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News for July 2018

Summers finally kicked off (and for real this time) and with that comes articles! Let's begin :)

Before that, a quick thank you to TSATPWTCOTTTADCTSATPWTCOTTTADC, who has been collecting fan art for these the past few months, and has now officially joined the Site News team to do just that!

This is a series showing off news from the site, articles from the past month1, and fan-content for you to check out and discover! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Featured Articles

  • The featured articles for July were SCP-2338 ("An Unorthodox Adoption") by RimpleRimple, A Brief Explanation of Demonics by AJMansfieldAJMansfield and SCP-3949 ("Welcome the Internet") by WerylliumWeryllium. In the first, a giant jellyfish brings a group of kids into its family, the second is a brief explanation on the quite simple science of demonics and related phenoma, and the third is about an anomalous anime fan pit up against the Foundation's top trolls.

Event Featured Articles

The theme for the month of July was Fire!

  • In SCP-1045 ("Candle of Life"), by DrewbearDrewbear, the screams of the unknown are seen through the shadows of a candle's light.
  • In SCP-3885 ("The High-Octane Full-Throttle Adventures of the Exploding Zombie Gearheads"), by CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander, some rather high-octane, full-throttle adventures of exploding zombie gearheads are discovered by the Foundation.
  • In SCP-1660 ("Unearthly Forest"), by Adam HendersonAdam Henderson, the fires of a nautilus shell reveals a a world very similar to ours, confined within a very large terrarium.

Week of July 1st:


  • SCP-2008 ("…but blood must sometimes be spilled…") - "Yo, you talkin' shit?" -Andrew Jackson, probably. Written by Doctor CimmerianDoctor Cimmerian and The Great HippoThe Great Hippo.
  • SCP-3453 ("The Juice is Loose") - " SCP-3453 is 250mL of orange juice that is in constant motion. While SCP-3453's movements are unpredictable it has always been observed as a continuous whole1." Written by BlackMagicFineBlackMagicFine.
  • The Great Hippo's Proposal (feat. PeppersGhost) - " Room 34A contains bad boy. Divide it into three (3) sections of equal mass every hour." Written by The Great HippoThe Great Hippo and PeppersGhostPeppersGhost
  • SCP-3361 ("Classy Carlos Storms The Shitter") - Did anyone want to be critiqued by a bathroom stall? No. Did Classy Carlos listen? No. Written by GibberingEloquenceGibberingEloquence.
  • SCP-3562 ("See Me After Class") - "All written and typed documents present within the school following this date have been infected by SCP-3562 passive voice." Turned in by Wildman8Wildman8.
  • SCP-3962 ("Agasesdi's Gift") - A guardian to watch over the bringer of music. Written by Wildman8Wildman8.
  • SCP-1255 ("Grapes from Dawn Farm and Ranch") - The grapes of wrath. Written by Hot-colesHot-coles.
  • SCP-3431 ("Refuse Koala") - How a koala manages to survive, much less steal people's stuff, baffles science to this day. Written by ZynZyn.
  • SCP-3698 ("Fresh Pine") - Unplug, connect with the forest. And never leave. Written by _Utich__Utich_ .
  • SCP-3805 ("The Birth Of The World") - "SCP-3805 is a gestating embryonic entity located at the core of what were considered the geological layers of the Earth." Written by ChirioxChiriox.
  • SCP-3438 ("Recursive Romance") - You have one chance at romance and all the time in the world. Written by urbandelayedurbandelayed.
  • SCP-3364 ("Time Static") - Time is sometimes given off in certain chemical decompositions. Written by Mr SyzygyMr Syzygy.
  • SCP-3468 ("Only YOU can prevent forest fires") - It's a simple rule, really: DON'T MOVE THE ARROW. Written by SmooothcriminalSmooothcriminal.
  • SCP-2202 ("A Brief Respite") - Sometimes, relaxing in the forest at your apartment is needed after a long day of work. Written by SodiumChlorideSodiumChloride.
  • SCP-3917 ("Beetles in a Jar") - The BEETLE BOTTLE needs silicon for its BEETLE EMPIRE. Written by ClavigerAIClavigerAI.
  • SCP-1822 ("The Quantification of Luck") - A single number at the root of all events. Written by BillithBillith.
  • SCP-746 ("Pseudo-Avian") - My name is SCP-746 and I'm the fastest bird alive. Written by BaronjoeBaronjoe.
  • SCP-3677 ("Paradix High School: Paradise for the Paranormal") - "Updated weekly whenever we get to it." Written by OthellotheCatOthellotheCat.



