Lowest Rated Pages

Listed here are the lowest rated active pages on the entire site. Please read them and leave ideas or thoughts on how to improve them in the discussion threads.

For reference on SCPs in the single digits, refer to Lowest Rated SCPs. For references on other articles in the single digits, refer to Lowest Rated Articles.

SCP-2041 (Rating: -45, Comments: 35)
SCP-1411 (Rating: -9, Comments: 32)
SCP-1152 (Rating: -9, Comments: 49)
Lock Your Lips (Rating: -8, Comments: 4)
SCP-2578 (Rating: -7, Comments: 20)
What it's Like in His Head (Rating: -7, Comments: 6)
SCP-1864 (Rating: -5, Comments: 23)
Defect (Rating: -5, Comments: 1)
Epilogue (Rating: -5, Comments: 3)
Woodchips (Rating: -5, Comments: 1)
SCP-1912 (Rating: -2, Comments: 28)
UIU File: 1998-017 (Rating: -2, Comments: 5)

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