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SCP-4106 during containment breach 4106-18

Item #: SCP-4106

Object Class: Safe Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures:


Physical interaction with SCP-4106 is only allowed during tests overseen by project leader Dr. Tsai. During tests, all involved personnel except Dr. Tsai are to wear protective equipment to prevent injury and manifestation of SCP-4106-1.

SCP-4106 is to be contained within a standard bird cage with every gate locked with electromagnetic locks. Two wooden perches are to be placed in the containment cell. One wooden bird nesting box is to be suspended on the ceiling of the cage. Bird toys may be added or removed from the cage under request of Dr. Tsai.

A mixture of millet and canary seeds infused with vitamin is refilled automatically into the food container inside the containment cell upon depletion. Water is filled in a plastic bird feeder suspended on the side of the containment cell and must be manually changed on a daily basis to prevent contamination.

Unusual activities such as intense, non-stop chirping or visible bruises on SCP-4106 are to be reported to Dr. Tsai. Upon manifestation of SCP-4106-1, a team of Foundation avian veterinarians is to be called in to treat any injury of SCP-4106. No attempt to interact with SCP-4106-1 is allowed.

Should SCP-4106 breach containment, the area where SCP-4106 is contained must go into lockdown and Dr. Tsai must arrive at the scene as soon as possible to re-contain SCP-4106.



Physical interaction with SCP-4106 is forbidden. Tests have ceased as the Foundation now possess a clear understanding of SCP-4106's anomaly. Use of D-Class personnel to clean the containment cell of SCP-4106 is no longer approved to prevent unnecessary resource allocation.

SCP-4106 is to be contained within a standard birdcage with every gate locked by no less than 3 metal padlocks. They are to be immediately re-locked after SCP-4106 unlocks any one of them. No alternative padlock is to be purchased and used regardless of the current padlocks' condition. Two wooden perches are to be placed in the containment cell. One wooden bird nesting box is to be suspended on the ceiling of the cage. Existing bird toys are to be kept inside the cage. Should they become broken or deteriorated, they are not to be fixed or replaced.

Millet is issued directly to Foundation personnel responsible for SCP-4106. SCP-4106 should only be given millet enough for its survival to cut the cost of feeding SCP-4106. Water is only replaced when it is depleted or considered lethal for SCP-4106 to ingest.

Unusual activities such as intense, non-stop chirping or visible bruises on SCP-4106 are to be reported to Dr. Tsai. Upon manifestation of SCP-4106-1, on-site personnel should treat any injury of SCP-4106 with a Foundation issued first-aid kit. No attempt to interact with SCP-4106-1 is allowed.

Should SCP-4106 breach containment, the room where SCP-4106 is contained must go into lockdown and Dr. Tsai must arrive at the scene as soon as possible to re-contain SCP-4106.



Site Director Dr. Tsai is allowed to have physical interaction with SCP-4106. No test is to be done.

SCP-4106 is to be contained at Site-92. Site Director Dr. Tsai is tasked with the cleaning and maintenance of Site-92 by himself. No Foundation resource will be supplied to Site-92.

Site Director, Dr. Tsai must be aware of SCP-4106's unusual activities such as intense, non-stop chirping or visible bruises on SCP-4106. SCP-4106-1 does not manifest.

Site Director Dr. Tsai must re-contain SCP-4106 without help from the Foundation during a containment breach.


NOTE: Perhaps, SCP-4106 is not to be contained.


SCP-4106 with SCP-4106-1. This photo is the first recording of SCP-4106-1 manifestation. One nail of SCP-4106 is completely missing, possibly bitten off by SCP-4106-1.

Description: SCP-4106 is an Agapornis roseicollis1 initially discovered by Dr. Tsai at ███ ███ pet store located in Taipei, Taiwan. It is physically stronger than a regular rosy-faced lovebird and is capable of performing tasks considered impossible for a similar sized bird, such as lifting up a birdcage gate that is several times heavier than the subject. It also appears to possess the knowledge required to unlock most conventional locks through unanomalous means with its beak and feet. The subject is hostile towards humans that are not Dr. Tsai. SCP-4106 shows an unusual co-dependency with Dr. Tsai and will become highly aggressive and attempt to escape containment if Dr. Tsai is not in its presence for more than 3 days.

Since mechanical locks can be easily unlocked by SCP-4106, the containment cell is to be locked with electromagnetic locks which takes SCP-4106 a long time to unlock and can be easily re-locked.

Use of conventional padlocks has been approved to cut down electric bills.

SCP-4106 is prone to biting handlers. These bites are documented to be very painful but not lethal.
More importantly, SCP-4106's bites can trigger the manifestation of an entity that appears to be an Agapornis roseicollis with red feathers on its face (henceforth referred to as SCP-4106-1) which is hostile towards SCP-4106 and always inflicts injuries to SCP-4106 shortly after its manifestation. After the initial fight ceases, SCP-4106 and SCP-4106-1 will cuddle together for one hour before SCP-4106-1 flies away. Attempts to catch SCP-4106-1 have been futile, as SCP-4106-1 is capable of phasing through solid materials. Attempts to track SCP-4106-1's destination have been made. Tracking SCP-4106-1 has indicated that it flies upwards, up to the point it leaves Earth atmosphere.

