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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

LTE-0851-Kewpie "Fivesquid"

Authorized Response Level:

5 (Immediate Threat) N/A (Confirmed Destroyed, File Archived)

LTE-851-Kewpie was an approximately 100 meter long megafauna with a mix of crocodilian and cephalopodic features. LTE-0851-Kewpie was generally pentaradially symmetrical. The lower torso of LTE-851-Kewpie terminated in five muscular hydrostats, each approximately 20 meters long. LTE-0851-Kewpie possessed five arms, each ending in a five fingers, while lacking a hand. LTE-0851-Kewpie's head was not radially symmetric, unlike the rest of the organism, and was similar to that of a baseline crocodile.

LTE-851-Kewpie was discovered in the North Atlantic Ocean, following an attack on three commercial civilian vessels. An assessment team was deployed to investigate the matter and discovered the entity.

After failure on the part of several governments on the coast of the North Atlantic Region to establish an area in which GOC assets could liquidate LTE-851-Kewpie, the parathreat was lured towards Portland, Maine. Following this, the PSYCHE Division was able to convince the UIU to allow the parathreat enter the pocket dimension of Three Portlands.

After emerging into Three Portlands and attacking it, LTE-851-Kewpie was successfully liquidated by using an prototype weapon designed by the Global Occult Coalition. Under the agreement with the UIU that allowed the GOC to liquidate LTE-851-Kewpie in Three Portlands, Coalition resources were forced to withdraw immediately, and could not collect the corpse.

The current location of the corpse of LTE-851-Kewpie is unknown.


AT/ST Patrol Report (Debrief)

Involved Assessment/Strike Team:


Filing Operative:

"Stormbreath" 96231847/763

Mission (Location/Objective):

We had been sent into the North Atlantic to search for whatever had caused the destruction of three civilian vessels. The existence of a parathreat had yet to be confirmed, but due to the nature of the destruction a baseline explanation was deemed unlikely.

Encounter Report/Enemy Description:

After sailing in the general area that the three civilian vessels were sunk in, sonar picked up a large entity beneath in the water. We were able to bait it to the surface with a whale carcass, allowing us to observe it more clearly when it breached the water.

The entity looked like a cross between a crocodile and a squid, with five tentacles and five arms. We estimated length to be about a hundred meters, with the tentacles being about a fifth of the total body length.


We were able to photograph the entity, and gain general size estimates through sonar imaging. That's the most we were able to do, since we weren't equipped to fight off a kaiju by ourselves.

Personnel Condition:

Optimal. We did not directly engage the threat, and did not draw its attention to ourselves, preventing a need to fight it and lose resources.


The entity should be designated as a Known Threat Entity, from what it looked like it had the power do cause massive destruction if left unchecked. If it hadn't been satiated by the whale, it probably would have tried to kill us.


A couple of the photos we took seem to show that the beast has a simple brand located on it's back, underneath one of the arms, consisting of "SCP-3388-C-4". I think that's pretty clear evidence of where we need to look for as to where this thing came from.

Based on the conclusions of this report, High Command has designated the entity described in the report as KTE-851-Kewpie, given its apparent connections to the SCP Foundation. A plan to contact the Foundation and negotiate an exchange of information concerning this entity was created.

PSYCHE Records

Following the information learned from AT-763, the PSYCHE Department arranged for a meeting with the Foundation to discuss LTE-851-Kewpie. The Foundation was informed at this meeting of the identity of LTE-851-Kewpie as SCP-3388-C-4, and terms were negotiated. In exchange for the release of information to the Global Occult Coalition concerning the entity, the GOC would be allowed to handle full operations for the anomaly. Given the failure of the Foundation to properly contain such entity, the terms of the negotiation was able to disproportionately benefit the Coalition.

The Foundation reported that LTE-851-Kewpie had emerged from a dimensional aperture located on an island of unreleased location.1 Several other anomalous entities had also emerged from this dimensional aperture. Previously, these entities had been kept frozen using cryogenic treatments immediately after emerging, and all other instances remain under cryogenics.

However, on 13/03/1988, a Chaos Insurgency strike team attacked the island. Foundation defences were able to repel the attack, but Chaos Insurgents escaped from the island with LTE-851-Kewpie on a ship. This ship was sunk as it sailed away from the island, and was almost completely destroyed.

After investigating the wreck, the Foundation was able to locate three tentacles they identified as belonging to SCP-3388-C-4, and concluded that the parathreat had been terminated.

Relevant excerpts from the documentation concerning SCP-3388-C-4 have been included below.

