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Hi, I'm Monkeysky (AKA Schuyler, Sky or September). I'm a student of biology and neuroscience.

As of now, I've only written three articles (no tales yet), and only just now realized that I'm supposed to have an author page, so there isn't going to be much information here for a while. Feel free to leave a comment if there's something you'd like explained or talked about.

SCP Number Rating Comments Created
SCP-3281 70 25 11 May 2017 18:02
SCP-1163 63 30 01 Jul 2012 13:45
SCP-3697 59 35 08 Jun 2017 00:05

Fun Facts:

  • I once found a forum posts stating that someone had been roleplaying as SCP-1163 on a Gary's Mod server. I have never been able to find more information about this.
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