Log of Unexplained Locations
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Foreword: This page is to be devoted to the documentation of low threat anomalous locations which have been discovered by the SCP Foundation over the years. Although all locations listed in this document warrant securing and cover-up measures, none of them are closely enough tied to an underlying anomalous cause or considered a high enough containment or research priority to warrant full Special Containment Procedure documentation. This list may be used as a resource should knowledge of these locations become useful or necessary in the future.
– Doctor ██████ █████, Head of Containment, Site ██

All personnel wishing to create an entry may utilize the following format for convenience.

**Location Description:**
**Date of Containment:**
**Security Protocol:**

Location Description: An area of approximately 27 square meters where fire cannot exist. Any existing fire will spontaneously extinguish when it enters the area, and no substances will ignite while in the area.
Date of Containment: █/██/████
Location: Yosemite National Park, California, USA.
Security Protocol: Foundation outpost constructed over area and disguised as a ranger station. Structure designated a non-smoking area.

Location Description: A spherical area 5 meters in diameter. Any human subjects located inside the sphere will experience visual hallucinations, viewing any space outside the sphere as a real-time view of the Martian sky and surface. All effects cease when the subject leaves the sphere.
Date of Containment: ██/██/████
Location: Cardiff, Wales.
Security Protocol: "Stars and Constellations Planetarium" front company constructed around the anomaly. Anomalous location contained in a "Staff Only" area.

Location Description: A street where any noise perceived by humans or electronic devices is followed exactly two seconds afterward by an exact copy of the sound. The echo effect does not extend to sounds caused by the echo effect.
Date of Containment: █/█/████
Location: ██████ ██, Surat, India.
Security Protocol: Road blocked off and removed from maps.

Location Description: An exact replica of the Disneyland USA theme park as it appeared on July 16, 1955, constructed entirely of steel.
Date of Containment: ██/█/████
Location: The Moon.
Security Protocol: All NASA images and public photographs containing the location edited. Internet activity to be continually monitored for information leaks.

Location Description: A 2.23 meter by 2.23 meter square area of ground. Once a human has stood on this area for 5 or more minutes, all humans encountering the subject for the next 120 hours will experience the olfactory hallucination that the subject smells of strawberries.
Date of Containment: ██/█/████
Location: Plant City, Florida
Security Protocol: A strawberry field is planted over the area and is sustained by the Foundation front company "Strawberry and Cantaloupe Plantations."

Location Description: A country ranch. All buildings on the ranch and all matter contained inside them are an undifferentiated blue. Despite the lack of shading, color, and opacity contrast, humans are fully capable of discerning shapes and form within the affected areas, occasionally to a greater extent than they can outside the anomaly.
Date of Containment: █/█/████
Location: Fallon, Nevada.
Security Protocol: Ranch purchased and closed to the public. Satellite images of the ranch edited.

Location Description: A circular area approximately 46 meters in diameter. Gravity in this area does not conform to regular laws or models, lessening and partially reversing at points.
Date of Containment: ██/█/1945
Location: Santa Cruz, California
Security Protocol: Due to public popularity at the time of the confirmation of anomalous activity, location permitted to continue operating as "The Mystery Spot", a local tourist attraction. Every several years, theories are to be leaked through the scientific community as to possible causes for the anomaly, such as optical illusions or geographical positioning.

Location Description: A storage warehouse. Any organisms possessing sex chromosomes will spontaneously convert to the opposite biological sex upon entering the warehouse. Effects will reverse immediately upon exiting the warehouse. Effects do not trigger or reverse for pregnant organisms.
Date of Containment: 14/2/2001
Location: █████, Michigan
Security Protocol: Warehouse bought and closed to the public.

Location Description: A sphere 5 meters in radius. All humans who are caught in the sphere spontaneously vocalize, in English, "boy, I wish I had a nice cold Pepsi right now" regardless of native language or knowledge of the Pepsi brand.
Date of Containment: 29/2/1968
Location: In interplanetary space, static relative to the Sun at approximately the same altitude and inclination as the Earth.
Security Protocol: Due to the difficulty of studying this area astronomically and the erratic nature of the affected locations, modeling software capable of predicting future affected locations is still in development. Currently, mentions of the above phrase are monitored on social media, with amnestics distributed at the discretion of security personnel.

