigan.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Footage intercepted; all knowledgeable parties given Class-B amnestics. Cover story involving local psychotic planted. No physical evidence relating to entity found in house. No similar entities have been encountered since. Area is to be kept under surveillance until ██/██/2013.

Event Description: Crew on █████-██████ oil rig (PCO-██) reported a 'tentacle' of water rising from the ocean and striking the rig. 'Tentacle' lost form upon impact, and no damage was done. Some personnel report a screeching sound "like car brakes on hot cement".
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: Pacific Ocean, coordinates [REDACTED].
Follow-up Actions Taken: Only one recording of the incident was made on crewman B████ A█████'s mobile phone, which was soon confiscated for further investigation. A team of divers was sent to the area for investigation, but nothing abnormal was recorded apart from an unusually high level of magnesium in the water.

Event Description: Unidentified and unaccompanied child (estimated age: 7 years old) in hospital waiting room produces more than 400 kilograms of vomit in 5 minutes, before dying; other patients describe hearing sounds of "glass breaking" during the emesis.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ███████ Public Hospital, ████████████, Madagascar
Follow-up Actions Taken: Majority of vomit had been incinerated before Foundation agents arrived on-site; inspection of hospital incinerator revealed no anomalies. All remaining samples of vomit were confiscated; analysis revealed no anomalies, except that child had been suffering from salmonella poisoning. Witnesses were given amnestics. Child was never identified; body was removed from hospital morgue and is currently maintained in a Site-19 low-value storage freezer.

Event Description: A cylinder of land, measuring 30m in diameter and 5m below ground, centered on a farmhouse, is instantly rotated 16.92 degrees counterclockwise. This rotation severs all water, sewage, electric and telephone connections. Single inhabitant at time of occurrence reports event and a momentary feeling of disorientation on a personal blog.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/201█
Location: ████, ██, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Property is condemned through regular channels and acquired by the Foundation within 7 days. The owner of the property and all occupants are given class B amnestics and re-located. Standard information countermeasures are employed to discredit event as urban legend. Subsequent analysis of property and underlying land reveals no detectable spatial or extradimensional anomalies.

Event Description: Red-coloured rain fell on some portions of the Indian state of Kerala, causing much panic and media attention. Instances of black, yellow and brown rain were also reported over the next 9 months.
Date of Occurrence:█/██/19██ to ██/█/19██
Location:Kerala, India
Follow-up Actions Taken: Procedure C-39 "Houdini" was initiated, whereupon all samples of the rain collected for analysis were replaced with identical-looking solution containing red algae spores and the anomaly blamed on a local algae bloom coupled with strong winds. Analysed samples of red rain were found to contain ordinary red dye. Subsequent yellow, brown and black rains were dealt with in a similar fashion, and samples were merely found to contain ordinary coloured dye.

Event Description: Loud screaming sounds were heard emanating from all rooms of ██████ ██████ Elementary School for three consecutive hours. The screams were ascribed to no less than six distinct voices. No source for the screaming was found.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ████████, ███████
Follow-up Actions Taken: Amnestics were administered to all faculty and students. Standard disinformation countermeasures were employed.

Event Description: An email is sent to, as near as the Foundation can determine, every active email address in existence, including Foundation intranet-only addresses. The contents are identical across all emails and consist of the following message, in Spanish: "Hi, this is Jorge. It has been fun playing with you, but I am going to visit friends next door now. I will be back later to collect my toys. Take care of the place!" Backtracing reveals that all emails originated from the same unassigned IP address.
Date of Occurrence: 12/21/████
Location: N/A
Follow-up Actions Taken: Foundation agents edited the internet-rumor-debunking site ██████.com to include a statement that the email was a massive hoax. The Foundation has periodically mass-emailed similar messages to more limited audiences as a smokescreen. The originating IP address is being monitored for any further activity.

Event Description: A weather report via ███ █ News showing a 5-day forecast shows in the background a cloud formation resembling SCP-████.
Date of Occurrence: 11/11/████
Location: ██ ███████, ██
Follow-up Actions Taken: Amnestics administered to anchors and cameramen, as well as all members in the area who saw said broadcast. Mobile Task Force Nu-6 posted false posts on █-████'s subforum /█/ posing as a group of hackers claiming responsibility. Area monitored for future reoccurrences.

