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There Is No Antimemetics Division (2015)

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My head canon

I regard the Foundation as a principally scientific organisation.

Although the stated goal of the Foundation is "Secure, contain, protect", there are numerous extremely dangerous real phenomena in the world (atomic energy, venomous creatures, infectious diseases) in which the Foundation apparently has no interest. What's the difference between something the Foundation has an interest in, and something it has no interest in? Answer: the Foundation only cares about anomalous things, not things which are scientifically "understood".

So I think the Foundation keeps SCPs in containment mainly in order to study them, learn from them, and ultimately understand them. Once understood, an SCP might get an EX classification and be released to the general public. (Joking aside, SCP-001-EX-J completely lines up with this idea.) This explains why, for the most part, the Foundation doesn't simply try to destroy all SCPs.

Obviously the Foundation engages in some pretty sinister behaviour not directly related to the pursuit of pure scientific research, and its ethics are a bad joke, but generally I think that science is the core of the thing, and the main differentiator from other Groups Of Interest.

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