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Photo of NJE-4097 recovered during Offensive-LBP-0003-009

Designation: Non-Jovian-Entity-4097

Type: Deiridh

Security Designations: Due to NJE-4097s repeated heresies to Jovian lifeforms, they are to be desolated on Amalthea. No Jovian lifeform shall interact with them as they are to be left there to acknowledge their actions.

Collected Information: NJE-4097 is the final entity found on Lifebearing-Planet-00031 following our offensive on their planet. LBP-0003 entities would refer to NJE-4097 as Fritz Williams or "The Administrator". NJE-4097's occupation prior to their capture was the ownership and administration of a Foundation that would needlessly obsess over various entities and objects and capture them.2 NJE-4097 was found near a previously undocumented body of water on LBP-0003 attempting to imbibe the water for themselves. Our warriors were able to easily possess NJE-4097 in all of their patheticness near the end of our raid on LBP-0003.

Codicil 0001: Short compilation of heresys committed by NJE-4097

  • Capture of various Jovian lifeforms
  • Persecution of Collective-0007: Mekhanites
  • Persecution of Collective-0008: Alexylva
  • Relating to NJE-5777
  • Upholding a secrecy of their Foundation
  • Creation of several Recollection Erasures

View Database-4097 for a full compilation.

Codicil 0002: Brief history of Offensive-LBP-0003-009 "Grieving of Galileo"3

Jovian Year 3789/Rotation 1: Project-0003-2399 complete. Launch towards LBP-0003 begins. Warriors from Ganymede and Io follow suit.

Jovian Year 3791/Rotation 8: 2 Revolutions later, P-0003-2399 arrives to LBP-0003. Begins to fire on Population-Center-LBP-0003-01, 02, 03, and 04.4

Jovian Year 3791/Rotation 10: Ganymede and Io warriors arrive. Warriors commence offensive. 35 Million LBP-0003 entities executed within the first Rotation.

Jovian Year 3791/Rotation 11: The Foundation administrated by NJE-4097 commences their fruitless counteroffensive. NJE-5777 first seen. NJE-5777 leads this offensive before they are captured by our warriors. They are then executed in JY-3800.

Jovian Year 3791/Rotation 12: An installation created by LBP-0003 entities for the purpose of reanimation is found. No use for Jovians is found. Installation promptly destroyed.

Jovian Year 3791/Rotation 13: NJE-4097 recovered. Before the end of the Rotation, LBP-0003 is eviscerated.

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