Event Description: A large portion of rock on the east rim of the ██████ █████ waterfall abruptly eroded, altering the shape of the cascade. As a result, all views of the waterfall adopted a slight memetic property. Anyone seeing the landscape began to perceive the "click" noise heard on swallowing as a voice saying the word "coke." Photographs and video recordings made at this time had the same effect.
Date of Occurrence: 08/24/████
Location: ██████ █████, ███████
Follow-up Actions Taken: The event lasted for roughly thirty minutes and affected an estimated ███ people. Foundation agents were beginning to secure the area when another section of the waterfall underwent a similar change, nullifying the memetic effect. Affected patrons were [DATA EXPUNGED] according to standard meme scrubbing protocols. Cover story placed and all photos and videos confiscated. Region is to be given special attention in future.

Event Description: All water supplies within the ██████████ Building, Leicester produced a viscous blue liquid that witnesses reported to taste of [REDACTED], subjects who imbibed the liquid were [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in █ casualties.
Date of Occurrence: ██/12/████
Location: ██████████ Building, Leicester, United Kingdom
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-A amnestic administered to all witnesses, agents currently investigating the local pumping station.

Event Description: A man, believed to be ████████ ██████, a suspected associate of the group known as Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd., entered an abandoned factory at ███ ██████ in the Brazilian city of Salvador. Mr. ██████ was being tracked by two Foundation operatives who followed him into the building. A sound of bubbling water followed by gunshots was heard from within the building, and upon entry the operatives found Mr. ██████'s body in a state of advanced decomposition associated with at least three weeks of exposure to the elements, despite only five minutes elapsing between him entering the building and the discovery of the body. A pistol, which had been fired three times, was found in his hand. No sign of his target or possible attacker was found.
Date of Occurence: ██/15/████
Location: ███ ██████, Salvador, State of Bahia, Brazil.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Information suppressed in local media. Body removed from site by Foundation operatives disguised as Brazilian Federal Police and interred at morgue at Site-██.

Event Description: Six sperm whale carcasses were found beached along a 2km stretch of coastline at ████████, New Zealand. When autopsy was performed as part of a civilian research program, it was discovered that the chest cavity of all six whales had been hollowed out postmortem without any damage being done to the exterior of the animals. Exploration of the chest cavity revealed the chest cavity of each whale had somehow been stuffed with what appears to be machinery components trapped in clear plastic.
Date of Occurrence: ██/18/████
Location: ████████, New Zealand.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Area sealed. All members of the research team detained and administered Class-A Amnestics. False story disseminated claiming that the decomposition of the whales' bodies had led to the build-up of toxic gas inside the carcasses, leading to government intervention on grounds of public health. Masses found inside body cavities removed and shipped to Storage Site-██. Remains incinerated in the field and disposed of through normal channels.

Event Description: Between three and four men wearing black clothes and masks broke into ██████ ████ Art Museum, which was at the time hosting an exhibition of the work of local artist ██████ ████. The men evaded security and stole three paintings from this exhibit. Two security cameras capture the men entering the building by way of a cylindrical tunnel which opened in a wall to allow them passage, and which closed as they left, apparently created by a device operated by one of the criminals. No trace of the tunnel or any meaningful forensic evidence was found at the scene.
Date of Occurrence: ██/20/████
Location: ██████ ████ Art Museum, ███████.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Footage destroyed by Foundation operatives embedded in ███████ Police Department, who at the present time have closed the case. Investigation into the criminals and the device used in the robbery were briefly attempted, but nothing of consequence was found.

Event Description: Two male cadavers were found outside of █████ █████ Park, Alabama. Each wore lead masks and and a series of black rashes were visible on the skin of the faces. Locals in the area during the actual event reported that the two men "hovered in the air" for an estimation of 5 minutes before dropping dead. After the bodies were taken to ████ Hospital for autopsy, both the men were seen at the park. They promptly killed any living being within the area, even taking the time to crush insects. Overall, there were █ civilian casualties. When the men were subdued by Operatives from Task Force-██, their bodily organs were found to be completely missing, despite being able to move freely. After the events, the hospital reported that the bodies were missing.
Date of Occurrence: ██/5/████
Location: █████ █████ Park
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics distributed to civilian witness, including the hospital staff involved. Bodies of the two subjects restrained and sent for further research at Site ██.

