Nagiros' PoI File
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Image expunged for dysphoria reasons, here's a good boi instead. <3

Name: NagirosNagiros

PoI Designation: PoI-Cr@b-091

Aliases: Nagi, Crabbo, Queen of the Crustaceans

Age: 18

Threat Type: Creation of anomalous phenomena, development of anomalies with other Persons of Interest.

Profile Source: Chill — by GUWEIZ

Bases of Operation:

SCP Sandbox Click for some bad ideas and bad execution.
SMLT Container Mostly just ideas!

Policy for Engagement: PoI-Cr@b-091 is currently open to DMs on Wikidot. Feel free to ask for help developing a tale or anomaly, and I'll get back as soon as I can!

Profile: Research into potential similarities between PoI-Cr@b-091's anomalous creations have uncovered the following preferences:

  1. Humanoid anomalies, specifically teenagers.
  2. Large-scale aggressors, because it's scarier if it's bigger.
  3. Deific entities, because Safe-Class is for nerds.

Regarding her thoughts towards her own creations, Poi-Cr@b-091 replied:

I'm not a great writer, but I can try to be, and if I try hard enough and long enough, I hope I can make something good.

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