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In Character: New administrative staff with sufficient security clearance may use this tool to more efficiently familiarize themselves with the information in the SCP database. For security and data-integrity purposes, this form of access is read-only.

Out of character: It's a tool that makes it easier to go on an archive binge. You can use the Canon Mass Orientation Tool a lot or you can just be a CMOT Dabbler, it's totally up to you.

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SCP-4347 rating: 45
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Item#: 4347
Containment Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Site-71 Parazoology Division is to provide SCP-4347 with the standard maintenance required of a typical Capra aegagrus hircus1. Under no circumstance is food outside of the dietary plan to be brought into or around SCP-4347's livestock containment enclosure.

Description: SCP-4347 is a female Capra aegagrus hircus2, bearing close resemblance to the American Lamancha breed. SCP-4347's weight and height3 are within normal parameters, showing no physical deviation from non-anomalous Capra aegagrus hircus.

While attempting to find food, SCP-4347 has shown a unique intelligence beyond what is typical for its species. It has shown the ability to correctly identify which of two possible targets is in possession of food, even when lacking visual or olfactory indicators. The means by which it identifies food-bearing targets is currently unknown. To date SCP-4347 has only used its anomalous nature to consume more food, showing no signs of non-food related aggression. It is unknown whether these are learned behaviors, or if SCP-4347 has an unnatural level of inherent intelligence.

Cranial impact from SCP-4347 causes human targets to undergo an out-of-body-experience, documented as a Departure Event4 This renders the target unconscious but causes no harm to the target’s body. The target's projected self is designated SCP-4347-1 until the conclusion of the event. Testimony of former SCP-4347-1 instances describes the event as floating above their body with the ability to see the surrounding area; testing indicates accurate perception of events while unconscious. Instances of SCP-4347-1 are capable of thought-induced movement and can use this locomotion to return to their bodies. Departure Events typically last between two to five minutes, concluding once SCP-4347-1 returns to their body's location, at which point the target regains consciousness. There is currently no known method of recording SCP-4347-1 instances, and testing of SCP-4347 has been unable to determine the origin of its anomalous nature.

Discovery: On 7/20/2018, an asset in the National Park Service alerted the Foundation to possible anomalous activity occurring in Springton California, specifically Wallace Smith National Park. U.S Park Ranger Tomas McLean filed 46 consecutive reports of “goats attacking visitors' souls”, within a two-hour period. MTF Victor-17 (“Nature Boys”) was dispatched to evaluate the situation. With help from Ranger McLean, SCP-4347 was successfully contained on 7/24/2018. Upon retrieval SCP-4347 was wearing a non-anomalous collar with a name tag inscribed "Heiðrún".

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