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JakdragonX, otherwise known as Jaxon McKay, is a Foundation employee originating from Indiana. His employment began in August of 2019, where he started as a Junior Researcher in Site 19. JakdragonX has since become a Senior Researcher, and as such has dedicated most of his time towards writing and reviewing documented anomalies.

Before his introduction to the Foundation, JakdragonX was an amateur boxer and a Security Analyst for another corporation. He enjoys reading, writing, and learning about technology/space. JakdragonX has also shown an interest in pataphysical, ectoentropic, and cyber-related anomalies.

Written Documents:


Posted On Title Rating Votes Comments
14 Jan 2020 05:00 SCP-5018 81 +117, -36 32
20 Feb 2020 18:34 SCP-5150 43 +50, -7 16
01 Mar 2020 00:48 SCP-5850 42 +49, -7 11
08 Mar 2020 02:52 SCP-5343 40 +42, -2 8
20 Dec 2019 17:44 SCP-4983 26 +31, -5 3


Posted On Title Rating Votes Comments


Final Notes:

In the event that you must contact JakdragonX, or otherwise require his assistance/wish to collaborate with him, you can message him using any of these methods:

  • Discord: JakdragonX#0728
  • IRC: "Jak" (Please Note: Depending on location, time, or situation, this name may change. Please adjust accordingly.)
  • Wikidot: JakdragonXJakdragonX
  • Twitter: (apparently) @JakdragonX

If you wish to view currently work-in-progress material, you can find his sandbox here. JakdragonX would also like to recommend the following Foundation personnel to look into in the event that you are "looking for stuff to do."

Note: I hope you enjoyed reading through this all! Please don't be a stranger, come say hi! I love company <3 - JakdragonX


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