Researcher Calvin's Personnel File
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The following is a list of SCP files that Researcher Calvin has written:

SCP-2785 - Self Replicating Automaton - Rating: +58
Wait! You have yet to see the magic of long division!

SCP-3747 - Death by Vacuum - Rating: +60
That's all I needed to hear.

SCP-3095 - Bird is the Word - Rating: +55
SCP-3095-1 were first discovered in New York City, after an organized group made up of pigeons attempted to claim the Statue of Liberty for themselves.

SCP-3733 - Everybody Else - Rating: +105
Could you please elaborate on "everybody else?"

SCP-3833 - Welcome to the Top of the Mountain - Rating: +32
It's not the storm, it's the mountain. The mountain hates.

SCP-3248 - Who Shot Sulley? - Rating: +14
His cadaver was later found in a nearby river. Cause of death could not be determined.

SCP-3485 - Omega Messier1 - Rating: +45
Aside from these modifications, SCP-3485 has the same systems as a non-anomalous lobster, although scaled up by several magnitudes.

The following is a list of SCP files Researcher Calvin has proofread:

SCP-3339 - Randall the Clown's Wacky Broadway Theatre - Rating: +92
Originally created by Agent the_Brunothe_Bruno
This place used to attract kids by the hundreds. Every time I performed, I could count on an entire crowd cheering on my handiwork here, appreciating the show.

The following is a list of SCP files Researcher Calvin wrote while drunk on turnip juice:

SCP-579-J - Microtransactions - Rating: +73


The following is a list of classified incident reports Researcher Calvin attempted to publish to

The Little Robot that Could - Rating: +54
If SCP-2785 could have, he would have passed out from exhilaration.

Vacation Opportunity - Rating: +24
Are you tired of old, boring beaches? Is the sand getting in between your toes and getting to your head?

The Shape of Water is Humanoid - Rating: +16
The Water Man was about to give his new new friends a great, big hug when a solid chunk of metal flew through his stomach.

Homaquis - Rating: +7
The moonlight made the clear pond dazzle on a cloudless night in Florida. The pond smelled of mildew, compost, and the fresh metal of the newly installed fence surrounding the lake.

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