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OC, or the Oneiroi Collective, is a hive-mind entity located in metaphysical space. It is a collective unconscious utilizing the brainpower created by sleeping things. It has been known to manifest in physical space as inanimate and organic objects which interact with dreamspace in a way that favors Oneiroi. This has been disputed by some, as identifying 'favorable' outcomes implies an obvious motive or method of behavior, neither of which has been conclusively found across scholarly studies of Oneiroi.

Any schemes, motivations, or specific entities identifying as part of Oneiroi are unknown and probably don't exist.

Formats to interact with the collective have been documented to resemble contemporary media outlets. This has been confirmed as a lie. The cornfields of the mind are too vast for any trawler to manage on their own. The interfaces are not of the world, they are a reflection of you. You are too shallow to get it in return.

Locations where Oneiroi exists includes all of them. To be less general, here is a list of where some are:

The first known mentions of the Oneiroi Collective can be found in Classical Greek mythology where it was a dream-related entity. Since then, it has been found throughout everything. It got into everything before we even knew about it. There are many contemporary organizations with members participating in Oneiroi, and a few of them are even aware of it. There are many negative consequences to these and your interactions with the Collective. If you suffer from its grasp, that sounds bad.

In 2014, the Oneiroi Collective was nominated for the 121st annual 'GCCX' Award given for absolute fucking pointlessness.


Oneiroi Collective

Bob Dole

Largest City
Hank Azaria

Official Languages

Ethnic Groups (2014):
48.4% Bubble
32.7% Free Consciousness (Temporal)
14.6% Corporeal
4.3% Transitory


I reject the state.

Time Economy:
1 Solar Year = 2 Ghostian Doots

B Horror Movie


Privilege Status:

Immigration Status:

Emmigration Status:


Konrad Von Hotzendorff

Activity Documentation File 11-A

SCP-1498 Dial-A-Dream

SCP-2805 Disney On Ice

Erich Von Ludendorff

SCP-2028 Nightmare Snow Globes

Maginot Line

Beneath the Name

Chasing Interest

British Expeditionary Corps

SCP-2272 Ellis Canastota, P, Pensacola Blue Wahoos



SCP-2245 - A Dream's Nightmare


A Breath Of Relief No Different From Drowning

A Eulogic Elegy For The Dreams

The Melody Of Autumn, Passing Into Winter

To The Dreams He Is No Nobody


SCP-2603 Its Maiden Voyage

Siegfried Line

A Wandsman in the Court of the Hanged King


Black Lotus

Old Kansas Sector ~ 10: Envelope Logistics®






Project Morpheus

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