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Item #: SCP-2265

Object Class: Neutralized (formerly Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: As of 24 Oct 2011, SCP-2265 is considered neutralized. The former containment area of SCP-2265 has been deemed free of anomalous activity, and has been approved to be renovated and sold to private investors by Simon & Chesterson Properties, a Foundation front. Masahiro Goto and Andrew Verit (formerly SCP-2265-A and SCP-2265-B) are currently being held in the low security humanoid containment wing of Site 68; their possible release is being reviewed by the Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-2265 was a localized two hour time loop affecting a twenty square meter area of Mario's, a defunct Italian restaurant located in ███████, California. SCP-2265 was impermeable and self-containing; no items could enter or exit the time loop, including SCP-2265-A and SCP-2265-B.

SCP-2265-A and SCP-2265-B are Masahiro Goto and Andrew Verit, history professors at the University of Kyoto and the University of California-██████, respectively, at the time SCP-2265 manifested. During the time period in which SCP-2265 was active, neither SCP-2265-A nor SCP-2265-B were observed to age through the iterations of the loop. Both SCP-2265-A and SCP-2265-B were unaware of any changes in the environment surrounding SCP-2265, perceiving it as being unchanged from its state at the beginning of the time loop. SCP-2265-A demonstrated an awareness of the time loop, its previous iterations, and its inability to exit it; SCP-2265-B did not.

The dinner table they were sitting at, and the immediate area surrounding it, became SCP-2265 on 13 Jan 1991, as Goto and Verit were eating dinner at Mario's. At the time, Professor Goto was visiting the United States to give a series of lectures; he and Professor Verit were eating out to discuss said lectures and Professor Goto's remaining plans for his time in the United States. After the anomalous effects of SCP-2265 were noted by employees of the restaurant, Foundation agents were dispatched and Class B Amnesiacs were administered to all involved; Mario's was subsequently closed. SCP-2265-A and SCP-2265-B were reported as having died in a car crash.

Addendum 2265: Cessation of Anomalous Activity: On 24 Oct 2011, SCP-2265 did not reset at the end of its normal loop, and both SCP-2265-A and SCP-2265-B immediately became aware of the surrounding environment. Shortly thereafter, SCP-2265-A began laughing and crying hysterically, and repeatedly hugged surrounding Foundation personnel. Both SCP-2265-A and SCP-2265-B were taken into custody; after the items inside the former SCP-2265 were removed, the containment area was subsequently abandoned. One week later, Masahiro Goto and Andrew Verit were declassified as SCP-2265-A and SCP-2265-B after tests revealed they retained no anomalous properties.

Addendum 2265-2: Interview Log:

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