Lukes Art
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Welcome to WatchMan's art page, where MS paint isn't just accepted, but encouraged!


i dedicate this page to buddy, djkaktus, and nico.

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Holy 40 upvotes, batman!

When I first made this page, it was my goal to get at least 5 upvotes, because I had absolutely no clue how so many people could like these silly drawings I made in microsoft paint, so you have no clue how happy I am that I'm writing this. I gotta thank Aers in particular for being a gogo gadget great help with formatting this page. I may or may not make an animation soon, but expect lots of new art and check in every few days. I love reading comments and I'm more than happy to take requests. Stay gold everyone.

-Luke Sheppard

Hi! Update!

Luke's Art is getting a major overhaul, dont know when exactly, but its coming. Expect formatting updates, drawings taken from actual paper and gimp, things like songs, videos, art made out of lego or clay, it'll just be really swell. Have anything you want me to do? Leave a comment! Im 100% positive I'll respond. Want to help me with the CSS of the overhaul? Shoot me a PM on wikidot! Im excited to get back on the SCP media train and start interacting with everyone in the community even more. All of you are lovely.


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