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Item: SCP-1394

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1394-1 is to be kept in a standard security locker at Site 19. Level 4 Clearance is required for conducting experiments.

When initiated, SCP-1394-2's activity is to be left uninterrupted until completion. Although SCP-1394-2 has not shown direct hostility to Foundation personnel, personnel are to avoid physical contact with SCP-1394-2 and allow it to demanifest normally. If SCP-1394-2 is spotted leaving Site 19, a task force should be assigned to follow SCP-1394-2 to its destination.

Personnel treated by SCP-1394-2 are to be kept at Site 19 for long-term observation.

Description: SCP-1394-1 is an old-fashioned brass syringe, 100 cc. It actively resists attempts at disassembly by exerting forces to counteract any pulling action, although no evidence suggests that the item is indestructible. SCP-1394-1 bears a number of scratch marks, some of which were inflicted through Foundation testing.

SCP-1394-1 is always filled with a saline solution, refilling itself after being used. No other anomalous effects occur until the next injection given with SCP-1394-1 to a patient afflicted with a disease or condition (See Addendum 1394-A), in which secondary effects begin to occur after the patient sleeps.

On the next occasion that the patient enters REM sleep, an entity known as SCP-1394-2 will appear in or enter the subject's current room. This entity looks like a balding, middle-aged man dressed as an early 20th Century rural German doctor with a gray smock. SCP-1394-2 also carries a black leather satchel containing various pieces of equipment. SCP-1394-2 will operate on the subject, attempting to treat the disease or condition (the procedure is lethal in approximately 42.3% of cases). The operation itself varies depending on the condition to be treated, other than the first step, which is the administration of an unknown drug which immediately induces a form of sleep paralysis in the victim, preventing the victim from voluntarily moving until roughly one (1) hour after the operation.

Once the operation is completed, SCP-1394-2 exits the room and begins to walk away, hurrying around corners if pursued. Once SCP-1394-2 is no longer visible either remotely or directly, it will vanish completely until the next time SCP-1394-1 is activated.

Examples of "treatments" provided by SCP-1394-2 include removal of the liver, amputation of limbs, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. About 90% of survivors show development of post-traumatic-stress-disorder in psychological exams following the event.

Addendum 1394-A: In light of additional experiments (detailed in Experiment Log 1394-B), SCP-1394-2 has been found to treat minor conditions, mental illnesses, and genetic imperfections if no pathogenic disease is found. SCP-1394-2 will only treat one condition at a time and prioritizes historical diseases such as smallpox, dysentery, malaria, and bubonic plague.

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