To prevent possible fatal injuries inflicted on SCP-4106, SCP-4106-1 manifestation events should be avoided.
As long as protective gear is used by Foundation personnel, SCP-4106-1 has little chance to manifest.
The foundation has no more protective gear available for use in the prevention of SCP-4106-1 manifestation events. Personnel in charge of SCP-4106's containment should avoid physical contact with the subject.
Since Dr. Tsai is the only Foundation personnel actively working on the containment of SCP-4106, no more SCP-4106-1 manifestation events are expected to happen.


Initial Discovery

On ██/██/████, Dr. Tsai purchased the subject to serve as his companion animal. For several months, Dr. Tsai kept SCP-4106 in his settlement and often interacted with it. Although Dr. Tsai routinely left its presence to work or perform necessities such as eating or sleeping, his company was enough to prevent SCP-4106-1 manifestations and the anomaly of SCP-4106 was never discovered by the Foundation until ██/██/████, when Dr. Tsai traveled to ███████, Russia and stayed for 1 month.

During this period, SCP-4106 was taken care of by Dr. Tsai's mother, who routinely sent pictures of SCP-4106 to him. On ██/██/████, Dr. Tsai received a picture of SCP-4106 with an unknown entity resembling a Agapornis roseicollis behind it (confirmed to be SCP-4106-1) with commentary from Dr. Tsai's mother, saying "The red one bites the white one often, but they look so cute together!"

Dr. Tsai asked his mother if she purchased SCP-4106-1 to give SCP-4106 a partner, who dismissed the statement and commented: "I thought she was always hiding in that wooden box."
After realizing that SCP-4106 may be anomalous, Dr. Tsai reported the abnormal phenomenon to the Foundation and was assigned to investigate SCP-4106's possible anomalous properties.

Through tests ran by Foundation staffs, SCP-4106 is confirmed to be anomalous.
Designated SCP-4106, it is transported to Site-19 for containment and Dr. Tsai was picked to be its project leader.

Special Containment Procedures Revisions

The initial containment procedure was successful at keeping SCP-4106 under Foundation containment. Since SCP-4106 never attempted breaching containment, said the object was classified Safe.

On ██/██/████, 2 months after the initial containment of SCP-4106, SCP-███, ███ and ████ held in Site-██, located in the United States of America, breached containment and caused huge civilian and Foundation casualties. The United States government expressed extreme disappointment in the Foundation and its goal to maintain normalcy. Funding from the US government to the Foundation has been reduced to the original's 1/8. The majority of Foundation sites were still functional, but the O5 Council has calculated that with the current funding, the Foundation will only be able to operate for another 10 years. In order to preserve humanity, maintain normalcy and contain hazardous SCPs for a prolonged amount of time with a limited budget, Protocol GEKKONIDAE was initiated.

The containment procedures of SCP-4106 was revised after the initiation of Protocol GEKKONIDAE. Please view SCP Revision 4106-2 for more information.


Initiated under the heavy financial stress of the Foundation, anomalies that are not dangerous to the general public or the Foundation are to have their Special Containment Procedures simplified to reduce cost. This has made several previously easily contained anomalies become more likely to breach containment.
The O5 Council has decided that the preservation of humanity is more important than the containment of low danger anomalies.

Since the initiation of Protocol GEKKONIDAE, several Safe and Euclid class anomalies have their object class raised due to difficulty in containment under simplified containment procedures. Several sapient anomalies have attempted suicide under the stress of worsening living environments, but most of these have been stopped.

Top priority anomalies that are capable of causing XK-Class end-of-the-world scenarios are still in full containment. Several have their Special Containment Procedures re-designed to be more secure and resistant to containment breaches, thanks to the cost down from other low priority containment procedures.

Protocol GEKKONIDAE was successful.

SCP-4106 is contained.


Site 92


Following the containment breach of SCP-███, ███, ████, ████, ████ as well as the [DATA EXPUNGED] cognitohazard appearance on the Internet, the United States, China and Russia have stopped all funding to the Foundation. Additionally, the Global Occult Coalition has achieved negotiation with the United States government - In an attempt to restore world normalcy, the US government gave the GOC temporary access to its arsenal and manpower to achieve complete destruction of all anomalies contained by the Foundation.

In order to combat this difficult situation, Protocol HOLOTHUROIDEA was initiated.

Protocol HOLOTHUROIDEA is only initiated under the most extreme case of Foundation financial stress and manpower shortage. All contained anomalies proven to be generally safe are to be either terminated or released. All contained anomalies considered to be hazardous to the public will be either terminated or sent to ████ along with their containment cells. Lead researchers may continue to contain their assigned anomalies as they fit, but no help will be given from the Foundation. Asking for any help or demanding any sort of resource supply from the Foundation to contain inconsequential anomalies is forbidden.
All Foundation resources are to be directed onto the containment of top priority anomalies.

Site 92 was established to contain SCP-4106. Dr. Tsai was assigned Site Director.
The containment procedures of SCP-4106 was revised after the initiation of Protocol HOLOTHUROIDEA. Please view SCP Revision 4106-3 for more information.

Protocol HOLOTHUROIDEA was successful.

SCP-4106 is contained.

Personal note of Dr. Tsai, retrieved from Site 92
He passed away this morning. From warm to cold in my hands. I hope he is happy.

Item #: SCP-4106

Object Class: Safe Euclid Keter Neutralized

Perhaps, SCP-4106 is not to be contained.

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