Week of July 8th:


  • SCP-2520 ("The Special Court") - Fuck your courts, I am the law. Written by heartThatYouCallHomeheartThatYouCallHome.
  • SCP-3623 ("She was my muse") - And I, the foolish sailor who fell in love. Written by UtylikeUtylike.
  • SCP-015-J ("Just Really Misunderstood") - "Agent Boyd has proposed that, following SCP-015-J settling into its new home, that any informal reference to her as "that weird snake girl" be stricken from the record." Written by RogetRoget.
  • SCP-1654 ("Tuned to a Dead Channel") - The path to reclamation is paved by the sinners' redemption. Written by VaraxousVaraxous.
  • SCP-1143 ("Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions") - "When worn by an individual (SCP-1143-1) it causes inanimate objects behind the individual to spontaneously explode in a seemingly random pattern." Written by XilasCroweXilasCrowe.
  • SCP-3608 ("The Living Dimension") - Life is an open door, without a house to hold it, sitting in a field. And it's hungry. Written by Doctor FullhamDoctor Fullham.
  • SCP-3476 ("Grampa's Had About Enough Of Your Sass") - The power of an 80-90 year old, somehow sealed into a single a cane. Written by IAmTheOogaIAmTheOoga.
  • SCP-3496 ("Can We Bee Friends?") - "We've got one of those fancy "XK- End of World" scenarios in just a few years if we let our honeybee populations die out at their current rates!" Written by ClavigerAIClavigerAI.
  • SCP-1233 ("The Lunatic") - MOON CHAMPION, SUMMONED BY THE GREAT CITIZEN CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander.
  • SCP-2921 ("Zugzwang") - Every time you make a choice, another you makes another. Written by BillithBillith.
  • SCP-3518 ("Arctic Shrimp") - The past always catches up to us. Written by The ShrakeThe Shrake.
  • SCP-3538 ("THE GREATEST CARBEINER EVER") - No one ever pays attention to the little guys. Written by Alces_alcesAlces_alces.
  • SCP-WOW-J ("Dr. Fynegan and Agent Forelli's Bizarre Adventure") - "Dr. Alto Clef, do you take this giant sentient ice-cream sandwich to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Written by Prototype_ToasterPrototype_Toaster and JackalRelatedJackalRelated.
  • SCP-2722 ("Straight on 'Til Morning") - See you space cowboy. Written by DjoricDjoric.
  • SCP-3459 ("Phobia Plague") - Like Anthrax but without the dying and if it gave you a fear of Poodles instead. Written by Crocket_LawnchairCrocket_Lawnchair.
  • SCP-3691 ("Medium Rare") - Is it wrong to get hungry reading this? Written by bittermixinbittermixin.
  • SCP-3914 ("Necrocapitalism") - I always knew Jeff Bezos was a corpse puppet being manipulated by the board of necromancers! Written by YoungMemeYoungMeme.
  • how do i delete articles ("how do i delete articles") - oh no i am not good with computer pls to halp. Written by plaguebearerplaguebearer.