Location Description: A housing estate measuring 50m x 35m, designed by Architect ███ █████ in 1986 but never inhabited. It is constructed in five spatial dimensions, explorations revealing paradoxical but consistent geometry.
Date of Containment: 02/06/1987
Location: ██████████, Scotland
Security Protocol: Purchased, and infrasonic repellants installed. Demolition request denied. ███ █████ now designated POI-5536.

Location Description: Kydatogorsk is a nonexistant town in the Ural mountains. It appears in encyclopedias and travelogues, and under questioning the authors recall writing the descriptions but not researching or visiting the area. It is shown on geological and topographic maps, but not satellite images.
Date of Containment: Partial containment since 1976
Location: Documents of the region
Security Protocol: Agents placed in publishing companies. Anti-memetic strategies under consideration.

Location Description: An underground mine (about 2 kilometers deep) where it is constantly raining. The mine does not flood.
Date of Containment:█/█/████
Locations: ████ Arizona, through the edge of Utah.
Security Protocol: All entrances blocked off, signs posted that state "Dangerous! Mine Unstable!"

Location Description: An irregular area ~2.3km in diameter, from where two suns are visible in the sky.
Date of Containment: ██/██/1998
Location: Kharan Desert, Pakistan
Security Protocol: Cordoning of region, explained by nuclear testing.

Location Description: A hotel. Sounds generated in rooms repeat exactly 871 days later.
Date of Containment: 23/12/1956
Location: Rooms 331-338, Apex Hotel, Cairo
Security Protocol: Site purchased. Unaffected rooms used as accommodation for visiting agents.

Location Description: A 2m x 2m square of a swamp that causes an American bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeiana) to manifest on the top of the head of any human who enters it. This bullfrog vanishes upon exiting the area.
Date of Containment: 07/01/2009
Location: ████████, Maryland
Security Protocol: Property purchased and closed to the public.

Location Description: An irregular volume ~500x300x250m, where only medieval French can be spoken. Attempts to speak other languages result in inability to exhale.
Date of Containment: 07/03/2001
Location: ~1500m above 23°N, 271°W
Security Protocol: Air flights redirected to avoid anomaly.

Location Description: An abandoned building where every five years, approximately 1,000 non-anomalous typewriters from the early 1900's materialize. All textual documentation about the building appears in 12pt Pica font.
Date of Containment:02/08/2016
Location: ████████
Security Protocol: The building has been restored. Typewriters are sold online from a closed internet connection after being checked for anomalies.
Note: Effects do not appear to work when not mentioning the building, and only mentioning the typewriters.

Location Description:A 3m x 3m x 3m area. Despite the surrounding temperature, there will always be 30 cm of snow on the ground. Upon leaving the area, the snow instantly melts.
Date of Containment:02/04/2016
Location:Mojave desert, Nevada
Security Protocol: A 4m x 4m x 4m steel room has been set up around the perimeter

Location Description: A roughly 7m x 6m x 4m x 2m piece of land, where all plant life will grow identical 3cm x 3cm square 4 petaled red flowers on their surface every 4 days. Plants will deform slowly until becoming incoherent masses of plant matter that cannot sustain themselves.
Date of Containment: 11/18/1988
Location: ██████ Jungle, U.K.
Security Protocol: Small locked "abandon shack" surrounding the area, successfully used to neutralize SCP-████. Experimenting on other plants under consideration.

Location Description: A 30x25 yard piece of land that no organism except for plants can breach.
Date of Containment: 24/12/19██
Location: ████ Australia
Security Protocol: Signs stating that this site is off limits to public because of dangerous microbial life are around the area. Tests are ongoing into why this area has said properties.

Location Description: School classroom where all geometric drawings have one fewer side than normal. Triangles have 2 sides but remain triangular, circles are points, and points [REDACTED].
Date of Containment: 24/06/1984
Location: Room 4, St. Cedric's Primary School, Surrey, UK
Security Protocol: Doors and windows bricked up, room fitted with intruder alarms.

Location Description: An abandoned mine where personal forenames written with an 's' cannot be remembered. The effect also occurs in non-western names commonly transliterated with 's'.
Date of Containment: 30/09/1974
Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Security Protocol: Shaft kept flooded with toxic gas; area declared unsafe.

