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You're off the edge of the map, and here there be monsters!

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Some thoughts and notes on all my articles. Probable spoilers if you care about that kind of thing.

About Me
I'm a 30-something game developer and generally a huge nerd. I DM a regular game of D&D involving a group made up of 3 Bards and a Rogue who act as a band, play boardgames and videogames far more than is probably healthy, and recently have spent far too much time thinking about SCPs. I'm massively left-wing politically, but given the chance I would definitely overthrow the government and become a dictator. You know, a nice one. I have a big fluffy Maine Coon cat called Link.

I originally joined in mid 2013 but left for reasons that aren't worth going into. I was reminded about the wiki in April 2017 during the closing days of the 3000 contents by a friend and got sucked back in all over again, and this time it looks like I'm here to stay!

I can regularly be found in #site19, under the nick Icepick.

Random Stuff
Nested Collapsibles: A Demo

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