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Anomalous Item Entry

Item #: SCP-030-J

Object Class: Uncontained

Special Containment Procedures

At this time, due to the widespread cultural impact of SCP-030-J, containment is considered inadviseable. As such, SCP-030-J is to be considered uncontained until further notice, with a possible change to Euclid if the specific vector of infection can be quarantined.

As of the death of the carrier, SCP-030-J will be considered neutralized after the death of all humans who witnessed SCP-030-J's infection vector prior to May 16, 1990.


SCP-030-J is a specific combination of sounds, that causes a mild compulsory effect upon subsequent hearings of the trigger phrase. This compulsory effect is a call and response of several phrases, with no other significant cognitive effects.

At this time, Foundation scientists are unsure if SCP-030-J is a memetic effect of the original carrier, or a simple infohazard. Data points to the former, as SCP-030-J infections have sharply declined since the death of the original infection vector, PoI-2844.

SCP-030-J reached near-epidemic levels due to the actions of PoI-2844 during 1969. All infected human subjects became carriers of SCP-030-J and spread the infection further. Further infections from these carriers did not produce the same carrier effect. It is projected SCP-030-J will be neutralized by 2090.

Foundation agents are still in the process of uncovering the original cause of SCP-030-J within PoI-2844 with little success.

Attached Addenda

Addendum 1: Interview Log, PoI-2844

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