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SCP-5164 rating: -3
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Item #: SCP-5164

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5164 will have a monthly target. If it is unable to find its target on the last day of the month the creature will inevitably breach containment, and search for its victim. Making direct contact with the mask will disoritiate the individual who touched it, thus giving it a potential way to escape. SCP-5164 is capable of adapting to any situation, and as such it is not allowed to know that it is contained. Failure to keep this information hidden will allow it to adapt and escape. Do not remove SCP-5164-1 from the organism’s face, as they are immensely dangerous when the two are detached. SCP-5164 is to be accompanied by Dr. Kinsley during the day.

Description: SCP-5164 is 2.1 meters tall and weighs 36 kilograms. It has long, burly brown hair, and albino like skin. The organism carries a bag filled with a variety of outfits and █████ that it will use depending on its target or location, but it seems to prefer its white leather cloak, pitch black gauntlets and jeans. It should also be noted that even if the bag seems to be stocked, it will appear barren when observed or opened.

SCP-5164 and its owl shaped vizard appear to be two conjoined anomalies, having a mutual symbiotic relationship with one another. The false face it wears is roughly [DATA EXPUNGED] years old, and is capable of keeping the organism level headed. Due to this, if the vizard is destroyed or removed, the creature will lose all forms of rationality and attack everyone within a 5 meter radius.

While in the case of the mask, SCP-5164-1, will give a strong compulsion to investigate or wear the mask to those looking at it directly. If a subject approaches within 2 meters from the anomaly it will attach itself to the victim, draining all of their blood through the subject's orifices. This cycle will continue until SCP-5164 retrieves it.

It should be noted that all personnel involved will more than likely perish as the creature has an inhuman amount of speed, and strength. It also appears to have vast knowledge in hand-to-hand combat. Once its rampage has concluded it will investigate each corpse, often marking the victims temple as a blood offering, and will fix the mask. Once SCP-5164’s mask is firmly attached to its face it will return to its docile state.

Retrieval: SCP-5164 was discovered on ██/██/2019 after it took the life of an influential politician, and drained all of the blood from the man. After it was discovered it was eventually captured while having a rather high amount of casualties.

The Hunt: SCP-5164 is used in a number of ways due to it’s monthly target requirement. If an SCP breaks containment, SCP-5164 may be sent to capture it. If the organization needs to track or capture an anomaly it would be beneficial to send SCP-5164. It makes it easier. There are five stages to the entity’s hunt. A hunt can take around two days to four weeks to complete. Targets can change if the organism feels threatened, avoid making direct eye contact.

Once SCP-5164 comes in contact with its target, SCP-5164-1 will surround both itself and the head of SCP-5164 with a red tar-like substance and change the appearance of its face to that of a victims loved one, lowering its guard.

After finishing its hunt the creature will become docile and can be used for an abundance of tasks. SCP-5164 has been used to capture and contain many SCPs due to its innate lack of fear. When faced with an SCP it simply keeps the goal of capture (or attack) in mind and adapts to its situation.

Study Log:
As a test, a camera was attached to SCP-5164 during one of its hunts in
order to find a more efficient way to contain it. This was done without informing SCP-5164 as to continue giving it the idea that it is not in containment.

While on its hunt we encountered something bazaar, the organism was always moving. Not once did it take a break, or stop to sleep during the entirety of its three week attack.

Whilst this experiment was in development we noticed that it began to follow a member of the ethics division, Doctor Maya Kinsley. At first it was believed that she was one of its monthly targets, but to our surprise it continued on for two months. When questioned on the matter Dr. Kinsley explained that the organism started to follow her after she apologized to it after an incident. SCP-5164 is more human than previously thought.

The creature appeared to grow fond of the guard for reasons that are currently unknown. Due to this Doctor Kinsley has been assigned to keep watch over SCP-5164 during the day. During the night, the organism is watched via security camera so the guard can sleep. Dr. Kinsley appears to have grown romantically attached to SCP-5164, and the two are able to communicate in what appears to be a one-sided telepathic relationship.

Final Notes
SCP-5164 is a very interesting creature that has shown emotions recently. This is very rare and warrants further study. From now until further notice the relationship between Dr. Kinsley and SCP-5164 will continue to be studied and logged.

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