Researcher Riemann, fiercely studying some advanced math or whatever.

Personnel Designation: Researcher Buttmunch McMathnerd Riemann

Security Clearance: Level 4ish

Degrees and Certifications: Advanced Mathematics, The Art of Swag, Floridaman Studies

History: Researcher Riemann joined the Foundation right out of grad school, which was probably a mistake considering the vast amounts of money that can be made in the math field. Word has it that sometimes he still pines after the university where he honed his skills, but others contend that he probably just misses the mad parties.


"Riemann is a riemann."
—Researcher Decibelle

"Riemann is a basically the worst."
—Dr. thedeadlymoose

"Riemann is a cheery snail made of math."
—Dr. Silber

—Researcher Kaktus

"Riemann is probably someone I should have more knowledge of but sadly don't."
—Researcher SunnyParallax

—Dr. Clef

".au Riemann"
—Researcher TwistedGears

"A decent guy that really likes physics in a physical way. He's really, really into numbers. He wants to have sex with digits."
—Agent Lament


Researcher Riemann is undoubtedly a genius and certainly well-versed in his field, but probably too masculine to keep on staff. Morale has gone way down since he showed up because, honestly, who can compete with this modern Adonis in terms of ability to woo men and women alike?

—Definitely Not Riemann

We keep getting complaints about this "Riemann" character and reports about his uncanny sex appeal, but they're all coming from the same terminal. Who is this guy?




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