Rhett Sarlin's Personnel File

Name: Dr. Rhett Sarlin
Security Clearance: 4
Duties: Research

History: Rhett Sarlin graduated from MIT, specializing in the studies of molecular and chemical physics. In his post-graduate research he discovered previously unknown, unexplainable properties and interactions in certain types of matter with disturbing implications.

After several inexplicably unsuccessful attempts at publishing papers on his findings, Dr. Sarlin was approached by the Foundation and recruited to study SCP items that violate the laws of physics.

Methodical and meticulous, Dr. Sarlin has worked on several projects at Site 17, Site 65, and Site 92, and is currently assigned to the study of SCP-████, details of which are to be released soon.

SCPs researched and catalogued by Dr. Sarlin:


This goes out to those who claim "there is no such thing as a bad idea".

Rhett's Musings on "Bad Ideas" vs "Good Execution":

1. There are both good ideas and bad ideas.

2. An idea is bad if it CANNOT be described in a way that sounds good while still accurately matching the article in question.

3. An idea is good if it CAN be described in a way that sounds good, regardless of whether or not the idea was executed well.

4. Any idea can be described in a way that sounds bad, but not all ideas can be accurately described in a way that sounds good. This is the key difference.

5. Any idea can be executed poorly, but not every idea can be executed well.

6. An article's execution has no bearing on whether the idea is good or bad.

7. A bad idea cannot become a good idea without fundamentally changing the idea.

8. Any bad idea CAN be changed into a good idea, given sufficient imagination.

9. Bad writing can make good ideas turn out poorly, but this should not stop you from recognizing when someone has a good idea.

10. Good writing cannot make bad ideas turn out well without changing the idea. So when you recognize that an idea IS bad, try to think of ways to alter it to be good.

Don't be afraid to point out bad ideas so they can be fixed. Good execution of a bad idea may give you an article that gets enough votes to survive, but good execution of a good idea is what makes something great.

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