Researcher Mathias's Colleague Protocol

Name: Researcher Mathias

Security Clearance: None

Current Site Location: Site-319

Specific Colleague Protocol: When interacting with Researcher Stuart Mathias, it is important to maintain the façade that he has any ranking within The Foundation. To aid this maintenance, the following terms are to be kept in mind:

Office His cell
Computer The floor
Documents The writing on the floor
Apartment The far right corner with the lamp
Wristwatch The tracking bracelet on his left arm

Meals are to be brought to his cell at 09:00 and 16:00. Balanced meals are preferred, but a Philadelphia Cheesecake Bar may be provided as a snack upon a new addition to the floor.

Watch where you step.

Profile: Researcher Mathias is gifted with a unique form of clairvoyance that has proven to be beneficial to Site-319. This, however, seems to have greatly skewed his awareness. No one knows how he appeared in Containment Cell-0700, nor why he insists that it is his office/apartment.

Researcher Mathias has been known to use the provided crayons to write on the floor of his cell. Whenever he points his right index finger to anything written on the floor, he will recite something pertaining to the subject from memory. There are no variations in recitations.

SCP is lightning bugs1
SCP is Roosevelt's glasses2
SCP is phone app3
SCP is forgotten4
Author is me5
SCP is duck6

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