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Week of July 15th:


  • SCP-2117 ("Solidarity, Stolen") - Space's coolest crowd funded space ship. Written by IhpIhp.
  • SCP-3971 ("Utility Closet SB3-117a") - All doors lead somewhere. Written by IsaacTalmanIsaacTalman.
  • SCP-3038 ("A White Door") - Just a normal, white door… Written by SaikoujikanSaikoujikan.
  • SCP-3428 ("Buried Hummingbirds") - The Stone Hummingbirds which once crawled the earth, sentenced to life in dirt. Written by UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire.
  • SCP-2719-J ("an inside joke") - Yeah, you probably wouldn't get it. It's an inside joke :/ Written by BillithBillith.
  • SCP-3687 ("Anti-Entropy Doorknobs") - Perfect energy transfer and its through a pair of doorknobs. Written by CyberneticTwillyCyberneticTwilly.
  • SCP-2444 ("Flea Circus") - The junk of the multiverse deserves some love too. Written by RogetRoget.
  • SCP-3629 ("Spinder") - " SCP-3629 is a pattern of interactions between a small community of humans in New York City and certain individuals among the subterranean S’kakithi population1 in that vicinity." Written by AnaxagorasAnaxagoras.
  • SCP-3921 ("Greco-Roman Atmospheric Reconstruction") - The Tower of Winds, summoning gusts to shake the world. Written by Azmoeth JikandiaAzmoeth Jikandia.


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Week of July 22nd:


  • SCP-3685 ("The Fractured Pile") - "The interior of SCP-3685 itself is a highly radioactive, spatially entangled, discontinuous non-euclidean space." Written by MonkatrazMonkatraz.
  • SCP-3495 ("Allism Caecrum Order") - 7 Billion humans, almost all of us blind to our own failings. Written by TaltosTaltos.
  • SCP-2544 ("The Call of the Void") - Messages from beyond the narrative. Written by undergroundmonorailundergroundmonorail.
  • SCP-3474 ("Grief Ignited") - Whoever gave this five year old the ability to control fire did a mercy. Written by Countless SkiesCountless Skies.
  • SCP-3565 ("Meat Baby") - FEED THE MEAT. BURP THE MEAT. TUCK IN THE MEAT. Written by PKPhyre1PKPhyre1.
  • SCP-3947 ("Robber Duckies") - 5 Ducks and a single purpose: Crime. Written by Crocket_LawnchairCrocket_Lawnchair and Doctor CimmerianDoctor Cimmerian.
  • SCP-3918 ("To Starve Her Highness") - "SCP-3918 is the designation for a Class-X Reality Restructuring Entity currently traveling through deep space." Written by PecanPecan.
  • SCP-952 ("NP Rock") - God's response to 'I have no music preference.' Written by UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire.
  • SCP-3954 ("Scarecrow's Secrets") - Word gets around the crows. And who better to listen to them than the scarecrow? Written by InkSauceInkSauce.
  • SCP-1565 ("Martian Turtles") - 'SCP-1565 denotes a group of 37 common snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina) residing within an irregularly shaped area on Hellas, the largest impact crater on Mars." Written by WerylliumWeryllium.
  • SCP-3471 ("Paint Under the Bridge") - The old man painting at the bridge, giving ease to those who pass. Written by The ShrimpThe Shrimp.
  • SCP-3651 ("Make Love, Not War") - The worlds gone sexy. Written by AkibaharaAkibahara, DarsimDarsim, Doktor WunderbarDoktor Wunderbar, Zade RoxelZade Roxel and XDiskXDisk.
  • SCP-5735-EX (""Mystery 32" (2104)") - Inspiration comes from all sources, even self-sustaining, paradoxical loops. Written by Researcher BlaskoResearcher Blasko.
  • SCP-018-J ("Normal Trench Coat Worn By An Adult") - "When two or more individuals age 16 or younger attempt to wear SCP-018-J simultaneously, it will expand to accommodate all wearers such that they are hidden by the coat." Written by Communism will winCommunism will win.


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Fandom Stuff

  • Posting for the 4000 Contest has begun! Go out and make history!


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