Location Description: A village in Kazakhstan where randomly throughout the day every inhabitant will spontaneously fall asleep for anywhere between 6 hours to 5 days. Non-permanent inhabitants are unaffected.
Date of Containment: 12/04/████
Location: ████████, Kazakhstan
Security Protocol: Due to semi-regular recurrence of this phenomenon the village has been placed under surveillance for further study. No further action has been taken.

Location Description: A 4.9km square area of land, where the song "We Built This City" by Starship can be heard playing at ~115 decibels. The exact source of the music is unclear, but it appears to originate from the sky. The song repeats continuously, with no apparent end.
Date of Containment: 01/08/19██
Location Uninhabited land in south-western Libya, near the Algerian border.
Security Protocol: Area cordoned off. Branded as toxic chemical waste site.

Location Description:A housing development where, every night, at exactly 2121 and 0101 hours, the sound of a large explosion, measured at ~300db can be heard from the sky. The sound stays strictly within the area of the planned neighborhood, and cannot be heard outside these bounds.
Date of Containment:5/10/20██
Location:A small suburb outside of ███████, Washington.
Security Protocol: All homes destroyed, covered up with a story of a freak forest fire. Area designated an endangered species habitat to prevent further construction.

Location Description: A 6 square foot patch of land that is always shaded. It appears in the middle of a field with no sign of any objects that obstruct light. It does not shade people who enter, and only affects the ground.
Date of Containment: 27/09/19██
Location: Granville, Ohio, USA
Security Protocol: A Foundation-managed horse farm is currently surrounding the anomaly. A sign stating it is private property is kept outside of it.
Location Description: A small town in Belarus. At approximately 13:30, between 1 and 124 residents will sing "Rosanna" by Toto. Instrumental portions will be mimicked by the affected residents. Subjects show no memory of this event.
Date of Containment: 13/04/2013
Location: ██████████, Belarus
Security Protocol: No less than 2 researchers are to be kept in the town to observe effects. No further action is to be taken at this time.

Location Description: An apartment in Australia. When objects which are either identified as vacuum cleaners or function as a vacuum cleaner enter the apartment, they then experience gravity at roughly one-hundredth its usual strength. This effect does not reverse upon leaving the apartment. Identified following news reports showing a man "gliding using a Roomba".
Date of Containment: 13/07/2015
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Security Protocol: The apartment has been bought by a Foundation proxy company and is now inhabited by an agent.

Location Description: A wooden shed in the middle of a field in ████, Iowa. Anything entering the door of the shed is transported to a hallway in the basement level of site-35.
Date of Containment: 6/14/1999
Location: ████, Iowa
Security Protocol: 5 meter area around the shed barricaded with barbed-wire fence. Signs posted containing memetic amnestic agents to prevent unauthorized access. Site-35 personnel have been notified of the possible threat to security and additional security measures have been installed on-site.

Location Description: A small one story house. Sand continually flows in two inch wide paths from underneath the doors of the rooms connected to the hallway - including a bathroom and two bedrooms - to other doors. No sand has ever been located or detected within the rooms.
Date of Containment: 24/8/2010
Location: Miami, Florida
Security Protocol: A single agent has been assigned to live in the house full-time and observe the anomaly for changes.

Location Description: A 7.4x by 9.2x pond of soda about 26 ft. deep. The contents of the puddle were analyzed and discovered to be of the Fanta Orange company's recipe.
Date of Containment: █/██/██
Location: Near Allan Nunatak, Mars.
Security Protocol: Satellite imagery of the region is to be altered to hide the pond if possible. Contact with NASA has been made to prevent rovers taking imagery of the location since discovery of the anomaly on █/██/██.
Notes: Am I the only one who thinks this could be used to aid attempts to survive on Mars by future astronauts and colonists? Should probably be kept in mind for the future.
- Dr. Muldoon

Location Description: An apartment where loud screams can be heard, only by those under 12, whenever anyone under 12 tries to sleep in the beds. The screams are said to come from under the beds, and cause those who hear it to believe that monsters are under the beds.
Date of Containmemt: 9/8/2013.
Location: New York, NY.
Security Protocol: Apartment blocked off with tape. Tenants given refunds and amnesticized.