Event Description: The ██████ ██████ flight between Heathrow, London and Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta suffered a malfunction and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, 800 km from the Azores archipelago. Despite this, all passengers and crew walked out the destination gate, remembering only a regular flight.
Date of Occurrence: ██/11/████
Location: North Atlantic Ocean
Follow-up Actions Taken: Information suppressed and mass amnestic treatment performed, recovery of aircraft underway.

Event Description: The north exterior wall of the ████████ Bank in █████, Ukraine burst outward. Debris was found to have landed in such a way as to spell "ĈU NI ESTAS MOJOSAJ ANKORAŬ". Three days later, SCP-███ produced a short message reading "It wasn't us. —Two Eye Oracle".
Date of Occurrence: 27/02/19██
Location: █████, Ukraine
Follow-up Actions Taken: Witnesses given amnestics. Police documentation seized.

Event Description: The town of ██████ was struck with an unidentifiable wave of energy, negating gravity and briefly lifting the entire town twenty meters into the air. The entire town was destroyed and a large amount of the population was killed.
Date of Occurrence: 13/04/195█
Location: ████
Follow-up Actions Taken: Media and survivors were given a cover story of a rogue meteorite impact.

Event Description: Every domesticated cat inside the city limits of ██████, Norway traveled 10.9 km SE to ██████████████, Sweden over period of 8 hours. Cats congregated in groupings of 13-25 in a field behind [DATA EXPUNGED] for 2 hours, then dispersed.
Date of Occurrence: 25/09/2009
Location: Norway/ Swedish border
Follow-up Actions Taken: Cats returned of own accord to their homes. Any footage of gathering confiscated for study. Witnesses processed, debriefed, and administered Class B Amnestic. Field searched for abnormalities, blood and urine samples taken from cats in affected areas. No anomalies found. Both ██████ and the field will be under surveillance until 30/09/2014.

Event Description: A miniature High-Precipitation Super-cell thunderstorm formed in █████████, Alaska, and situated itself roughly six (6) feet above the residence of one █████ ████ where it remained stationary for several hours, finally dissipating at 4:30 A.M. It should be noted that even in spite of the sub zero temperatures, the cloud was able to produce liquid rain alongside the normal wind and lightning.
Date of Occurrence: 12/14/20██
Location: █████████, Alaska
Follow-up Actions Taken: Due to the fact that only a handful of witnesses observed the anomaly, a cover-up story blaming a local radio station for causing the event via inadvertently manipulating factory emissions was easily swallowed by the public.

Event Description: During a 24-hour period, all roadkill within 5 km of a 30 km stretch of I-██ appeared to be marsupial mammals native to Australia. Despite some corpses being extremely fresh, there were no reports of motorists striking unusual animals.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2007
Location: Between ███████████ and ███████, Ohio, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Corpses collected and incinerated after analysis revealed them to be non-anomalous. Amnestics provided to witnesses. Standard media coverup procedures enacted.

Event Description: Automated systems worldwide behaved as though an extra day occurred at the end of July. Analysis of planetary motion and stellar alignment confirm presence of 367 days in the year.
Date of Occurrence: 32/7/1996
Location: Global
Follow-up Actions Taken: Hard data revealing date confiscated and destroyed. Most individuals have naturally put the event out of their minds. Foundation-sponsored disinformation campaigns persist.

Event Description: Citizens report encountering a Caucasian male, of short and light-weight physique walking nervously around the town center wearing what was described as a renaissance-fair costume. Subject was reported to be extremely distressed and was speaking to himself in a language later identified as Middle English. Event lasted for approximately 16 minutes.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ███████, Kent, United Kingdom.
Follow-up Actions Taken: A small-scale medieval parade was initiated and local media was suppressed. Three eyewitnesses were interviewed and administered Class C amnestics. Subject was never located, nor identified. A minor Foundation surveillance station was set up in the area. ███████ and its surroundings are to be monitored until 01/01/2003.

Event Description: All lawnmowers in the city of █████ and the surrounding suburbs began emitting high pitched laughter when turned on, in addition to normal sounds produced by the engine. Event lasted for 2 hours and 11 minutes.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20██
Location: █████, FL, United States.
Follow-up Actions Taken: All affected devices seized by Foundation assets under the pretense of a manufacturers recall. Affected devices showed no anomalous properties, and were returned to the original owners after 10 months of observation.

