Nagiros' PoI File
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Image expunged for dysphoria reasons, here's a good boi instead. <3

Name: NagirosNagiros

PoI Designation: PoI-Cr@b-091

Aliases: Nagi, Crabbo, Queen of the Crustaceans, Tax Evasion

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Country of Origin: America

Threat Type: Creation of anomalous items and events, development of anomalies with various other Persons of Interest.

Bases of Operation:

SCP Sandbox Click for some bad ideas and bad execution.
The Wanderers' Library Reports pending!
The Wayward Society Spooky stuff in the woods.

Policy for Engagement: PoI-Cr@b-091 is currently open to DMs on Wikidot. Feel free to ask for help developing a tale or anomaly, and I'll get back as soon as I can!

Profile: PoI-Cr@b-091 came to the attention of the Foundation after being implicated in the creation of the now-infamous "big bad which done killed slightly less big bad and wants kill you too". The fight between the BBWDKSLBBAWKYT and the slightly less big bad was almost unanimously described by Foundation personnel as "the coolest shit we've seen all year", but Dr. Rittons continues to object, saying, "What the hell? It was just some psychic kid who started crying and then the other guy exploded."1

Analysis of PoI-Cr@b-091's social media accounts after the initial containment of the BBWDKSLBBAWKYT revealed a string messages using subversions of popular literary phrases such as "What hath the cruel gods wrought?" and "Have they not heard in the hill countries that Geshtua is dead?" PoI-Cr@b-091 is not known to be religious in any sense and these comments are interpreted as her attempting to make her articles cooler without having any original ideas.

PoI-Cr@b-091's status as a Person of Interest was withheld until she was implicated in the creation of three more anomalous entities and events, namely, "teenager who is sad", "teenager who is crazy", and "teenager who is angry". There are currently no identified trends in PoI-Cr@b-091's creations which could be used to predict future anomalies.

PoI-Cr@b-091 is believed to still be enrolled in high school and working to enter studies related to government, specializing in political science and communications. She oftentimes attempts to present herself as her persona, "a blood witch who does street art and doesn't give a shit", but has been described as the exact opposite by most of her peers. She's also excited to help expand her writing capabilities with her works on and off the site.

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- Nagi out. <3

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