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pictured: me

they call me DJ Khaled bc i collab with everyone and don't do any work

The Popular One
not much to say about this (except if you can stop talking about it that would be great)
Reference: 309 is the number of family guy episodes at the time of this writing

The i can't spell One
apparently this isn't doing too well, but i still like it especially rockteeth's parts (which is all of it)
Reference: i think the number is a duck reference idk, ask rockteeth

The Good One
i really really really like this a lot and i really wish it got more praise because my self-esteem is vEry fragile
Reference: the milk jug is another anomalous object

The Nico One
this was fun to write and hopefully it's interesting enough to get some votes
Reference: Literally every single name in the entire skip

The Draftswap II One
god i love this hats off to meserach
Reference: don’t know don’t care

The 4chan One
i did all the inspect element, westrin did the cool stuff like writing and all that
Reference: Most of the names on reddit, also Anxiety2721 with that homestuck pfp

The This One
Reference: the page is a reference to the fact that i have written 6 articles

in the event that i dissapear or die,

don't worry about my drafts. you have bigger problems.

anyways thats all i have for now

see the shitty version here

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