Event Description: All active computers within [REDACTED]km of every active MTF displayed a black screen with the words "WE SEE YOU ALL SCURRYING ABOUT" in white Times New Roman Font in the middle of the screen.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: [REDACTED]
Follow-up Actions Taken: All known affected devices seized and Class C amnestics were administered to all known witnesses. No devices showed any anomalous properties other than superficial burn damage on all affected hard drives.

Event Description: Within the span of 30 minutes, a total of ██ civilians in ███████ Park were mysteriously killed when their heads spontaneously exploded. Several bystanders recorded the occurrence, and videos were posted on sites such as ███████.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20██
Location: ███████, ██, Canada
Follow-up Actions Taken: All witnesses were administered Class-A amnestics, and the videos were pulled from the internet.

Event Description: During a speech to a public committee, the mayor of ████████, FL began continuously chuckling at a pun made by an legislative observer for approximately 4.5 hours straight before collapsing into a nearby chair and passing out. He claims to have no memory of the event, nor did anyone else in the room during the speech. The only available evidence of its occurrence was captured entirely on camera.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/19██
Location: ████████, Florida
Follow-up Actions Taken: Any and all witnesses who videotaped the event, along with anyone who viewed the videotapes themselves were given Class B Amnestics, and all resulting videotapes were wiped clean. The mayor himself is under minor surveillance from select members of the Foundation.

Event Description: A forklift being operated at a manufacturing plant underwent spontaneous compression, compacting into a .5m radius sphere in approximately ten seconds. Forklift operator witnessed the entire event from less than 1m away, but remained unaffected.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20██
Location: █████ ████████, Indiana
Follow-up Actions Taken: Witnesses administered Class B amnestics. Forklift remains confiscated and housed in large storage locker at Site-19; analysis reveals no anomalous properties. Facility is under light surveillance. No further incidents reported to date.

Event Description: A home in the neighborhood of ███████ █████ spontaneously flipped over, causing death to its █ occupants as well as minor damage to connected power lines as well as water and gas pipes.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/200█
Location: ███ █████, California
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class B amnestics were administered to all witnesses. The event was blamed on a gas explosion and the rubble was cleared. The lot was purchased by the Foundation for further study.

Event Description: ██ books in the ███████ library spontaneously ignited. Witnesses reported that the fires unexpectedly did not spread to adjacent books. The fires burned for ██ minutes until the books were completely incinerated.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/200█
Location: ███████, West Virginia
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-B amnestics were administered to all witnesses. The burnt books were explained as vandalism. As Foundation agents on site were unable to determine any potential causes of the fires, the library, its employees, and all who were present on the day of the incident will be under passive surveillance until no earlier than 20██.

Event Description: During a bank robbery, all hostages (██ customers, ██ employees) are spontaneously transformed into immobile naked skeletons; transformation is visible on all security cameras. Thieves fire several shots, damaging six skeletons and breaking two windows, then abandon the robbery and flee the scene. As local law enforcement enters the bank, all skeletons instantly revert to clothed living humans, with no memory of the robbery having occurred; hostages whose skeletons were damaged by gunfire immediately experience corresponding injuries (three fatally).
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/199█
Location: [REDACTED], Nebraska
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-B amnestics administered to all surviving witnesses. Deaths of hostages explained as results of unsuspected congenital vascular defects; autopsies reveal no anomalies. Thieves die in multi-vehicle collision while attempting to evade police pursuit; autopsies reveal no anomalies. Footage from security cameras confiscated. Damage to bank premises explained as result of vandals.

Event Description: After Long Island citizen ███████ ██████ died of alcohol-damage related illness, a recliner chair in his home began ascending at speeds of exactly 3.6m/s before eventually accelerating to 16.3m/s. Attempts at stopping the ascent were futile, and the chair broke through any barriers placed in its way. It has since then left the atmosphere and is believed to be orbiting Jupiter.
Date of Occurrence: 2/15/201█
Location: ███████████, New York
Follow-up Actions Taken: Any footage of the incident was wiped and pulled off the internet. Class-A Amnestics were given to witnesses. Foundation operatives in various space programs are advised to destroy any information of the chair if found.

