Log of Unexplained Locations

Foreword: This page is to be devoted to the documentation of low threat anomalous locations which have been discovered by the SCP Foundation over the years. Although all locations listed in this document warrant securing and cover-up measures, none of them are closely enough tied to an underlying anomalous cause or considered a high enough containment or research priority to warrant full Special Containment Procedure documentation. This list may be used as a resource should knowledge of these locations become useful or necessary in the future.
– Doctor ██████ █████, Head of Containment, Site ██

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Unexplained Location UE-603760 (edit)
Location Description: A large metal plate fixed to the surface of the moon. The text “Cute Rock in the Sky” is present on the plate.
Apollo 13 was planned to investigate this location as a part of their mission. However, due to an anomalous influence by an unknown force, the mission was aborted and the vessel was forced to return. The incident was covered up as an oxygen leak, and all associated personnel were amnesticized.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Apollo 13 proposed landing site
Security Protocol: The location is to be expunged on photographs. No further action is to take place.

Unexplained Location UE-260448 (edit)
Location Description: A large sphere of pure SCP-148, 4000 kilometers in diameter.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Core of the Moon
Security Protocol: Data is being altered by embedded Foundation agents within space research organizations.

Unexplained Location UE-622480 (edit)
Location Description: An incorporeal runway. Despite the lack of ground, large passenger aircraft are able to land on a long rectangular strip of an unidentified invisible solid. Objects that are not airplanes are completely unaffected, and are able to pass through the space as if nothing is present.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Lower atmosphere, 200 meters above Incheon, South Korea
Security Protocol: Airplanes traveling in and out of Incheon airport are large trucks while passing over the area. Contact the Metaphysics Department for further information.
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