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An instance of SCP-1413

Item #: SCP-1413

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1413 is to be kept in a security locker in Site-19 low storage. The area is to be secured by one guard briefed on the objects' effects.

At no time is anyone to be given false information regarding SCP-1413.

SCP-1413's immersion in red paint effectively neutralizes its anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-1413 consists of 300 black retractable ballpoint pens manufactured by the Bic company. Rollerballs on tips of SCP-1413 are made of tungsten carbide. SCP-1413 do not differ in structure to similar models produced. All instances of SCP-1413 have identical effects.

The first instance of SCP-1413 was recovered from Dr. ████████ during a document signing related to site functions. After having signed his name, Dr. ████████ exhibited syncope and mild distress upon revival. The shipping box containing SCP-1413 was recovered and placed in a temporary containment cell before being transferred.

Anomalous properties of SCP-1413 present themselves when SCP-1413 is used as a writing instrument, and an individual who is not familiar with the object’s properties observes its markings. Observation of SCP-1413’s markings while SCP-1413 is being used does not appear to have a detrimental effect on the writer. The effect is triggered if the writer’s attention is again focused to look at what they wrote, with the assumption that SCP-1413 would write in black ink.

SCP-1413 marks in red ink. Closer inspection of the internal chambers of SCP-1413 reveals that their ink rods contain red ink. Ink contained within does not have an unusual composition. Those who witness this phenomenon are observed respond with shock, guilt, and/or fear, as if having been exposed to a disturbing image or traumatic event. All test subjects report a feeling of dread after having witnessed the phenomenon.

Initial reaction to the ink lasts around 3 seconds, with the observer becoming fixated on their writing. During this brief period observers are unresponsive to most external stimuli.

There do not appear to be any long term negative health effects with exposure to SCP-1413, though short term effects such as shock may be fatal with certain subjects having pre-existing conditions.

Effect does not recur after initial exposure to SCP-1413's effects.

Inaccurate knowledge of SCP-1413 causes a more severe reaction than if a subject had not been briefed on the object’s effects. In these cases a testing subject will appear to vary in physical appearance to an outside observer, though no real physical change is evident. Perception of affected subjects varies depending on the observer. This effect wears off in approximately 20 seconds, with the instance of SCP-1413 causing this anomaly to vanish instantaneously when this event begins. Duration of this effect is extended with an instance of SCP-1413 having prolonged usage, suggesting that more ‘power’ is stored with each use. It can be assumed the aforementioned effect is not typical of SCP-1413.

Test 1 1413: 05/05/12: Subject is not briefed on SCP-1413's effects. Subject exhibits a reaction typical with exposure to SCP-1413.

Dr. Mayreder: Please sign here.

D-3943: Alright.

D-3943 is given one SCP-1413 through the security glass, which he clicks a few times. He then signs his name on the paper, returns the pen and the paper, and looks to Dr. Mayreder.

Dr. Mayreder: Please make sure you've signed in the right space.

Paper is returned through the window.

D-3943: Like I'm an idiot?

D-3943 looks at the paper where he had marked.

D-3943 begins shaking, and screaming violently. D-3943 remains panicked until interview ends.

Dr. Mayreder: Please remain calm. What exactly is upsetting about the ink?

D-3943: You some kind of sick fuck!?


Test 2 1413: 05/07/12: Subject is briefed on SCP-1413 effects.

Dr. Mayreder: Please sign here.

D-3944: Alright.

D-3944 is given one SCP-1413 through the security glass, which he clicks a few times. He then signs his name on the paper.

Dr. Mayreder: Please make sure you've signed in the right space.

Paper is returned through the window.

D-3944: Oh, uh, sure.

D-3944 looks at the paper where he had marked.

D-3944: Haha. That's some freaky shit.

D-3944 nods his head and returns the paper.

Dr. Mayreder: What exactly is "freaky"?

D-3944: It's weird. Ink should be black.

Dr. Mayreder: You are not disturbed?

D-3944: Nah, not really. It's creepy…

Dr. Mayreder: I agree.

D-3944: …but I guess anyone could do that by replacing the ink inside of a black pen.


Test 3 1413: 05/09/12: Subject is briefed with false information on SCP-1413 effects.

Researcher Sanders: Thank you for signing your name. Please maintain eye contact with me until I instruct you otherwise. This is very important.

D-3945: Okay.

Researcher Sanders: The ink contained within the pen is actually a very dark shade of blue. Please look at your signature.

D-3945: No, I would have noticed something like that.

D-3945 looks at his signature and begins screaming, grabbing his skull.

D-3945 shifts in appearance from Researcher Sanders’ perspective. Sanders reports that the effect lasts approximately 15 seconds. Instance of SCP-1413 vanishes. The subject’s head appears to bulge, eyes dislodging, and finally appearing as a completely featureless, translucent, nude humanoid shape before again regaining his typical appearance.

D-3945 is given some time to recover.

Researcher Sanders: Aside from the shock, do you feel well?

D-3945: Yeah… yeah I’m fine.

Researcher’s Note: The humanoid shape perceived by testers during experiments is recurrent across testing instances where a subject has been improperly briefed. SCP-1413 documentation is pending revision with further testing.

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