SCP-3388-C-4 is a three meter long entity displaying a mixture between crocodilian and cephalopodic traits. SCP-3388-C-4 is radially symmetric, displaying pentarism, with five arms and five tentacles. Genetically, SCP-3388-C-4 does not display any resemblance to the gene code of terrestrial species, like the majority of SCP-3388-C instances..

SCP-3388-C-4 is biologically female, and currently has a large number of unfertilized eggs. Despite the mostly crocodilian and cephalopodic features of SCP-3388-C-4 and the features of SCP-3388-B instances, it possesses ova similar to those of a fish. SCP-3388-C-4, while active, has attempted to establish a nest, presumably for such eggs.

SCP-3388-C-4 has demonstrated noted regenerative capabilities, being able to quickly recover from most injuries inflicted upon it by MTF ███-█. These wounds have been minor, and the full extent of these regenerative capabilities is unknown. It has been noted that the regenerative properties of SCP-3388-C-4 were slower immediately after hatching, and have become quicker since then.

The tentacles belonging to LTE-851-Kewpie were removed from cryostorage and given to the Global Occult Coalition along with the documentation concerning SCP-3388-C-4. One of these tentacles was later used in the liquidation efforts of the entity.

PSYCHE Records

It was immediately assessed that LTE-851-Kewpie posed a large threat to Second Mission concerns, and immediate liquidation was required. A further assessment of the capabilities of the parathreat showed that confronting it in an aquatic environment would give it a large tactical advantage, and prevent liquidation.

As such, it was decided that LTE-851-Kewpie would need to be liquidated upon the land, and it fell to the responsibility of the PSYCHE Department to find a suitable location where LTE-851-Kewpie could be terminated.

All governments with land upon the North Atlantic were contacted, in the hopes of establishing a location in which the GOC could lead LTE-851-Kewpie and then terminate it. All governments contacted were noncompliant with the proposed plan. Reasons given for this noncompliance were concerns over the collateral damage that would be caused by LTE-851-Kewpie, the lack of a proper coastal region in which the entity could be terminated, and a lack of confidence in the GOC's ability to liquidate the parathreat.

Thusly, an alternative plan towards the liquidation of LTE-851-Kewpie was necessitated. It was decided by the Council of 108 that if no sovereign entity was willing to allow the Coalition to liquidate LTE-851-Kewpie upon their soil, one must be forced to do so.


AT/ST Patrol Report (Debrief)

Involved Assessment/Strike Team:


Filing Operative:

"Mandolin" 46272910/0638

Mission (Location/Objective):

We were sent into the North Atlantic to locate KTE-851-Kewpie. Once we located the parathreat, our mission was to alter the course of the entity towards Portland, Maine.

Encounter Report/Enemy Description:

Locating KTE-851-Kewpie was easy, as one of our previous deployments had been to shoot it with a tracking device. We found it relatively close to New England. (Certainly too close for comfort.)

Once we located it, we began to drop whale carcasses into the water with sonic beacons. Each of the beacons was playing a specific sound, and the parathreat attacked each and ate it.

We then dropped a beacon without a carcass into the water, and KTE-851-Kewpie swam towards that.


KTE-851-Kewpie successfully Pavlovianly conditioned to positively respond to a specific sound, which can be emitted by sonic beacons easily manufactured by the Coalition.

Personnel Condition:

No losses.


One beacon playing the same sound as the ones we used should be placed near Portland, Maine, in order to lure the beast towards that location. This beacon should have ample sound in order to attract the parathreat.

PSYCHE Records

With LTE-851-Kewpie now confirmed as traveling directly towards Portland, Maine, the Unusual Incidents Unit of the FBI was contacted to establish a plan concerning LTE-851-Kewpie.

After learning of the current trajectory of LTE-851, the Unseen Incidents Unit was angered by the perceived failure of the Global Occult Coalition to prevent the potentially destructive actions of a parathreat. They made the suggestion that the parathreat be rerouted into the extradimensional city of Three Portlands, in order to protect Second Mission concerns.

A meeting was arranged between a UIU representative, a PSYCHE operative and the three mayors of Three Portlands to discuss the terms of the liquidation operation. The mayors of Three Portlands were reluctant to have liquidation efforts of LTE-851-Kewpie occur within Three Portlands, but agreed to the plan, as the parathreat was already headed toward Portland, Maine.

