Personal Journal Of Douglas Winthrop
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Personal Log of: Douglas Winthrop, b. 1918

Date: 06-15-1950

We have almost arrived in Zargan, Fars Province. The trek from the Persian Gulf has been plagued by the oriental communists (or as they prefer to be called, "nationalists") who call this land home and the economic strife of an undeveloped nation rejecting the tutelage of a more advanced people.

As a Briton in this savage land, it is my responsibility to collect possible archaeological evidence of a missing link between modern man and the early anthropoids whose fossil evidence has been uncovered in France. The possible discovery of a living missing link in Zargan is my greatest hope.

The most curious event happened, however, on the path from Shiraz. Our automobile was violently assaulted by a strange man with very pale skin. I would have said that he had been smoking the local hashish or opium from the look of his bloodshot eyes, but the energy with which he moved preempted that notion. We were travelling at excess of fifty kilometres per hour when the man moved from behind a bush and began chasing us. He almost caught up to the vehicle, and was throwing stones at our rear. Though we suffered only cosmetic damage, the incident was odd.

Perhaps it is a demon from our future. The odd cold sensation crawling up my spine as we near our destination has found me with a lump of sick in my stomach. What is this fear? I have lived in Iran for two years, and dealt with these orientals for almost a decade.

We arrive in a day.

Notes: See: SCP-139

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