Dr. Dentick's Personnel File

Name: Dr. Patrick Dentick

Security Clearance: Level 2

Current Position: Junior Researcher at Site-22.

Duties: Spreadsheet maintenance, caffeine procurement, and sustenance delivery.


  • B.A. (Quantitative Astrology.) University of Georgia, 2004.1
  • M.A. (Applied Linguistics, Puns.) University of Atlantis, 2007.2
  • Ph.D. (Conventional Metaphysics.) University of Hell, 2011.3

Biographical Summary: The child of two Foundation researchers, Dr. Dentick was originally marked as a potential future asset under the Bright Eyes, Bright Minds program. Sinking grades and an increased interest in playing in Minor League Baseball disqualified him from the main watchlists for much of his early adult life. The publication of his dissertation Ontological Obtuseness: Why Existing is More Complicated Than You Think again drew the interest of recruiters despite the paper's panning in academic circles.

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