Event Description: During a showing of the movie █████-██ █████, the mildly decomposed corpse of area man █████ ███████ manifests in the same spatial location as its currently living owner, hovering in a supine position and intersecting through the upper torso. The living instance of Mr. ███████ is killed immediately by airway and circulatory obstruction. None of the other theater patrons become aware of the event until the movie ends.
Date of Occurrence: 3/18/████
Location: ██████ ██████, DC, USA
Follow-up Actions Taken: Witnesses given Class-A Amnestics. Movie investigated, nothing of interest found. Bodies of █████ ███████ recovered and autopsied, found to be fused at the molecular level. Intersection of arteries found to spell the word "drums" in the chest cavity. No further anomalies found.

Event Description: All bottles, cans, and drinking glasses in ██████ spontaneously become solid - to elaborate, the hollow or liquid-filled space inside them transfigures to be made of their surface building material. All formerly contained liquid is found in the nearby ███████████ River.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ██████, Germany
Follow-up Actions Taken: All liquid vessels secured and examined; no anomalies found. Vessels replaced. Witnesses given Class-A Amnestics. Foreign substances in ███████████ River explained as industrial contamination from a sunken garbage barge upstream.

Event Description: Eighty-eight thousand, eight hundred and eighty-eight citizens of the state of New Jersey fractured their left scaphoid bones within a two-hour period; radiography showed that all fractures were identical down to a sub-millimeter level.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: various hospitals throughout New Jersey
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-A amnestics administered to radiography technicians.

Event Description: A young gray dog got fat and blew up. It blew up at a sports game but most folks did not see it. There was much hot rock salt at the scene. If you try to say things re: the dog or the blow-up you can't use words with more than one word-piece.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ███ ███████, █████
Follow-up Actions Taken: The dog parts got cleaned up. The hot rock salt got cleaned up too. The dog did not have tags so we could not find the one who owned it. We gave the folks who saw the dog blow up Class-B mind wipe meds. We told the news that it did not take place. We took the news tapes that saw it take place.

Event Description: An apartment complex in █████ ██████ momentarily became invisible. When the building became visible again roughly 40 seconds later, all tenants were missing their coccyges. Further investigation located the missing coccyges in a plastic bucket in a greengrocer's 2.5 kilometers south of the complex. In addition, television signals being received inside the apartment complex after the event experienced a delay of roughly 40 seconds.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ██████ ██████, █████ ██████, England
Follow-up Actions Taken: Apartment tenants were given localized Class-C amnestics. Coccyges taken into containment and monitored. CCTV footage confiscated and wiped. The building's power was shut off and turned back on; this normalized the television reception.

Event Description: Viewers of the popular late-night talk show ████ █████ ██ ███ █████ reported seeing two different episodes. Approximately 40% watched an episode featuring the famous actor █████ ███ and the musical guest ██ ██████ , while the other 60% watched an episode with ██ ██████ with appearance by stand-up comedian ████ ██. Neither one of these episodes was the one which had actually broadcast, and neither one has ever been filmed.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: TV sets throughout the US that were tuned on ███
Follow-up Actions Taken: All recordings of the anomalous episodes showed the actually broadcast episode in later viewings. Viewer's memories of the anomalous episodes seem to have completely faded by themselves by ██/██/████. ███ channel officials who had been contacted about the episodes were administered Class C amnestics and their internal investigation into the matter aborted. Social networks mentioning the matter were intercepted and edited.

Event Description: Forty-nine fresh human corpses appear in the master bedroom of a home undergoing construction, during the approximately 30 seconds between the installation of a door in the doorframe, and the opening of the door for the first time. All corpses were of the same individual (identified as former United States Senator Joseph McCarthy, 1908-1957) at different ages, ranging from an estimated 48 years old to a newborn with umbilical cord still attached. Autopsies revealed that the corpses had all died of aortic dissection; aortic damage was identical on each corpse.
Date of Occurrence: 14/11/1999
Location: Donaustadt, Vienna, Austria
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-B amnestics administered to construction personnel; class-A amnestics administered to first responders. Home acquired by Foundation and placed under surveillance; no further anomalous phenomena or properties detected. Corpses taken into custody for analysis; no anomalous properties or phenomena detected; corpses currently maintained in Site-19 low-value storage freezer. Remains of original Joseph McCarthy exhumed and analyzed, and re-interred after no anomalous properties or phenomena detected. Foundation pathologists unable to detect any signs of actual or incipient aortic dissection in remains of original Joseph McCarthy, but emphasize difficulty of detecting such signs in remains which have undergone natural decomposition for over 40 years.

