Log of Unexplained Locations

Foreword: This page is to be devoted to the documentation of low threat anomalous locations which have been discovered by the SCP Foundation over the years. Although all locations listed in this document warrant securing and cover-up measures, none of them are closely enough tied to an underlying anomalous cause or considered a high enough containment or research priority to warrant full Special Containment Procedure documentation. This list may be used as a resource should knowledge of these locations become useful or necessary in the future.
– Doctor ██████ █████, Head of Containment, Site ██

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Unexplained Location UE-140656 (edit)
Location Description: An office which is labelled DR. JAMES O'RYAN, TEMPORAL ANOMALIES DEPT.. It is to note that both Dr. O'Ryan's birth and the creation of the Temporal Anomalies Department took place after discovery. Except for the temporal anomaly it represents, the office is not anomalous.
Date of Containment: 01/03/19██
Location: Site-██
Security Protocol: Still located at Site-██, in use as Dr. O'Ryan's office. Individuals who have seen it prior to O'Ryan being hired are given Class C amnestics.
Note: Gotta conserve resources. -██ Site Director █████

Unexplained Location UE-64720 (edit)
Location Description: High school with anomalous humanoid figures, sitting inside each classroom. Approximately 300,000 square feet in size.
Date of Containment: 2003-09-31
Location: In█████polis, ██, USA
Security Protocol: Foundation Outpost designated as an overwatch to the location

Unexplained Location UE-660976 (edit)
Location Description: A 5*5*5 meter area in ████ █████ National Forest that grants a non-sapient animal approximately elephant-level intelligence. If the animal in question already has similar or higher levels of intelligence, no effects are observed. Upon leaving the area the animal returns to normal levels of intelligence.
Date of Containment: 2018-██-██
Location: ████████, USA
Security Protocol: Due to the area's lack of effect on human subjects, extreme isolation, and relatively inconsequential effect, no security protocols have been deemed necessary.
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