Mr. "Wilt" van Antwerp's Personnel File

"Lost at Sea" by Nicholas Flemming Smithe Flemmington Smithe, in Memoriam

Code Name: Wilberforce Damien Thropmore Wilt. The Third.

Location: Site-X

Quest: To seek the Grail.

Favorite Color: Blue. No, pi- AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Biography: Mr. "Wilt" was born in the back of a turnip truck in 1974 to Wilberforce Damien Thropmore Wilt Jr. and his housewoman Janine. Janine forced Wilberforce Damien Thropmore Wilt Jr. to marry her, rendering her son, Wilberforce Damien Thropmore Wilt into Wilberforce Damien Thropmore Wilt Jr the Third. All this was considered very, very silly.

Currently Assignment: Mr. "Wilt" is currently lost at sea.



  • SCP-323 - Wendigo Skull
  • SCP-392 - The Quark Degenerator (In Need Of New Rewrite)


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