Event Description: A group of 10 tourists reported an ocean wave of humanoid aspect. The wave remained still until it disappeared 15 minutes later. Tourists claimed that the entity talked to them about [REDACTED] and how to avoid it. No photographic evidence was found about the event. Within a few weeks of the event, the story of "Ghost of the Ocean" was enacted.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2001
Location: Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class-A Amnesiacs were applied to subjects and a cover story was established, saying that the event was a little test for the movie "█████: A tale of ████ and ███". Small observation team was assigned to the area.

Event Description: Four office buildings were found upside down on their foundations in ██████████, perfectly balanced.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ██████████, ██
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnesiac administered to witnesses in the vicinity, buildings demolished, funds given to reconstruct buildings "demolished due to structural integrity issues."

Event Description: A parrot was owned by the █████ family was discovered to have the ability to sing the entirety of the song "Crazy Train" by John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne, including vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. No member of the family ever recalls the parrot hearing it.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ███ ████████, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics distributed to to the █████ family; parrot seized and ensconced in the Site 19 Anomalous Wildlife Habitat.

Event Description: For approximately 12 minutes, all shed human blood within a 15-km radius of ██████, France spontaneously turned into centipedes. All centipedes in the area turned back into blood following the cessation of the event.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
Location: ██████, France
Follow-up Actions Taken: Aerosolized amnestics were deployed over the town; additional amnestics were distributed to women on menstrual periods during the event, due to extreme emotional distress rendering the aerosolized version ineffective.

Event Description: A translucent image of a pair of undulating, bell-bottomed denim pants was visible at high altitude, superimposed over the sun. Image was visible between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00 for a period of 2 days, fading from view around 12:30 on the third day. Event was visible in multiple locations simultaneously, within a 10km radius centered outside the limits of nearby cities.
Date of Occurrence: 02/08/2000-04/08/2000
Location: Bayan Nur and Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China, and Dalanzadgad, Mongolia
Follow-up Actions Taken: Proximity to sun limited direct observations, making suppression simpler than anticipated. Interviews with locals revealed reluctance to discuss event due to fear of being seen as mentally unstable. Amnestics administered to subjects interviewed. Due to location of event sites, Oyu Tolgoi mine in Mongolia was investigated, but no causal link could be ascertained. No further events recorded.

Event Description: On four separate occasions, live hand grenades manifested and were ejected into several vehicles in southeast Asia and Australia, including 7 cars and 2 motorboats. Interviews with survivors failed to ascertain source of grenades or potential suspects. Grenade failed to ignite during last confirmed incident in the gulf of Thailand, allowing for retrieval. The grenade was an American Mk 1 "Pineapple" hand grenade, introduced in 1917 and discontinued before seeing use. Grenade itself bore no manufacturing marks and was not anomalous.
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/198█
Location: ██████, Australia, █████ ██████, Malaysia, ██████, Cambodia, ████████, Cambodia, Gulf of Thailand, South China Sea.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Amnestics administered to survivors. Cover stories given of gas explosion in █ of the incidents. Sea-faring events explained as conventional sinking due to collisions with oceanic debris. Event has not re-occurred since 198█.

Event Description: All copies of James Joyce's Ulysses vanished from five libraries within the city of █████, Ohio. After a duration of four hours, all copies reappeared in a hospital in ████, New Jersey with all vowels omitted from each word in all copies.
Date of Occurrence: █/█/1999
Location: █████, Ohio, ████, New Jersey.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Copies were confiscated by Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers") and Class A amnestics were administered to all affected civilians.

Event Description: All visually impaired students within the ████████ School for the Blind temporarily became invisible, while also gaining the ability to see. While all anomalies subsided in one hour, two students remain unaccounted for.
Date of Occurrence: ██-██-19██
Location: Binghamton, New York
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class B amnestics given to all students and faculty shortly after event. A cover story for the missing students was established, explaining they were kidnapped. While this is a low level security breach, the Foundation has no longer made it priority to recover the missing subjects.

