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2/5808 LEVEL 2/5808
Item #: SCP-5808

Archived Containment Procedures

SCP-5808-1 is under the guardianship of Dr. Denis Westbrook, making full containment unnecessary. A monthly medical evaluation is to be performed on SCP-5808-1, followed by an inspection of SCP-5808-2's status. The Foundation's Maximus-507 research satellite is to constantly monitor SCP-5808-2 under the supervision of the Site-51 Astronomical Anomalies Department. Direct testing of SCP-5808 is currently restricted; all tests require direct authorization of Dr. Westbrook and Site-51's director.

If civilian discoveries occur, Foundation assets in the field of astronomy are to cover and/or discredit all findings relating to SCP-5808.

Archived Update 2019/05/22: O5 Command is currently accepting proposals for the neutralization of SCP-5808-2.


SCP-5808 is an astronomical phenomenon affecting Peter Westbrook (SCP-5808-1) and a lunar satellite that manifested upon its birth.

SCP-5808-1 was born on 2009/08/25 at exactly 12:13:38 GMT, measuring 48 cm and weighing 4.8 kg. Its mother, Researcher Debra Westbrook, died during childbirth with no cause of death determined. SCP-5808-1 shows no anomalous properties other than its connection to SCP-5808-2.

SCP-5808-2 is a lunar satellite that manifested on 2009/08/25 at exactly 12:13:38 GMT, approximately 120,000 km from Earth. At the time of manifestation SCP-5808-2 measured ~4.8 meters in diameter with a similar radiological composition to Earth I. Annually on August 25, SCP-5808-2 undergoes a rapid expansion in size increasing in magnitude with each year. As of 2019/07/30 SCP-5808-2 measures ~170 meters, which is estimated to increase to ~250 meters on 2019/08/25

Any physical damage occurring to SCP-5808-1 or SCP-5808-2 will directly correlate to damage on the other. The exact means by with SCP-5808 operates is currently unknown but is theorized to be some form of anomalous quantum entanglement.


On 2009/08/25, Dr. Westbrook (Under Director of Astronomical Anomalies Department) confirmed SCP-5808-2's existence moments after it had manifested, during which time his wife, Researcher Westbrook, was giving birth in the Site-51 Medical Wing. The Statistical Analysis Team flagged the event as a statistical anomaly far beyond the chance of naturally occurring. Site-51 was put into temporary lockdown while the situation was analyzed, and SCP-5808-1 was isolated for observation.

A high-speed analysis drone (507/A) was dispatched from the Maximus-507 research satellite to run preliminary tests on SCP-5808-2. Once in range, 507/A deployed a penetrating laser on SCP-5808-2 in order to perform spectral analysis. At the exact moment of impact, SCP-5808-1 received a 3rd-degree burn on its left forearm, bringing an immediate halt to testing. Over the next several weeks low-risk noninvasive testing revealed the nature of SCP-5808 and the current containment procedures were enacted.

Neutralization Proposal Summaries

Due to its rate of expansion SCP-5808-2 will pose an immediate threat to normalcy. As such, O5 Command has authorized the neutralization of SCP-5808-2, under the condition that SCP-5808-1 is not harmed in the process if possible.

Astronomical Anomalies Department | SCP-5808 Proposal

Use of light refracting drone array to camouflage SCP-5808-2 from civilian observation.

Ethics Committee: Approved
O5 Command: Denied

Reason: While possible as a temporary solution, the long term feasibility of this proposal is low. We need to neutralize SCP-5808-2 not disguise it.

Containment Analysis Division | SCP-5808 Proposal

Place SCP-5808-1 in a Relativity Exclusion Zone in order to severe the connect to SCP-5808-2.

Ethics Committee: Approved
O5 Command: Approved

Results: The Relativity Exclusion Zone has no effect on SCP-5808. Abrasive testing of SCP-5808-2 led to a broken right ankle on SCP-5808-1.

Ballistics Department | SCP-5808 Proposal

The detonation of an R5 "Twin Canary"1 on SCP-5808-2.

Ethics Committee: Denied
O5 Command: Denied

Reason: This would undoubtedly lead to the destruction of SCP-5808-1.

Astronomical Anomalies Department | SCP-5808 Proposal

Use of a B-Class gravitational anomaly to remove SCP-5808-2 from Earth's orbit making neutralization unnecessary.

Ethics Committee: Approved
O5 Command: Approved

Results: See Neutralization Event addendum.

Neutralization Event

On 2020/01/18, the Astronomical Anomalies Department utilized SCP-████ to remove SCP-5808-2 from the Earth's gravitational influence. Upon activation of the anomaly, SCP-5808-1 received severe bodily damage with a total of 65 broken bones, internal bleeding, ruptured spleen, and brain damage in a manner typically found in high-speed collisions. SCP-5808-2 was moved approximately 1 km before the test was halted due to injuries sustained by SCP-5808-1. SCP-5808-1 was brought to the Site-51 Medical Wing in terminal condition, though Foundation surgeons were able to stabilize it. Two hours after the initial test Dr. Westbrook demanded all staff leave SCP-5808-1's room before shutting down the security cameras and sealing the room with himself and SCP-5808-1 inside. A monitoring device picked up the following recording:

At 13:12:35 GMT, SCP-5808-2 began to steadily increase in size by a rate of .5 meters an hour. Dr. Westbrook isolated himself in his office following the failed neutralization and refused emergency psychological counsel. At 16:30:45 GMT, a security camera registered a single gunshot originating from Dr. Westbrook's office.

SCP-5808-2 instantaneously demanifested at 16:30:45 GMT, effectively neutralizing SCP-5808. This led the Astronomical Anomalies Department to determine Dr. Westbrook to be the unknowing cause of the SCP-5808 phenomenon, prior to self-neutralization. The means by which this occurred is currently being investigated.

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