It was agreed between all three parties that the GOC would be allowed to handle military operations involving the liquidation of LTE-851-Kewpie, including managing a partial evacuation of the city, the temporary occupation of the city, and then the actual liquidation of the parathreat. It was requested that the GOC use as minimally destructive methods as possible, with the mayors recognizing the limitations of such a request.

However, both the Unusual Incidents Unit and the mayors of Three Portlands wished to limit any Coalition involvement in the city, citing both a lack of trust and a desire against a military occupation of the city. As such, it was decided that the GOC would not participate in any cleanup operations, and would withdraw from the city as soon as the parathreat was liquidated. UIU agents suggested that they had a plan for the disposal of the corpse, which was not disclosed to the GOC.


AOD (Armaments Used in Destruction) report from the files of Marshall Prescott, Quartermaster Sergeant-Sector 08. For the purposes of brevity, only +1/2Gen and AltGen Equipment have been listed.

Quartermasters Division-AOD-0691
Item Designation Title Qty
1 +1Gen-NBS GOC Nuclear Battleships Ulysses and Aeneas 2
Notes: The Ulysses and the Aeneas were able to ensure that LTE-851-Kewpie entered the gateway produced by the Temporary Way Generator..
2 +2Gen-PCT Concentrated Plasma Cannon Tank 6
Notes: The plasma streams fired were able to severely damage the scales of LTE-851-Kewpie. These were intended for usage as a secondary strategy for the liquidation of LTE-851-Kewpie, which was not necessary.
3 +1Gen-5GJ Fifth Generation Jet Fighter 8
Notes: The fighter jets were able to redirect the movements of LTE-851-Kewpie, bringing it within the firing range of Gen-Alt-STC.
4 GenAlt-TWG Temporary Way Generator 1
Notes: The Temporary Way Generator was able to create a connection between the path of LTE-851-Kewpie and the waters of Three Portlands.
5 GenAlt-STC Sympathetic Thaumaturgical Cannon 1
Notes: The Sympathetic Thaumaturgical Cannon was attuned to the LTE-851-Kewpie using the tentacles given to the GOC by the Foundation, and was able to completely liquidate LTE-851-Kewpie.


The following is a report given by PTOLEMY R&D Field Supervisor Mark Hunter concerning the Sympathetic Thaumaturgic Cannon, which was first deployed in the liquidation of LTE-851-Kewpie. This usage was successful, and was the primary agent in the liquidation of the parathreat.

I am pleased to say that our prototype Sympathetic Thaumaturgic Cannon was a success. When activated and aimed at the fivesquid, we were able to instantly kill it without causing any collateral damage to the surrounding area. (Beyond that caused by the collapsing of the fivesquid's body.) The underlying thaumaturgical principles behind the process functioned exactly as we had planned, and allowed us to liquidate the fivesquid and the fivesquid alone.

The fivesquid crawled out from the sea surrounding Three Portlands, and stood to its full height. It towered above even the tallest of the buildings of the city, and when it walked it felt like an earthquake.

PHYSICS began to guide the beast towards the STC, but that effort took some time. Controlling the movements of a three hundred foot tall kaiju is not very easy, and it didn't exactly want to cooperate. We sat by the STC, keeping the cannon as aimed as we could for nearly an hour.

But once it was within range and we had a clear shot, we pulled the trigger and it collapsed. There was no big flashy display of light, no explosion, no fanfare. It just fell over, dead.

However, this technology has several drastic limiting features that will prevent common usage in the future, and will only allow for this technology to be deployed in a few, highly specific circumstances.

The first of these limitations is the need for a body part of the target, designated as the fuel. For LTE-851-Kewpie, this was the tentacle we had been given by the Foundation. To achieve an efficient link between a target and the fuel, the body part must have constituted a large part of the organism's mass when it was removed. As such, the number of occasions in which we shall have a body part large enough to liquidate an entity, but have not yet already terminated said entity will be uncommon.

Additionally, the amount of setup that the STC needed was prohibitive for most uses of the device. The cannon was an incredibly precise combination of thaumaturgic workings that prevented it from being easily moved, and could not be easily concealed. The device itself it is very large and has a massive power consumption to match.

As such, the only practical usage of the device is for the liquidation of large scale entities such as LTE-851-Kewpie, and even then it is still conditional. However, when the conditions are right, as they were in this instance, the STC performs remarkably effectively.

We drove past the fivesquid on our way out, and I was able to briefly look at the body to verify that the STC worked. I'm still in awe at the size of the thing, and even more in shock at the fact that we could kill it the way we did. The STC didn't cause any wounds, just a cessation of life features. As we drove past it, it still looked like it could come roaring back at any moment.

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