Event Description: All written text at the Theater Department at ██████-██ University spontaneously converted to Wingdings. Digital text remained unaffected until printed out. All affected text contained the phrase "You don't need a script to pretend to be someone else! You're doing it right now! ( ・ω・)"
Date of Occurrence: ██-██-2014
Location: Staten Island, New York
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class A amnestics were administered to all students and faculty present. Affected books were incinerated, and are currently being replaced.

Event Description: A naked human male spontaneously manifests in a crowded courthouse, holding a canned soda, a human head, and SCP-███. Witnesses report the man looked around, as though confused, before saying "Why did I come in here again?" and disappearing.
Date of Occurrence: ██-██-2002
Location: Miami, Florida
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class C amnesics given to all witnesses and all video evidence has been incinerated, and a cover story is currently being placed.

Event Description: A translucent digital clock approximately 3 km across appeared in the sky about 1.5 km above the ground. The anomaly counted down from 05:55. It stopped short at 01:13 before disappearing completely.
Date of Occurrence: ██-██-2006
Location: Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada.
Follow-up Actions Taken: Anomaly was only witnessed by a single fishing trawler. Class C amnestics issued to the entire crew.

Event Description: A civil defense siren in ███████, Wyoming emitted sounds resembling those of a crying infant during a test run. Concurrently, 2-year-old Cameron █████ emitted the sound of a siren going off at 126 decibels in ████████, Connecticut for approximately 2 and a half minutes. Residents in the latter area suffered from lasting ear damage, though Cameron █████ himself suffered no ill effects.
Date of Occurrence: ██-██-2008
Location: ███████, Wyoming and ████████, Connecticut
Follow-up Actions Taken: Class B amnestics were administered to witnesses in both areas and a cover story was used to explain the ear damage.

Event Description: All clocks in the city were observed to have moved forwards by 3 seconds despite no physical tampering
Date of Occurrence: ██-██-2000
Location: Melbourne City, Australia
Follow-up Actions Taken: All clocks in the country were turned forwards by 3 seconds to be in sync with the anomalous clocks.

Event Description: ██ men in high-tech diving suits with brass knuckles were reported to be seen parachuted from a plane at a beach in ██████, ███████. Most of the unidentified men disappeared after Foundation personnel's arrival and over ███ shark carcasses were seen floating near the shore.
Date of Occurrence: ██-██-2008
Location: ██████, ███████
Follow-up Actions Taken: Foundation personnel managed to evacuate all civillians and administer Class A amnestics. The Foundation was able to capture only one man on site, who later committed suicide from drinking a potion full of an unidentified type of sparkling, hissing, green liquid.

Event Description: At exactly 0104 hours, several computers in Singapore begun spontaneously emitting a series of low-pitched beeps, later discovered to be Morse code. Partial transcription of the Morse code reveals [REDACTED]. The incident was first witnessed by personnel overseeing SCP-████, with several Foundation computers affected. Automated Foundation monitoring of the internet and operatives embedded within call centers for various computer companies later confirms that incident was witnessed by at least ██ additional civilians on their computers.
Date of Occurrence: ██-██-2014
Location: Singapore
Follow-up Actions Taken: No anomalies were detected in the affected Foundation computers' hardware and software following a thorough investigation, and is not believed to represent a security breach. Civilians who contacted call centers for technical support due to the incident, as well as all involved call center personnel, were contacted, debriefed, and administered Class B amnesiacs. Monitoring of individuals who posted about the incident on social media and internet forums (estimated to consist of only █ to ██ individuals) shows that most have naturally forgotten about the event, chalked it up to their own imagination, or attributed it to unknown computer malware, with a small portion of individuals choosing to wipe and reinstall their computer's operating system.

Event Description: At exactly 06:00 PM all paintings and pictures within The National Art Gallery in London suddenly changed into similar portraits of at least 50 known associates and members of the foundation, including operatives, agents, research staff, containment specialists, site directors and Class-D personnel. The Foundation has no record of producing such portraits. All portraits had the names of the people they bared written below.
Date of Occurrence: 03/06/2009
Locations: National Art Gallery, London
Follow-up Actions Taken: All new portraits were taken into Foundation custody and incinerated. Counterfeit paintings were used as replacements. Class A amnesiacs were administrated to all witnesses and any video footage that captured the event was destroyed. All embedded agents whose portrait were present at the event were temporarily withdrawn and issued new aliases, as ordered by 05-█.

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