Ready, Willing
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with her finger and her thumb                                                                                                                            
With chains and rocks and twenty locks,
The monster sleeps before it leaps,
Preserved with cold. Thus, feeling bold,
They call it skip oh seven six.

The words they say, like A-S-A,
Reduce their fear of what is near.
Inhuman force (restrained of course)
Is why they fear oh seven six.

No human wants or human haunts,
It takes its form about the norm.
A holy book informs its look —
They could not chain oh seven six.

Reflection of the gods above
That do not care if we are there,
Explosive blows do not impose
Their will upon oh seven six.

Now, anchored to the stars they do
Begin to try to scourge the sky
Of darkest night; alas, this fight
It does not faze oh seven six.

They think that land and sea and sand
Prove conquest 'nough to prove they're tough.
Their concrete, steel, and faithful zeal,
Are human, says oh seven six.

As it destroys, the science boys
Do all they can; and yet, a "man"
Is its disguise. And thus it lies:
The thing they call oh seven six.

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