Location Description: A 3m x 3m area of empty land. Area is suspected to be void of light, appearing to be completely black from within the area. Whether or not the area is actually devoid of light is undetermined, due to difficulty of observation.
Date of Containment: 7/8/2005
Location: Forsyth, Georgia
Security Protocol: Surrounding area is fenced off and disguised as a stud farm. One Foundation Agent is to be stationed in a house near the premises.

Location Description: A 5m x 5m x 5m cabin with a single 1m x 2m window located in the center of one of the sides, with no other windows or doors on any other side. It is possible to see within the cabin a humanoid figure standing in the middle of the area with a single light bulb hanging on the ceiling, illuminating the figure. The figure doesn't move and the light bulb doesn't seem to be connected to any power source, but it is turned on at all times.
Date of Containment: 27/2/2001
Location: ████████, South Sudan, Africa.
Security Protocol: Surrounding area is fenced off, with two security cameras located at one of the fences, facing the windowed wall.

Location Description: A 250493.29km area encompassing the entire state of Michigan. All road work and/or road maintenance within this area take approximately 3 times longer to complete than what would normally be needed.
Date of Containment: 4/6/1904
Location: Michigan, USA
Security Protocol: None is currently needed, as residents of Michigan view it as a result of the state's unpredictable weather fluctuations.

Location Description: Research Site-288. All computers within the site that are capable of carrying the Windows 7 operation system will have their current operation system transferred to Windows 7 over the course of 2 days.
Date of Containment: 26/10/2009
Location: ████████████████, Iceland.
Security Protocol: No extensive containment protocols are necessary due to the secrecy of the area. Files accessed in Site-288 have been modified to be able to run on Windows 7.

Location Description: A small section of land (30m x 30m) that will cause any being to walk into it to immediately walk away from it after 1 second of entry. Anyone with substantial mental resistance will be pushed away by an unknown force.
Date of Containment: 9/9/2002
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Security Protocol: Story of radioactive waste implanted. Area closed off by common barricades.

Location Description: An empty, cement schoolyard where every other year small-scale natural disasters occur. Disasters do not appear to be tangible, and have included a sandstorm and tornado.
Date of Containment: 6/21/2017
Location: ██████████ Elementary School, ██, US
Security Protocol: School has been purchased by Foundation. Due to be torn down and blocked off from public under guise of a violation of code involving proximity to power lines. Children and teachers amnesticized.

Location Description: A small industrial shed where the internal temperature is at a constant -2730C (0 Kelvin).
Date of Containment: 24/01/17
Location: Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland
Security Protocol: Shed purchased by Foundation and is now used for cold storage and thermodynamic experiments.

Location Description: A set of approximately 78 stars in unknown locations that form a constellation that resembles the Foundation's main symbol (A large circle, with three distinct arrows pointing to the center). Despite this, the Founder and O5 Command has stated on multiple occasions that they designed the symbol before discovering this constellation.
Date of Containment: 02/23/2015
Location: Directly south of the Gemini constellation.
Security Protocol: Due to the extremely abstract nature of its depiction, no attempts have been made to attempt to contain the constellation.

Location Description: A small shed where a strong odor of decaying bodies is permanently present. The odor can not be perceived outside the shed, and does not cling to clothing or other objects after they have been removed from the location.
Date of Containment: 09/06/2008
Location: 2.68 miles directly north of ████████, Sweden
Security Protocol: Location purchased by the Foundation and walls constructed. Perimeter alarms installed on 09/24/2008.

Location Description: The interior of an ████ brand wardrobe. This space has been revealed to be approximately 2500x bigger than would be expected given its exterior dimensions, and is inhabited by a number of species of saprophytic molds, believed to subsist on the wooden paneling bordering the area. This paneling is presumed to be of unlimited thickness, as borings have provided no reliable limit to its depth.
Date of Containment: ██/03/2017
Location: Determined to exist solely in extradimensional space. Wardrobe entrance relocated to Site-34.
Security Protocol: Due to the pathogenic nature of many fungi inside, entrance is restricted to personnel equipped with Mark-III respiration equipment. Currently used to hold non-perishable equipment.

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